Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 12 “Girlboss Interrupted” Recap & Review

Girlboss Interrupted

​​Episode 12 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena waiting for Ruby who is a no-show to welcome their guests. This time the guest is Courtney Hobbs who works for Seed & Spear as a receptionist. She is a single mom who hopes to make something of herself. It is why she went to an online business school and got a job working for Julia, her role model. Courtney’s fantasy is for Julia to know her name and see her worth.

As they talk, Ruby finally makes an appearance and apologizes for being late once again. Elena doesn’t say much but gives Courtney special caramels with a warning to be careful how she uses them. Elena also organizes for Seed & Spear to have their company retreat on the Island.

On her way to the retreat, Courtney takes one caramel sweet and realizes that she can read minds. She finds it fascinating to hear what people are thinking. Most people think she is an eager beaver and wonder why she is intent on getting on Julia’s good side.

As the day goes on, Julia announces that she is allowing her employees to pitch their ideas to help the company. The best pitch will get a promotion and Courtney is excited to hear this. Throughout the day, Courtney uses her new talent to get Julia’s attention. This makes Leo, a co-founder of the company, become wary of her.

The other employees are also jealous of Courtney but unlike Leo, they don’t speak their minds. Courtney and Julia bond and she learns that Julia is having trouble keeping the company afloat. Julia invites her to have dinner with the department heads.

Ruby and Elena also have a meeting to discuss how it is going with the guest. Elena also asks why she was late and Ruby tells her that she is yet to make a decision concerning Isla. Elena comes off sarcastic and Ruby doesn’t appreciate it.  She goes to see Segundo to understand the history between Elena and the mermaids.

It turns out that the mermaids help hide the Island remain hidden and in return the Island protects them. However, years ago, a mermaid seduced a guest and separated him from his family. Elena’s uncle took this hard and felt like he had failed his guest.

Later that night at dinner, Courtney takes two caramel sweets and ends up overwhelmed with everyone’s thoughts. She hears how lowly the department heads think of her and loses it. She scolds them and says her thoughts out loud. The dinner ends up being a bust and on her way out, Courtney gives Javier the remaining caramel sweets. He takes one and realizes they allow him to read minds.

After the dinner, Julia casks to meet with Courtney and promises not to fire her for the incident. Courtney hears Julia’s thoughts on the company and her. The company is on the brink of bankruptcy and Julia allows her a chance to pitch her idea the following day.

On the other hand, Javier returns the caramels to Elena and on the way out, hears her thoughts. She is still in love with him but he ignores it and walks out. Elena prays that he didn’t hear her thoughts.

The following morning, Courtney asks Elena to return the caramel sweets as she is anxious about her pitch. Elena refuses to give them back and helps her see that she is ready. She takes her to a humbling memory in the past and Courtney sees that she has come a long way.  She raised an amazing kid by herself and can pitch to Julia. This motivates Courtney to go through with the pitch and she kills it.

Elsewhere, Isla and Ruby meet and discuss what happened in the past with a guest. Isla asks Ruby to decide if she wants to come with her and be a mermaid. She is willing to give Ruby all the time she needs.

After her great pitch, Julia tells Courtney that she will have to let her go as their visions don’t align. She calls Courtney an idealist and claims that she is not ready to change the company’s target customers. Courtney is shocked and feels like a failure. Elena shows up for support and asks her to believe in herself.

Elena also visits Javier and asks Javier for help dealing with Ruby. She is worried that Isla has stolen Ruby’s memories. She asks Javier to meet with Ruby and verify if her fears are true. He has lunch with Ruby and is surprised to learn her brain is blank. This means that Elena was right, Isla stole Ruby’s memories.

Feeling disheartened, Courtney packs up to leave the island. However, before leaving, Mason asks her to return some company stuff to Julia’s suite. It is at his point that Courtney discovers Julia’s true intention. Julia stole her idea and fired her to keep it a secret. Courtney publicly confronts Julia and forces her to face what she did. Leo takes Courtney’s side and leaves the company. Courtney asks him to be her new partner and they forge an alliance and they leave the island together.

Before leaving to take the guests, Javier confesses his love for Elena too. The episode ends with Elena calling Ruby’s daughter.

The Episode Review

Javier and Elena are finally back together. This is great, they should have never broken up in the first place. They make a great team and I can’t wait to see how they will handle the Ruby situation. I am also excited to meet Ruby’s daughter, what will her reaction be after learning her mother is still alive?

Lastly, I am glad that Courtney stood up for herself and proved she is better than Julia. She is going to make a great boss and I hope Julia regrets what she did to her.

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