Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 6 “Happy Holoween” Recap & Review

Family Guy

Happy Holoween

The Griffin Family joined by their neighbours are out at a Halloween carnival. However, for some reason, Peter is not all that excited as he usually is. The family gets into the house of unskippable podcasts ads – which they found to be scarier than initially thought. After a little time has passed, Lois coerces every member of the family to give confirmation that they are having a good time.

Peter, now with his friends, walks into the house of holograms. In there, Peter meets a science enthusiast who has a dab hand at creating holograms. He introduces Peter to the device that is capable of creating the perfect virtual copies of anybody. Otherworldly excitement and interest combine and Peter borrows the device. In the basement of his house, Peter creates a hologram Peter with the help of the device. The hologram Peter is prepared to help Peter with everything. The man is merry because he thinks with a duplicate spending time with his family, he will have more time for his stupid endeavours.

Lois asks virtual Peter his opinion on her t-shirts, and surprisingly he does a swell job. Impressed, Peter dishes out more tasks to his virtual counterpart. However, the situations soon take a turn for the worse for real Peter when he notices he is left out while the hologram is having quality time with his family. When the hologram Peter kisses Lois, Peter knows he will have to send the virtual brother back. However, the hologram knocks him unconscious in the basement and tells him the family is his now. He further tells him that he doesn’t deserve his family because he doesn’t care about them.

In the bedroom, when Lois discovers Peter has good habits like flossing and cleaning after himself, the light bulb goes on in her brain that the Peter they have is an imposter. She gathers the family to escape – leaving Meg out. Of course, we guessed that. However, the hologram catches them just in nick of time and ties them up in the house. Peter emerges as a saviour, and an intense fight begins between the two. Real Peter emerges victorious and saves his family.

The family is back together, and they are watching television. When Peter suggests they should turn off the tv and do something as a family, all get scared because the man is another hologram.

The Episode Review

Even if it didn’t turn out well, the effort should be commended because it’s quite a fresh mingling of the plot with Halloween. The episode features a combination of well-thought humour and superb dialogues.

Though it struggles a bit to be entertaining, it still manages to keep us hooked until the end. No doubt, the plot could’ve been executed in a better manner. But, it won’t disappoint you.

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