Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Resolved Issues, Unexpected Connections, and Turn of Events

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 3 begins with Do-Hoon in the hotel room he reserved to spend the night. He’s excited about finally having time to be sexually intimate with Yoo-Ra when he hears the hotel room’s doorbell ring. It turns out it’s Chief Oh bringing him documents for another criminal to investigate. Do-Hoon tries to turn away the assignment, but Chief Oh insists on him doing it.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra is at the hotel’s reception, seemingly devastated because she saw Chief Oh at the hotel. She goes to the hotel room Do-Hoon booked for them and goes in. She finds Chief Oh and Do-Hoon, and Do-Hoon tries to explain that it isn’t what she thinks it is. Surprisingly, Yoo-Ra asks Chief Oh to go have some drinks with her.

Chief Oh and Yoo-Ra have drinks for what seems like forever while thinking of what to say to each other. Eventually, Chief Oh asks Yoo-Ra why she asked her to have drinks with her, and Yoo-Ra throws a drink at her. Yoo-Ra then tells Chief Oh that she can have Do-Hoon as long as she leaves the family alone for her. Chief Oh tells her that Do-Hoon isn’t her type, meaning nothing is going on between them. Chief Oh goes on to mention how she’ll be “borrowing” Do-Hoon and if he will be coming with a “warranty,” and that pisses Yoo-Ra off.

Chief Oh tells Yoo-Ra that she knew Yoo-Ra suspected she was having an affair with Do-Hoon, so she decided to play along. As expected, Yoo-Ra doesn’t believe that, but Chief Oh tells Yoo-Ra that she and Do-Hoon are just partners, and that’s all. And whether or not she believes it, it’s none of Chief Oh’s business.

Yoo-Ra eventually explodes and begins scolding Chief Oh about attending Min-Seo’s award ceremony to make her look bad and trying to buy her family off by getting them expensive gifts. They continue drinking and talking. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon tries to call Chief Oh when she finally picks up. Do-Hoon begins scolding Chief Oh about spending too much time talking to Yoo-Ra. Chief Oh tells him to be nice to Yoo-Ra since all she talks about is him and that they’re meant to be together. Yoo-Ra eavesdrops on their phone conversation (she had gone to the restroom), and by the look on her face, she is relieved that nothing is going on between Chief Oh and Do-Hoon.

When Chief Oh finishes talking to Do-Hoon on the phone, Yoo-Ra comes to sit with her and passes out from being drunk.

The next day, it seems like there’s some tension between Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon because of what happened the previous night. Meanwhile, Min-Seo texts Bo-Seok to ask if they can go to school together. Yoo-Ra checks her ovulation reminder and sees that her ovulation period has elapsed. Do-Hoon finally asks Yoo-Ra what she talked about with Chief Oh the previous night. As she’s about to tell him, Min-Seo screams for them, so they rush to see what’s wrong with her. It turns out, Bo-Seok replied to her texts, saying he went to school early to practice their upcoming play. Min-Seo then insists on Do-Hoon taking her to school immediately.

On their way to school, Min-Seo goes on and on about how cool Bo-Seok is. When they arrive, Min-Seo hurriedly says goodbye to Do-Hoon (they all have a cute routine they do when they pick up and drop Min-Seo off at school). Do-Hoon is left wondering what Bo-Seok has done to his daughter.

At school, Mr Song tells Bo-Seok to inform his parents that he wants to see them the next day. Bo-Seok isn’t happy about that. Min-Seo approaches them and asks Bo-Seok if they can practice their play duel, and he refuses.

Min-Seo goes to class and tries to convince Mr Song not to call Bo-Seok’s parents to school. Soon, her other classmates join in pleading with Mr Song not to call Bo-Seok’s parents. Bo-Seok comes to class and sees Min-Seo convincing Mr Song not to call his parents, and as expected, he’s happy about that.

Elsewhere, Chief Oh is updating her senior at the NIS on Min Junki, the criminal who showed up at Do-Hoon’s house disguised as a delivery man. It turns out he is a member of a criminal group, MGD Union, and was expecting another member, whose nickname is Dominic, to come to Korea via a port called Incheon Port, where Chief Oh and Jae-Yeol are.

Jae-Yeol then shows Chief Oh data recovered from Min Junki’s phone and sees photos of Carly Young, the criminal she asked Do-Hoon to investigate earlier.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Yoo-Ra notices the cake Do-Hoon got for them at the hotel the previous night. She calls Do-Hoon, who’s at a restaurant spying on Carly Young. Yoo-Ra asks Do-Hoon to come home early so they can have time to be intimate.

Yoo-Ra goes to her café, and on her way, she chats with Chief Oh via texts about the previous night. Yoo-Ra asks Chief Oh to send her the cost of Woong-So’s Qingdao trip expenses and Mi-Rim’s post-natal care. She arrives at the café and finds Woong-So, Mi-Rim, and Ji-Hoon. They inform Yoo-Ra that Chief Oh up that Chief Oh upgraded Woong-So’s plane ticket to Qingdao to first-class and paid for Mi-Rim to have daily massages at the post-natal care, all thanks to her. And judging by the look on her face, Yoo-Ra is surprised and a little bit mad at Chief Oh for doing all this.

At Min-Seo’s school, Mr Song is prepping the students for their play the next day. Bo-Seok then walks up to Min-Seo and gives her candy, which excites her. As they’re heading home, Bo-Seok thanks Min-Seo for standing up for him earlier, which makes Min-Seo happy.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon is still spying on Carly Young, and he calls Chief Oh to verify if Carly Young is really on “red alert,” meaning he’s supposed to kill him. Chief Oh assures him that he is on red alert and tells him not to be fooled by Carly Young’s missionary status. Do-Hoon then goes to a massage parlour near the church where Carly Young is and pictures how he’ll shoot him.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Yoo-Ra is preparing their bedroom for when they’ll be intimate later that night. Just then, Min-Seo walks in and asks Yoo-Ra to put additional decorations on her cape for the play the next day. Of course, Yoo-Ra agrees. Do-Hoon comes home and finds Yoo-Ra sowing decorations on Min-Seo’s cape, and he’s not happy about that since he’s afraid they won’t have to be intimate later that night. Well, they don’t because Min-Seo sleeps with them again!

The next day, Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra wake up (Min-Seo got up to go sleep in her room in the middle of the night). Do-Hoon despairs over why they can’t be sexually intimate even once.

Do-Hoon then receives a call from his long-lost friend, Wolfe. He invites him to Min-Seo’s play later that day. At Min-Seo’s school, the preparations for the play are on. Min-Seo shows off her cap, and her classmates are mesmerized by it. Min-Seo’s classmates gather around her to admire the cape, leaving Bo-Seok sad that the attention isn’t on him since he’s the main character in the play, Zorro. Min-Seo decides to give the cap to Bo-Seok, while the principal calls Mr Song and informs him and other teachers that the school’s superintendent will be attending the play, putting immense pressure on them.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Ra and the rest of the family arrive at Min-Seo’s school for the play. Yoo-Ra calls Do-Hoon, who assures her he’ll be there before the play ends, but, Woong-So doesn’t believe him because of his habit of missing important occasions like this.

Before the play starts, Min-Seo finds out Mr Song changed the script so that Bo-Seok will be kissing another girl during the play. Min-Seo is devastated and inconsolable because of what she found out. Woong-So suggests calling Do-Hoon since he’s the only one who can comfort Min-Seo, but he doesn’t pick up.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon is still contemplating killing Carly Young. He calls Chief Oh, who still instructs him to finish Carly Young. Ma Young-Ji calls Chief Oh and informs her that Carly Young smuggled Min Junki into Korea, confirming the connection between them and the possible connection between Carly Young and Dominic.

At Min-Seo’s school, the play is about to start, and Min-Seo is still inconsolable. Fortunately, Yoo-Ra finally tricks her into accepting to participate in the play. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon is preparing to kill Carly Young when Chief Oh calls him and tells him not to kill him. Carly Young looks like he’s heading out when a man approaches him and shoots him dead.

The play begins at Min-Seo’s school, and it goes well. They take a break, and Min-Seo asks Bo-Seok if he’s going to kiss the other girl, Hwang-Jihee, during the play. Bo-Seok tells Min-Seo he will since he has no other choice but tells her the kiss will just be a pretend one. However, Min-Seo mentions that she will change the script.

Do-Hoon arrives at Min-Seo’s school play late and finds he can’t get into the theatre. The second part of the play begins, and as Jihee is about to kiss Bo-Seok, Min-Seo pushes her aside and kisses him instead! Everyone is surprised by what Min-Seo has done, including Do-Hoon, who’s at another area of the theatre. Just then, his friend Wolfe approaches, and he’s happy to see him. It turns out Wolfe is the guy who killed Carly Young earlier!

The Episode Review

I’m relieved that nothing is going on between Chief Oh and Do-Hoon and that Chief Oh didn’t mean any harm by the kind gestures she showed to Do-Hoon’s family. It seems like the new criminal targets, MGD Union, Min Junki, Dominic, and Carly Young, whom Do-Hoon and the rest of the NIS are investigating, will take up most of the upcoming episodes. So, it will be interesting to see how all this will unfold.

I also feel bad for Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon since they never seem to get a chance to spend time together. Their situation exemplifies how couples struggle to keep that “spark” in their relationship, especially when they have kids. Now that we know Wolfe isn’t a good person, I’m eager to see his connection to Carly Young, and whether he will be a threat to Do-Hoon and his family.

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