Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Dying Wishes and Secret Lives

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 4 begins with Chief Oh at the scene where Carly Young was shot. She then notices a tattoo on Carly’s chest that’s similar to the one on Min Junki’s wrist (although the one on Young’s is outdated). She concludes that Carly Young was a member of MGD Union, the criminal group they’re investigating.

At Min-Seo’s school, Yoo-Ra is on the phone with Mr Song, trying to calm him down after Min-Seo kissed Bo-Seok during the play. She gets in the car with the rest of the family, and they begin scolding Min-Seo for what she did. They then see Bo-Seok going home by himself, and they decide to follow him. They then convince him to go for lunch with them.

At the restaurant, Do-Hoon and Ji-Hoon begin arguing about what kind of loach soup their late mother, Shin-Ae, loved. Bo-Seok and Min-Seo are outside, discussing what happened during the play. Bo-Seok starts telling Min-Seo how he’ll tell his mum she kissed him and how their classmates will make fun of her for kissing him. But Min-Seo tells Bo-Seok that she doesn’t regret kissing him and that if he wants to hit him, he can go ahead. Bo-Seok doesn’t hit Min-Seo and kisses her on the cheek instead.

Later, the family, including Bo-Seok, are at a karaoke place when Woong-So suddenly leaves to go see Ms Park, who’s apparently sick. After he leaves, the rest of the family begins arguing about Shin-Ae’s dying wish. It turns out everyone in the family has a different story about whether or not Shin-Ae wished Woong-So to remarry after she died.

Meanwhile, Woong-So is at a store shopping for snacks. He’s also on the phone with Shin-Ae, and it turns out she isn’t sick. They wanted to spend time alone since Ms Park’s kids were away. Back at the karaoke place, the rest of the family is still arguing about Shin-Ae’s dying wish.

Later that night, Do-Hoon and Min-Seo discuss who’s right regarding Shin-Ae’s dying wish. Min-Seo had also claimed she heard Shin-Ae’s dying wish. Min-Seo then tells Do-Hoon that she’s going to text Bo-Seok and she’ll be sleeping in her room that night, which excites Do-Hoon. Remember, they still haven’t had the chance to be intimate as they had planned. Do-Hoon also receives a call from Wolfe, and Do-Hoon invites him to his house to meet Yoo-Ra and Min-Seo.

Do-Hoon goes to their bedroom, excited that Min-Seo has finally gone to sleep in her room. As he and Yoo-Ra are about to “do it,” Min-Seo barges into their room, asking if she could give Bo-Seok Yoo-Ra’s expensive watch or Do-Hoon’s autographed soccer ball.

Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra begin arguing about which item Min-Seo should give Bo-Seok because the watch is important to Yoo-Ra, and the autographed soccer ball is important to Do-Hoon. Min-Seo tells them she won’t go to sleep until they’ve decided which item she’ll give Bo-Seok. So, Do-Hoon goes with her to her room and tries to change her mind about giving those items to Bo-Seok. Do-Hoon also asks Min-Seo if she heard Shin-Ae’s dying wish, and she tells what she heard Shin-Ae say.

At the NIS headquarters, Chief Oh updates her senior on Carly Young, whose real name is Young Insook. It turns out Carly Young was an original member of the MGD Union, which explains the difference between his and Min-Junki’s tattoos. Chief Oh also mentions that several other original members of the Union were murdered and that Dominic may be the one behind these murders.

Chief Oh also explains that there was a conflict between one of the original MGD Union members, Warrior(who’s also the leader of the new MGD Union), and the other members. This may explain why the original members are killed. Chief Oh also mentions that the remaining original members, Butterfly, Mole, and Hwacha, are currently in Korea, while the other member, Bullet, is missing.

Elsewhere, Jae-Yeol is spying on Mole, whose real name is Kim Kwangseok. Jae-Yeol calls Chief Oh, who instructs him not to reveal a lot of details about Mole to Do-Hoon. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon comes to Jae-Yeol’s secret location to take over spying on Mole so Jae-Yeol can have a break.

At Yoo-Ra’s café, Yoo-Ra is looking at Shin-Ae’s pictures while thinking out loud about Shin-Ae’s dying wish. Elsewhere, Jae-Yeol is at a restaurant having a meal while talking to Do-Hoon on the phone. Jae-Yeol is baffled by Do-Hoon’s family fighting about who Shin-Ae told her dying to wish for, not her inheritance. I mean, I’m also surprised that this is what they’re fighting about. Jae-Yeol asks Do-Hoon if Woong-So wants to remarry, and Do-Hoon realizes he’s never asked him.

Ji-Hoon, Mi-Rim, Yoo-Ra, and Woong-So visit Shin-Ae’s grave. Yoo-Ra starts apologizing to Woong-So for being mean to his past girlfriends. She tells Woong-So she was only doing it because she thought it was Shin-Ae’s dying wish for Woong-So not to remarry. But, Woong-So assures her that it’s not her fault. Yoo-Ra then tells Woong-So that she’ll now follow his will instead of Shin-Ae’s. They then begin talking about whether or not Woong-So wants to remarry.

Just then, Do-Hoon calls Woong-So, and Ji-Hoon picks up instead. He begins bragging about being at Shin-Ae’s grave, which pisses Do-Hoon off. Do-Hoon notices that Mole has come out of the building he was in, so he coordinates with Jae-Yeol to keep an eye on his movements. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon receives a video of Woong-So promising to die with “clean documents,” which may mean not remarrying. And that pisses Do-Hoon off even more.

Do-Hoon then calls Yoo-Ra and asks to talk to Woong-So. He then begins telling Woong-So how he regrets not being a good son to Shin-Ae when she was alive. Do-Hoon then tells Woong-So that he’ll support him if he chooses to remarry.

Later at Yoo-Ra’s café, Ji-Hoon is mad at Do-Hoon for expressing his support to Woong-So if he decides to remarry. They then begin arguing. Ji-Hoon and Yoo-Ra call Woong-So to inform him Ji-Hoon and Do-Hoon are about to fight, but he doesn’t pick up. Mi-Rim calls him, and he finally picks up. Woong-So becomes furious when Mi-Rim tells him what’s happening, and he tells Mi-Rim to inform the rest of the family that they will have a meeting the next day.

At Jae-Yeol’s secret location, Do-Hoon is still coordinating with Jae-Yeol, who’s outside, to spy on Mole. Do-Hoon then notices Jae-Yeol is texting his ex-wife Yoon Chae-Ri. He begins scolding him about reaching out to his Chae-Ri even though she has warned him not to. Do-Hoon then urges Jae-Yeol to apologize to Chae-Ri.

At NIS headquarters, Chief Oh opens a safe and takes out a card that’s quite peculiar. She also looks disturbed by this whole thing about MGD Union. She then calls Chae-Ri and asks her to return to Seoul (it turns out she also works in the NIS). Chief Oh asks her to investigate Hwacha, the other MGD Union’s original member.

At Jae-Yeol’s secret location, Do-Hoon is still coordinating with Jae-Yeol to spy on Mole when the lights go out. He then realizes the lights are out only in their secret location and the area where Mole is, so he asks Jae-Yeol to go check on Mole. Do-Hoon decides to follow Jae-Yeol to where Mole is and finds Mole shot dead. He also finds Jae-Yeol shot but still alive. Do-Hoon realizes the shooter is still around, so he follows him. And the shooter is none other than Wolfe. Do-Hoon follows Wolfe, but he manages to escape so Do-Hoon doesn’t see him.

At the NIS headquarters, Chief Oh is watching Jae-Yeol’s bodycam footage of when he arrived at Mole’s location and found him dead. She manages to get a glimpse of Wolfe’s face before he shot Jae-Yeol. Just then, Do-Hoon comes into Chief Oh’s office and confronts her about not giving him the complete details about the situation with Mole.

Do-Hoon goes to see Jae-Yeol in the hospital and scolds him for putting himself in such a dangerous situation.

Do-Hoon goes to Woong-So’s house for the meeting he talked about earlier. Do-Hoon and Ji-Hoon continue arguing about Shin-Ae’s dying wish and Woong-So’s decision on whether or not he will remarry. Woong-So then talks about how Shin-Ae was worried about how the family would cope once she was dead because she was always there for them. Do-Hoon and Ji-Hoon finally make up, and the family tries to figure out Shin-Ae’s actual dying wish because it seems everyone has their own story. Do-Hoon then reveals Shin-Ae didn’t tell him it.

Elsewhere, Chief Oh calls Jae-Yeol and asks him if he was able to see Dominic’s face. It turns out Wolfe also goes by the name Dominic, and he is the Dominic who was brought to Korea by Min Junki, and the one the NIS is after. Jae-Yeol tells Chief that he couldn’t see him because he shot his camera. Chief Oh then receives a call from the individual she instructed to identify Dominic (Wolfe) in Jae-Yeol’s bodycam footage, informing her they have found Wolfe. Chief Oh instructs them to go and finish him.

Meanwhile, Wolfe is headed to Do-Hoon’s house. Ji-Hoon calls Do-Hoon and informs him that he and Shin-Ae were recorded when she told him her dying wish. At Do-Hoon’s home, Do-Hoon, Yoo-Ra, and Min-Seo are preparing for Wolfe’s visit. Wolfe arrives, and they have a good time together. Do-Hoon accidentally spills wine on Wolfe, so he goes to get him a clean shirt.

Chief Oh receives a photo of Dominic (Wolfe) that was captured by Jae-Yeol’s bodycam footage before Wolfe shot him. Chief Oh calls Do-Hoon and tells him she has sent him a photo of the person who shot Jae-Yeol. Do-Hoon sees the photo and realizes it’s Wolfe!

The next day, Do-Hoon still finds it hard to believe that Wolfe shot Mole and Jae-Yeol. He’s on his way out to work when Ji-Hoon, Woong-So, and Mi-Rim come to his house to give him the recording of Shin-Ae telling him her dying wish.

Do-Hoon later watches the recording and sees that Shin-Ae told him to find Woong-So, a new wife. As fate would have it, he was asleep, so he didn’t hear her. Fortunately, Min-Seo was there, and she heard what she said. After watching the recording, Do-Hoon breaks down and cries.

The episode ends with Wolfe outside when Do-Hoon calls. As he picks up the call, he’s shot. And as fate would have it, it turns out that Yoo-Ra is the one who shot him!

The Episode Review

Being blown away after seeing Yoo-Ra shoot Wolfe is an understatement. This brings up a lot of questions that I hope the upcoming episodes answer. Chief Oh really looks disturbed by this case concerning the MGD, and I wonder if she’s further connected to this case other than just investigating it.

I’m also impressed by how Do-Hoon’s family is still worried about Shin-Ae’s wishes concerning Woong-So’s love life even after she has passed away.

So far this has been a solid watch and the upcoming episodes look like they’re going to be quite the wild ride!

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