Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 11 “Peaches And The Jilted Bride” Recap & Review

Peaches And The Jilted Bride

Episode 11 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena finding Ruby sleeping by the beach. She came out to look for Isla who keeps ghosting her but fell asleep. Elena advises her to forget about Isla.

Today’s guest is Laura, a jilted bride who arrives still wearing her wedding dress with no luggage. Laura is going through a rough time after her ex-fiance failed to show up to the wedding. He only sent her a text saying he can’t marry her. Laura thinks the disagreements before the wedding might have led to the breakup, and she is on the island to heal and be away from her self-obsessed parents, who are competing for her attention.

She is the only child and ever since her parents divorced, they have made it their mission to make her life a living hell. She is on the Island to also find her imaginary friend Peaches who made her feel loved. Her fantasy is to feel loved completely.

Later on, Elena asks Javier to join her for dinner with Ruby and Segmundo. She is hoping this will cheer Ruby up and make her forget about Isla for a while.

Laura settles in her room and starts her fantasy. She finds Peaches waiting for her in the room and they excitedly reunite. Peaches is still young in mind and is happy to be with Laura since it is clear that she needs her. She is saddened to her about Laura’s failed wedding and does her best to cheer her up. The room reverts to Laura’s old room and they reminisce about their young days when they fangirled over Backstreet Boys.

They then head to the bar where Laura tells Peaches about Brad and how they have aged. Laura is pleased that Peaches is visible to other people. Peaches is quick to bash Brad for dumping Laura. As they talk, Laura vents about the peeves Brad had and refuses to pick up her parent’s calls. Laura gets angry at Brad and takes it out on her wedding dress but she realizes that she is still in love with him.

Meanwhile, Elena invites Ruby to the dinner party the next evening. Ruby is happy to be invited and expresses her gratitude for having Elena as a friend. Isla makes a return and confesses her love for Ruby.

The next morning, Laura wakes up to find her parents are on the Island because Peaches called them. Laura is not happy to see them but her mom tells her how she handled everything on her own. Her dad talks about dealing with the vendors and his plans to sue Brad. The parents continue to argue about the lawsuit and never let Laura speak up.

Laura leaves to talk with Peaches and confront her about calling her parents. Peaches asks her to talk to her parents about the pain they are causing her. Her parents are focused on their feelings and ignore what Laura might be feeling.

Elsewhere, Isla tells Ruby that Elena asked her to stay away because they have bad blood with each other. Ruby is hesitant to believe her and asks her to explain everything.  After hearing what Isla had to say, Ruby storms into Elena’s office angry and accuses her of betraying their friendship. She tells Elena that she doesn’t get to decide for her if she wants to be with a mermaid or not.

Elena tries to explain she is only trying to protect her as Isla is already in her head. The song she keeps hearing is a siren and Isla is not to be trusted. However, Ruby is still pissed and thinks she can’t trust Elena. By the time night rolls by, Elena and Ruby are still mad at each other. Elena forgets to cancel the evening dinner and Javier is the first to arrive.

Segundo shows up and leaves when he sees these two together. Javier listens to Elena and tries to comfort her.  The night deepens and Javier and Elena get cosier. They end up sleeping together.

Back to Laura, she is invited to the beach bar by Peaches and arrives to find her reading her childhood diary. Her parents are also present and hear everything. They are obviously shocked to hear what Laura really thinks about their parenting. She finally confronts them after getting Peaches to stop reading her diary. She asks them to stay out of her life.

Later, Peaches apologizes and Laura tells her what she thinks is the real reason Brad left. It turns out that Laura has been putting her parent’s wishes first and Brad got tired of seeing it. Even when it came to deciding their wedding song, Laura chose the one her parents wanted. Brad asked her so many times to create boundaries with her parents but she refused to do it. Laura is worried she lost the love of her life because she couldn’t stand up to her parents and Peaches tries to encourage her.

The following morning, Laura’s parents show up and apologize for everything. They agree that they played a big role in her failed wedding and promise to do better. After saying everything she has been keeping down for years, Laura starts setting boundaries with her parents. Her dad calls Brad and personally apologizes and promises to stop interfering with their lives.

Things are also getting better with Javier and Elena. He advises her to stop trying to protect everyone the same way she did with him. He points out that she doesn’t get to make decisions for him or Ruby. Elena hears Javier’s advice and apologizes to Ruby but they still don’t make up. Elena is worried that Ruby’s feelings for Isla are clouding her judgement.

On the other side of the Island, Isla shows Ruby her mermaid form and invites her to choose to be a mermaid as well; it is the only way they can be together forever.

After solving her problem with her parents, Laura says goodbye to Peaches and is surprised to see Brad arrive on the Island. Her parents leave and Laura stays behind to spend time with Brad.

As they see off the guests, Elena asks Ruby about her wedding to her husband but it seems Ruby is having a hard time remembering her past life. This worries Elena.

The Episode Review

Elena is protective for a reason but Javier is right, it is not her decision to make. Ruby is a grown woman and can figure things out on her own, if she needs help, she will ask. I am glad Javier called out Elena on this habit. Hopefully, they can get back together and solve their problems together in the future.

I am eager to see what Ruby will decide. I don’t think Isla means well, I mean why would she wipe away Ruby’s memories?

As for the guest, I am glad she set her boundaries and got her happy ending. With parents like that, she deserves a bit of time away from them!

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