Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Double Lives and Unexpected Connections

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 5 begins with Yoo-Ra looking at a lamp and thinking back to the previous night when Wolfe gifted her this when he came to visit. Wolfe tells him about the lamp’s designer and the meaning of the phrase, “Memento Mori.” Yoo-Ra then has flashbacks of a boy with a bloody face in a setting covered in snow. She also remembers seeing a tattoo on Wolfe similar to the one on Min-Junki’s wrist. This confirms Wolfe was a member of the new MGD Union. Back to the present, Yoo-Ra puts the lamp in a closet and goes to shoot Wolfe.

Later, she goes to the store to buy groceries for Woong-So and takes them to his house. When she arrives, she finds Woong-So hitting Ji-Hoon. Woong-So sent Ji-Hoon to rent out a car from a friend so he could use it to attend Maesoo’s funeral. But the car broke down while Ji-Hoon was driving it to Woong-So’s house. Yoo-Ra tries to calm Woong-So down, while Ji-Hoon manages to get away from him, and Mi-Rim goes to find him.

Woong-So decides to take a train to his friend’s funeral. Meanwhile, Mi-Rim and Ji-Hoon are at a restaurant eating. Yoo-Ra texts Mi-Rim to inform her that Woong-So will take a train to his friend’s funeral. However, Ji-Hoon doesn’t seem to care and tells Mi-Rim he’ll spend Woong-So’s credit card on whatever he wants.

At Woong-So’s place, Woong-So is preparing to go to the funeral, and he begins telling Yoo-Ra how he and Maesoo were close and how he helped him when Ji-Hoon was sick when he was young. Yoo-Ra also shows him the invitation to his 80th birthday. It’s nice to see he finally agreed to Yoo-Ra throwing him a birthday party.

Elsewhere, Chief Oh is at the morgue with Wolfe’s body. He notices the tattoo on Wolfe’s chest that looks like the one on Min-Junki’s wrist and Carly Young’s chest. He also sees the bullet wound on Wolfe’s chest, and she seems disturbed by it.

Do-Hoon also comes to see the body, and Chief Oh asks him what they talked about with Wolfe, and he tells her they only talked about their past. Do-Hoon asks Chief Oh if they’ve found the sniper who killed Wolfe, and she tells him they’re still investigating. She then tells Do-Hoon to stay out of Wolfe’s case.

Inside the morgue, Do-Hoon also notices the tattoo on Wolfe’s chest. Meanwhile, Chief Oh calls Ma Young-Ji to inform her that she will be in charge of Wolfe’s case and to mark the case as confidential. Later, Do-Hoon requests Ma Young-Ji to send him information on Wolfe.

At Do-Hoon’s home, Do-Hoon is still thinking about Wolfe’s death. Yoo-Ra, on the other hand, is arguing with Min-Seo because she won’t allow her to go to Bo-Seok’s party, which is the same day as Woong-So’s party.

Yoo-Ra asks Do-Hoon about Woong-So’s favorite singer, Song Gain, coming to sing at Woong-So’s birthday party. Yoo-Ra had told Woong-So that the singer would be performing at his party. Unfortunately, Do-Hoon tells him Song Gain can’t perform at the party.

Elsewhere, Woong-So is exercising with Ms Park. He gives Ms Park an invitation to his party, but unfortunately, Ms Park tells him she can’t make it. Woong-So then tells him that if she can’t make it to his 80th birthday, she can attend his 90th birthday.

Ji-Hoon returns to Woong-So’s house (he and Mi-Rim live with Woong-So) when he isn’t around. Mi-Rim then tries to convince him to apologize to Woong-So for what he did earlier.

Later, the family goes to a clothes shop to watch Woong-So try out his birthday party outfit. Yoo-Ra asks everyone to try and make this experience enjoyable for Woong-So. She even texts Ji-Hoon text an apology for Woong-So. Meanwhile, Woong-So is with another woman, Ms Yoon. Woong-So invites her to his birthday party.

Woong-So gets to the shop and tries on the outfit. Ji-Hoon then calls Yoo-Ra aside and tells her that he won’t promise Woong-So that he’ll get a job, as Yoo-Ra indicated in the text she sent him. But, Yoo-Ra insists on him promising Woong-So that he’ll get a job. Meanwhile, Min-Seo asks Woong-So if she can go to Bo-Seok’s birthday party, and Do-Hoon tries to find a replacement for Song Gain.

Min-Seo tells Yoo-Ra that Woong-So has agreed to let her attend Bo-Seok’s birthday party. Yoo-Ra then takes her aside to try and convince her to attend Woong-So’s party instead. Ms Yoon sends Woong-So a picture of her in an outfit she plans on wearing to his party. Just then, Ms Park texts to inform him she can make it to his party after all. So, Woong-So is left wondering what he’ll do now that he’s invited his two girlfriends to his party.

At the clothes’ shop, Do-Hoon and Ji-Hoon are arguing (as usual). Mi-Rim mentions her family argued when planning her dad’s 80th birthday party, so they had to call it off. Woong-So then wonders if he could call off the party because Do-Hoon and Ji-Hoon are arguing so he wouldn’t have to face Ms Park and Ms Yoon at the party.

Later while the family is heading home, Woong-So then tells them that he’s calling off the party to keep the family at peace; then, he gets out of the car and runs away.

At NIS headquarters, Chief Oh is with the bullet that was in Wolfe’s neck. She concludes that Bullet, the MGD Union’s original member who was missing, is still alive and wonders if Warrior will try to kill him. It’s no wonder she looked disturbed when she saw Wolfe’s bullet wound earlier. She then takes out the peculiar card from her safe again, like she did in the last episode, and also takes out a gun.

Elsewhere, a woman is shopping in what seems to be a children’s clothes store. She then gets into an elevator when she seems to have noticed someone familiar. It turns out it’s Chief Oh she noticed. Chief Oh waits until everyone else is out of the elevator and tells the woman that Bullet is back.

The woman goes back to what seems to be her house and looks frightened by what Chief Oh told her. She then remembers Chief Oh slipped something in her bag earlier. It turns out it’s a photo of Wolfe’s tattoo, which frightens this woman even more.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Yoo-Ra is trying to find out where Woong-So went after he got out of the car earlier. She then tells everyone that Woong-So is nowhere to be found. Yoo-Ra begins telling them about the possible situations Woong-So might be in and urges them to try and make him feel better when he returns.

Meanwhile, Woong-So is at a park, still wondering why he invited both his girlfriends to his birthday party and how he will face the rest of the family after running out on them.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon receives his next investigation target, Koo In-Bo. He returns to the NIS headquarters and tries to convince Ma Young-Ji to give him Wolfe’s data, but she declines. Remember, Chief Oh instructed her to keep Wolfe’s case confidential.

Do-Hoon visits Jae-Yeol at the hospital and asks him to brief him on Koo In-Bo (it turns out Koo In-Bo’s case was supposed to be Jae-Yeol’s). However, Jae-Yeol is busy trying to think how to thank Chae-Ri for sending him flowers. Do-Hoon notices what he’s doing and starts scolding him again. Jae-Yeol then tells him Koo In-Bo is a paid killer. Jae-Yeol asks Do-Hoon about Wolfe’s case, and he tells him Chief Oh mentioned backing off.

Do-Hoon begins spying on Koo In-Bo, who seems to be a lecturer at a university. Back at Woong-So’s house, Yoo-Ra tries to convince Woong-So to agree to have a birthday party. Meanwhile, Ji-Hoon is at a real estate office and calls Mi-Rim to inform her that he has something amazing in store for Woong-So.

Do-Hoon is still spying on Koo In-Bo. This time, Koo In-Bo boards a bus, and Do-Hoon follows him on. The bus reaches its final destination, and Do-Hoon continues to follow. Do-Hoon then notices a nearby building he can go to and spy on him better.

Yoo-Ra is at a restaurant alone, and she has a flashback of the lamp Wolfe brought her and the young boy with a bloody face in a snow-covered area again.

Chief Oh arrives at her house when Jae-Yeol calls to inform her Do-Hoon is most likely not interested in pursuing Wolfe’s case. She gets to the house and finds the woman she met at the elevator earlier in her home. It turns out this woman is Butterfly, one of MGD Union’s original members. They go back and forth about Butterfly’s involvement in the MGD. Butterfly then tells Chief Oh that Wolfe may have had a hidden phone with information on Warrior and Bullet.

At the NIS headquarters, Do-Hoon goes to Chief Oh’s office and looks around for Wolfe’s information. He then gains access to her safe and finds it. He also finds photos of Wolfe’s and Carly Young’s bodies. If that wasn’t enough, he also notices the tattoo on Carly Young’s chest and realizes it’s similar to the one on Wolfe’s chest.

Chief Oh goes to Wolfe’s hotel room to find the phone Butterfly told her about. She notices an unusually dressed person coming out of that room. She calls Ma Young-Ji to verify if she kept Wolfe’s room private after he died, and she confirms she did. Chief Oh then instructs her to get the hotel’s security camera footage from two hours prior. Chief Oh then searches Wolfe’s hotel room but doesn’t find the phone.

The unusually dressed person happens to be Yoo-Ra, and she has that phone Butterfly was talking about. Later, Chief Oh watches the hotel’s security camera footage and sees Yoo-Ra (she doesn’t know it’s her) coming out of Wolfe’s room. She concludes the new MGD Union has hired a new killer.

Chief Oh then calls Yoo-Ra to ask if she can come over for tea, and she agrees. Wolfe’s hidden phone rings and Min-Seo brings it to her. She picks up the call, and it seems she knows the man talking on the phone. The episode ends with Chief Oh at the door while Yoo-Ra is still on the phone with that mysterious man.

The Episode Review

This episode gives clues about many questions I had from the last episode. For starters, we got a glimpse of a tattoo behind Yoo-Ra’s ear that looked like the one on Carly Young, meaning she was an original member of MGD Union.

Chief Oh looked more disturbed and anxious than usual when it came to the MGD case. And judging by how she doesn’t want Do-Hoon to handle Wolfe’s case, how freaked out she looked after seeing the bullet that was in Wolfe’s neck, and her talking with Butterfly, she may be connected to MGD. We’ll have to tune in to the next episode to find out!

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