Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Paymer vs. Paymer

Episode 3 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Ruby and Elena getting ready to receive new guests. Ruby taunts Elena about her relationship with Javier, urging her to take a bold step and consider getting married. She sings the praises of matrimony.

When Dolly and Dutch step off the plane, they are arguing with each other. Elena mentions to Ruby that the Paymers have come to the Island to mark their anniversary.

Both Dolly and Dutch seem to have second thoughts about their decision to get married at a young age. They hope the Island will help them determine if they should stay together or go their separate ways now that their children have grown up.

Elena informs them that they will be staying in different rooms during their stay on the Island. Although they agree that it makes sense, they continue to bicker as they leave.

Javier presents Helene with a stuffed flamingo toy as a gift but quickly realizes it was a mistake, thinking it’s a child’s toy. Helene reassures him that it’s okay, and names the flamingo Dave.

The Paymers settle into their respective rooms. Dolly is relaxed and carefree, tossing her belongings around, while Dutch is meticulous, neatly organizing his clothes and medicine. Ruby visits Dutch’s room to retrieve his wedding ring, and Elena does the same for Dolly.

Javier approaches Ruby for some advice on parenting. He asks her to act as a friend to Helene so that he can understand what his daughter needs from him. Ruby finds Helene by the pool, who has been ejected from her room by housekeeping.

Meanwhile, Dutch gets drunk at the bar and falls off his seat. Dolly rushes to his side, asking if anyone knows who he is. They start talking, believing that they are both recently divorced strangers. Dutch and Dolly stroll and converse until sunrise, discovering that they have a lot in common. They eventually share a kiss.

Elena and Javier enjoy a dessert and a romantic evening together, where they discuss Javier’s newfound role as a father.

Dutch and Dolly go to see Elena and announce that they are getting married. Elena warns them about the haste of their first marriages and doesn’t want them to make the same mistake again. But they say that they know each other well enough and that they are ready. Elena agrees to host the wedding.

Ruby asks Helene to assist her with the wedding preparations for the Paymers. She tries to connect with Helene by talking about young people’s topics, but Helene sees through her act. Ruby eventually confesses her real age, and Helene offers to help her adapt to her new stage in life.

The two of them grab a bottle from the bar and go for a walk, chatting about their lives and the strange elements of the Island, such as Javier and Elena, and Ruby’s relationship with Gina. Helene expresses her concerns to Ruby about having a father like Javier and missing her mother. Ruby encourages her to let Javier try and to also put effort into the relationship.

Elena presides over the wedding ceremony for Dolly and Dutch. As soon as they exchange rings, their memories of each other come back. They accuse Elena of manipulating them as if it were a game. Elena denies this and takes to them to a  jungle, where Andy Richter hosts a game show on the basis of their relationship.

In the game show, the Paymers are tested on their knowledge of each other. Incorrect answers result in them sinking into quicksand. The couple eventually realizes they haven’t been listening to or understanding each other, leading to Dutch confessing he wants out of their marriage.

After seeing this, Elena shares with Javier her worries about potential habits that may drive him crazy over time. Javier picks up on her hints and they both express seeing a future together.

Dolly is shocked that Dutch wants out of their marriage, and sneaks into his room. She finds his medication and inquires about his health. They go for a walk and talk about Dutch’s heart condition and Dolly’s financial decision to pay for a poetry writing retreat. They admit their love for each other and the need to better understand each other.

Elena and Javier are enjoying a romantic moment, but their moment is disrupted by a text for both of them. They find Ruby and Helene passed out on the beach, with Elena helping Ruby home and Javier nursing Helene through her hangover.

As he attends to her needs, providing her with medicine and a nearby bask in case of another ailment she embraces a flamingo stuffed animal and dozes off. He settles into a nearby chair, assuring her that he’ll be there for her if she requires assistance. In a sleepy voice, she whispers, “Thanks, Dad.” He is taken aback by her words and texts Elena in his excitement.

The next day, a recovering Ruby and Elena bid farewell to the Paymers at the dock.

The Episode Review

If you were a fan of Desperate Housewives then you must have been so excited to see James Denton and Teri Hatcher together. I loved this episode so much because it felt like I was seeing snippets of Mike and Susan.

It is great to see that Javier is ready to step up and be a dad to Helene. It is even much sweeter that he includes Elena in these moments. Helene can learn a lot from Ruby and I am glad that they are slowly becoming friends.

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