Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 5 “The Urn” Recap & Review

The Urn

Episode 5 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena gazing at Javier with a melancholic expression as he brings something off the plane. Ruby approaches and asks Elena what’s wrong. Javier hands Elena an urn and she explains it belongs to Joy Summers, fulfilling her final request.

In a flashback, we see a young Elena during her first day on the job. Elena seeks guidance from her uncle’s shrine and selects a white suit from her wardrobe.

Segundo presents Elena with a red hibiscus flower and turns to see her dressed in blue. He gives her the flower for luck on her new endeavour and she appreciatively accepts, though expresses feeling uncertain. Segundo then drives her over to the dock where she’s expected to meet her first guests.

Elena arrives at the dock, still appearing nervous, as her first guest disembarks from the plane. Elena greets Joy and they sit down to chat. Joy confides that her lifelong dream was to build an empire to better the world, but her aspirations were thwarted by marriage, having three children, and ultimately divorce.

Now, with her children grown, she realizes it’s too late to build an empire, but her fantasy is to reclaim her lost happiness. She wants to find lasting personal contentment. Before retiring to her room, Joy comments on Elena’s lack of familiarity with the Island and Elena admits this is her first time hosting a guest. Joy assures her that she has complete confidence in her abilities.

In the present time, Joy’s three adult children, Bridget, Ross, and Frank, are waiting as Elena and Ruby bring in the urn.

Joy built a multi-million dollar business over the past ten years, which Ross and Bridget now plan to sell. However, Joy’s final wish was for her three children to spread her ashes together. On the beach, while trying to fulfil Joy’s wish, Ross and Frank get into an argument and the urn won’t open until they show mutual love and respect. Meanwhile, Ruby and Isla are in bed together, and Ruby wants to get to know Isla more, but Isla is hesitant.

In another flashback, Joy and Elena talk about their trouble sleeping and Joy plans on making truffles. Back in the present, the siblings are still arguing and Elena puts them in a time-out, causing them to fall into their childhood rec room where they find a VHS tape from Joy, reminding them to stick together.

In the basement, Ross continues to annoy Bridge by calling her “Nicky”, causing an argument between the siblings that leads to Elena appearing on the TV and the basement floor becoming lava.

Ruby confides in Javier about her concerns with Isla, and Javier realizes Elena doesn’t know about Isla. As for Javier’s own situation, he’s busy fixing the plane’s fuel pump after it crashed into the water. The three siblings had tried to steal it to get away from the island.

In yet another flashback, Elena and Joy step through the portal door together, where they encounter a fork in the path. Joy opts to follow the path with a basket.

Joy takes a path through the forest, collecting random bits of laundry and trash along the way, before finally reaching Elena at the end of the path. Elena encourages Joy to try the machete path.

In the lava basement, the siblings work together and escape by using the “Summers-sault” move. Joy fords a river and reaches a cacao grove, where she uses her machete to break open a pod. Ross apologizes for leaving Joy’s care in her final days to Bridge and Frank, and the siblings emerge from the trees to find Elena holding the urn in the cacao grove. Past Joy and Elena watch as the present-day siblings explore the grove, inspiring Joy to build an empire with Elena’s help.

Ross discovers that the key ingredient to their mother’s truffles is the cacao seeds from the Island. Frank proposes spreading Joy’s ashes in the cacao grove as a fitting tribute. The siblings collectively place their hands on the urn and scatter the ashes. Before departing, the siblings agree to continue running the business and their agreement with Elena, just as their mother had. Meanwhile, Ruby and Isla have a romantic encounter on the beach.

In the final flashback, Elena bids farewell to Joy and tries a batch of truffles made from the Island cacao and considers them a success.

The Episode Review

Ruby needs to find out more about Isla before she falls completely in love. I don’t think Isla is possible of harming her but I honestly suspect she is a mermaid. She is always by the beach and is seen once in a while.

Javier and Elena are doing well, I wonder where Helene is though? We didn’t get to see her in this episode so hopefully they’ll show up in the future!

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  1. Isla is the island, not a mermaid.
    She gave Ruby the tattoo that changed when she decided to stay, magical. She appears from No where like magic. No one on island knows her.

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