Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 4 “Mystery in Miami” Recap & Review

Mystery in Miami

Episode 4 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena and Ruby convening at the pier. Elena has organized a special meal with Javier.

Their guests this week are Nora, Judy, and Marsha, a trio of old buddies from Minnesota who have been friends for over half a century. They have arrived on the island to search for their fourth friend who went missing.

While Ruby assists them with their accommodation, Javier informs Elena of the change in plans and his need to take Helene to the mainland for a shopping trip, which Ruby seems to be slightly envious of.

The three friends from Minnesota tell Elena and Ruby about their lost comrade, Rosemarie, and their group nickname, the Fearsome Foursome, from their days in the 80s. They aim to uncover what happened to her.

Their journey of discovery begins by transporting them back to Miami in the 1980s. They quickly change into suitable attire for the era, locate their car, and find a map with a pre-determined destination waiting for them. They set out on their quest.

Ruby is sitting by herself when Elena comes across her, and Ruby asks if she will ever be able to leave the island as Helene can. Elena confirms that if Ruby were to leave the island, she would die the same way she would have if she had left with Mel after their trip there.

The three friends reach the location on the map and see a condo with gardenias in front. Determined to find Rosemarie, Nora takes the lead and knocks on the door. A man in a pink leisure suit, who was reading a newspaper, watches as they approach. Upon reaching the door, they find it has been forced open and there are signs of blood and a broken vase inside. They start searching the condo for any clues.

Elena takes Ruby to the portal for the guests’ fantasies, where she learns that these fantasies offer an escape from being trapped on the Island. Elena gives Ruby some money and a room key and encourages her to take a break in 1980s Miami. Ruby joins a group of revellers and enjoys herself.

While exploring the condo, the women discover that Rosemarie was involved in a real estate scam. Marsha notices the man in pink walking around their car and realizes that he is carrying a gun. When she tries to alert the others, they have already redialed Rosemarie’s phone and learned that she had been in contact with Marsha in the 80s.

Marsha quickly brings the man in pink to their attention, distracting them from the phone call. They attempt to sneak past him in the lobby, but he spots them and gives chase. The women quickly get into their car and try to escape, with the man in pink close behind.

Nora and Judy pressure Marsha for answers about the phone call. Marsha explains, but they remain unsatisfied. Nora accuses Marsha of being overbearing and unable to set boundaries with her adult children who still live with her, while Judy criticizes her for having a dull life. Judy retorts, telling Nora that she lacks control in her life.

Elena finds Segundo while she’s drinking wine alone. He observes that she’s opening up to people and experiencing change, like with Javier and Ruby. With both of them away, she feels lonely for the first time in a while.

Back in the fantasy, the trio continues to argue until they reach Ruby’s dance party. Ruby tries to mediate their disagreement. Suddenly, she has an epiphany about being in Miami in 1985 and hurries off, leaving them with the instruction to stay together.

However, as they enter the dance floor, they become separated by a throng of people. Each of them spots Rosemarie in the crowd and then follows her through a door. They enter her kitchen one by one, where she offers them her favourite pastries, and ensaimadas, and mentions that she’s been waiting for them.

Judy embraces Rosemarie, questioning her disappearance. She accuses her of neglecting her responsibilities and presents her with a plate. Rosemarie breaks the plate and tells Judy she needs it to release her anger and frustration about the death of her husband.

Marsha expresses regret for not being there for Rosemarie when she needed her. Rosemarie reassures her, saying that she’s not at fault and should let go of her guilt and establish boundaries with her grown children.

Nora shares with Rosemarie that she feels dull and uneventful, compared to Rosemarie’s exciting lifestyle. Rosemarie asks if she’s just bored, and Nora admits that Rosemarie’s disappearance was the most thrilling event in her life.

Judy works through her emotions by smashing plates and reflects on Rosemarie’s past relationship with a man named Bill. Rosemarie reminds Nora of the ensaimadas that she introduced her to and tells Marsha about the Filipino bakery she frequented in Minnesota. As the conversation comes to a close, Rosemarie states that she has to go and “he” is searching for her. The trio suddenly find themselves back in their hotel room, greeted by Elena who discusses their discoveries.

Nora leads the group to create an evidence board to uncover the mystery of Rosemarie. Meanwhile, Ruby’s friend inquires about her wait and she mentions Isla and the surprise performance by Prince. Just then, Prince walks into the room.

As Nora returns to her room with supplies, a man dressed in pink confronts her. She quickly rushes into the room and locks the door. The man follows, reaching into his coat. But before he can do anything, Judy hits him over the head with a bottle, causing him to fall down. Despite the attack, he is not unconscious and pulls out an FBI identification card.

He reveals that he is after Rosemarie’s ex-boyfriend, Bill. Nora pleads with him to cut her a deal, promising to help apprehend Bill and stop running. However, the man points out that Rosemarie is still on the run and he can’t make any deals until she is caught. Nora has an idea of where they might be able to find Rosemarie.

Meanwhile, Segundo checks in with Elena to find out about Ruby’s trip. Elena shares that she and Javier have been growing apart, and Segundo advises her to be honest with Javier about her feelings.

The next morning, Elena picks up Ruby, who is excited to return home and see Isla. The trio then sets out to find the best ensaimada baker in Miami and asks if they’ve seen Rosemarie. Despite the baker’s denial, they leave an envelope for Rosemarie to receive when she returns.

Back on the Island, the women are transported back to Elena and protest that they don’t know what happened to Rosemarie. However, a much older Rosemarie appears and thanks them for the message they left for her.

Ruby walks along the beach searching for Isla and calling her name. When Isla finally appears, Ruby kisses her and tells her that she experienced real human connections during her trip to Miami and wants more of that in her life if she is going to spend the rest of her days on Fantasy Island. They share another kiss.

The group of four friends gather to catch up on their lives. Elena informs them that they have ample time to talk, as they have all been invited to spend the rest of the week on the Island. Rosemarie shares that she changed her identity after providing testimony against Bill at his trial and later became a physical therapist got married and raised a family, including grandchildren.

Marsha extends an invitation for Rosemarie to stay with her in Minnesota, where she will have plenty of room as she’s getting her kids to move out. Nora mentions that she has started a murder mystery dinner party business. Meanwhile, Judy invites the group to a memorial service she is organizing for Hank.

Elena has arranged a tour of the Island for the women, with Segundo as their guide. Segundo, who has been missing the company of people his own age, is eager to show them around.

When Elena returns to her room, she finds Javier waiting for her. She confesses that she missed him and inquires if it’s okay for her to start getting to know Helene as well. Javier happily agrees.

The Episode Review

It was inevitable that Javier and Elena would feel distant at some point given that Javier also needed to bond with Helene. Segundo gave her the right advice, she and Javier have a nice relationship going on but they need to communicate more.

I enjoy seeing Ruby with Isla but who exactly is Isla? I think she is hiding something and I hope we will find out soon.

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