Family: The Unbreakable Bond – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Am I Being Replaced?

Family: The Unbreakable Bond episode 2 begins with Chief Oh arriving at Do-Hoon’s house. Everyone is surprised to see her, including Do-Hoon, since it wasn’t him but Yoo-Ra who invited Chief Oh to their house. A delivery man comes to deliver the pork hock Yoo-Ra must have ordered, when Chief Oh notices a tattoo on his wrist and realizes he’s a criminal. She throws the flowers she brought to Woong-So, closes Do-Hoon’s door, and begins to fight the criminal. In fact, she ends up killing him.

Do-Hoon runs to the ground floor of his apartment while notifying the NIS of the criminal and requests backup. He waits for the elevator to open, and when it does, he sees that Chief Oh has killed the criminal. He requests for a “cleaning team” from the NIS to take the body.

Chief Oh goes to her car, where Do-Hoon follows. Do-Hoon tries to figure out who the criminal is and it turns out Chief Oh may have investigated the area, Vladivostok, where the criminal might have been from, in the past. And it is most likely that they are after her now. Of course, Do-Hoon is mad at Chief Oh for leading the criminal to his house, but Chef Oh tells him not to worry as the cleaning team is taking care of everything.

On Do-Hoon’s balcony, Woong-So, Mi-Rim, and Ji-Hoon watch Do-Hoon and Chief Oh in the parking lot. Mi-Rim and Ji-Hoon start coming up with theories of how Yoo-Ra will be anxious about what is going on between Do-Hoon and Chief Oh since she’s a woman. Yoo-Ra calmly approaches them, but, Mi-Rim and Ji-Hoon are startled to see her because they were discussing her. Woong-So gets mad, throws a pork bone down at Do-Hoon (Mi-Rim and Ji-Hoon were eating on the balcony), and yells at him to return to the house.

Chief Oh brings gifts and greets everyone, but Yoo-Ra is having none of that. Chief Oh gives Ji-Hoon, Mi-Rim, Min-Seo, and Woong-So presents but of course, Yoo-Ra isn’t thrilled about Chief Oh’s gesture and starts telling her how the gifts won’t compensate for the times Do-Hoon wasn’t there for his family.

Chief Oh starts “crying” and admits that it’s her fault because she’s the boss. Everyone starts comforting Chief Oh, and Yoo-Ra also starts “crying,” saying how it’s her fault Do-Hoon is working hard and how she should have bought those gifts instead. But Chief Oh and Yoo-Ra were just putting up a show.

The family, including Chief Oh, have drinks and sing karaoke. Later, Do-Hoon struggles to get Chief Oh to her car because she and Yoo-Ra are “drunk” and friendly to each other. Do-Hoon finally gets Chief Oh into her car, and her driver drives away. It turns out, Yoo-Ra isn’t drunk, and she starts grilling Do-Hoon about why he didn’t tell her that Chief Oh was a she. Chief Oh was also pretending to be drunk, so when her driver drives away from Do-Hoon’s house, she instructs the driver to take another route. She thinks back to when she saw the tattoo on the criminal’s wrist.

At Do-Hoon’s house, Do-Hoon tries to convince Yoo-Ra to be sexually intimate with her as they had agreed. Meanwhile, Min-Seo calls Bo-Seok to ask whether or not he likes her, and he says no. Yoo-Ra agrees to be intimate, and as they’re about to get started, Min-Seo walks into their room crying because Bo-Seok told her he doesn’t like her. So, Min-Seo ends up sleeping in their room.

The next day, Do-Hoon and Yoo-Ra escort Min-Seo to school. Min-Seo is still hurt by Bo-Seok admitting he doesn’t like her. Do-Hoon convinces her to stick to the script during play practice even though Bo-Seok hurt her. Min-Seo goes to school, and Do-Hoon tells Yoo-Ra that they should send Min-Seo to Woong-So’s house to spend the night so they can “do it” (be sexually intimate). Yoo-Ra tells him that she’s uncomfortable with scheduling when they will be intimate. Do-Hoon becomes upset and starts making a scene at Min-Seo’s school parking lot. And after much persuasion, Yoo-Ra agrees to Do-Hoon’s plan.

On his way to work, Do-Hoon calls Ji-Hoon and instructs him to pick Min-Seo up from school later that day and take her to Woong-So to spend the night. At Yoo-Ra’s café, Mi-Rim tells Ji-Hoon (who’s also at the café) that Chief Oh has booked her a space at the post-natal centre where she dreamt of staying after giving birth. She also tells Ji-Hoon that Chief Oh arranged a job interview for him, and Ji-Hoon isn’t thrilled about that. Mi-Rim continues blabbing about how happy she is because she’s going to her dream post-natal centre. She also begins speculating that Do-Hoon and Chief Oh may be having an affair when Ji-Hoon sees Yoo-Ra coming, so he literally shuts her up.

Yoo-Ra goes inside the café, and judging by how she’s behaving, it seems she also suspects something is going on between Chief Oh and Yoo-Ra. She thinks back to the previous night when Chief Oh made an egg for Do-Hoon and mentioned that he usually doesn’t have ramyeon (the ramen noodles Yoo-Ra was making the previous night) without an egg.

Elsewhere, Do-Hoon is getting coffee when he receives a text about his next spying target, Bae Young-Dae. He immediately begins spying on him. At Min-Seo’s school, Min-Seo is quite aggressive when practising their duel with Bo-Seok. Bo-Seok asks if she’s acting that way because he told her he didn’t like her, but Min-Seo denies it. They begin arguing about the play script, and Min-Seo accidentally falls, with her nose bleeding. Bo-Seok carries her to the school nurse, and as expected Min-Seo is happy that Bo-Seok is paying attention to her.

They get to the school nurse, and Min-Seo’s class teacher, Mr Song, is upset that she and Bo-Seok practiced their play duel when he wasn’t around. The school nurse asks to check Min-Seo’s tummy since she mentioned it hurt, but she asks Bo-Seok to leave because she’s embarrassed. Later, the school nurse discusses with Mr Song how troublesome Min-Seo is when the school nurse suggests giving Min-Seo an award, as other teachers said it’s a way to make troublesome students more obedient.

Outside, Min-Seo and Ji-Hoon are watching other students, including Bo-Seok playing soccer when Ji-Hoon notices that Min-Seo really likes Bo-Seok, judging by how she looks at him. Ji-Hoon then offers to help her make Bo-Seok like her too.

Elsewhere, Woong-So is on a bike ride with Ms Park Bun-Soon (it seems she’s his girlfriend). Woong-So then asks Ms Park to accompany him on a trip to Qingdao. It turns out Chief Oh arranged for Woong-So to take a trip to Qingdao for his upcoming 80th birthday.

At Yoo-Ra’s café, Yoo-Ra is with Woong-So when Ms Park texts him matching outfits they would wear on their trip when Yoo-Ra sees the text. She mentions that one of those outfits would look good on the whole family when they take a trip for Woong-So’s 80th birthday. It turns out, Yoo-Ra is also planning a trip for Woong-So’s 80th birthday.

Woong-So tries to convince her not to plan a trip and save up the money instead. Woong-So tells Yoo-Ra that he’ll only allow her to plan his birthday trip if she manages to make 1 million won in one day at her café

He then gets a call from Chief Oh about the hotel he’ll be staying in when in Qingdao. Of course, Yoo-Ra wonders why Chief Oh is calling Woong-So.

At NIS headquarters, Chief Oh receives a call about the criminal who was disguised as a delivery man at Do-Hoon’s house. His real name is Min-Junki, and he operated a casino in Russia but closed it and moved to Korea the previous year. Elsewhere, Do-Hoon also has more information on the criminal he’s spying on. It turns out he might be working with a group that obtained an illegal loan of 4 trillion won.

Later that night, Yoo-Ra closes up her café and begins wondering why she isn’t having a lot of customers and whether or not she will reach the 1 million a day target Woong-So talked about earlier. Just then, a famous actor and singer, Cha Eun-Woo’s manager, comes in to make an order for an event.

Meanwhile, Do-Hoon is on the phone with Min-Seo, convincing her to spend the night with Woong-So. He then arrives at Yoo-Ra’s café and finds her still working. Yoo-Ra tells Do-Hoon about Cha Eun-Woo’s big order. Yoo-Ra finishes, and they clean up and return to the house. Do-Hoon is excited that they are going to “do it” that night, but they find Woong-So, Min-Seo, and Ji-Hoon at their house, so their plan is ruined. Min-Seo tells Yoo-Ra and Do-Hoon that she’s getting an award.

Later that night, Yoo-Ra tells Woong-So that she has reserved an RV for the family to go on his birthday trip, but, Woong-So isn’t happy about that because he’s already planning to go to Qingdao but doesn’t tell Yoo-Ra. Do-Hoon also texts Yoo-Ra, informing her that he’ll reserve a hotel room for them to “do it.”

The next day, Yoo-Ra receives a call from the post-natal centre she reserved for Mi-Rim, informing her that the reservation has been cancelled. She asks Mi-Rim, and she confesses that Chief Oh reserved another post-natal centre for her. Later that day, Woong-So also confesses to Yoo-Ra that Chief Oh planned a trip to Qingdao for his 80th birthday. Cha Eun-Woo’s manager comes to pick up the food orders and informs Yoo-Ra that Chief Oh recommended her to him.

Later that night, Yoo-Ra is on her way to the hotel Do-Hoon reserved for them. On her way, Chief Oh sends her pictures of Min-Seo’s award ceremony and tells her she attended because no one from her family attended the ceremony, which pisses Yoo-Ra off.

Yoo-Ra arrives at the hotel and sees Chief Oh, so she follows her. Meanwhile, Do-Hoon shoots Bae Young-Dae from the hotel room. The episode ends with him hearing someone coming.

The Episode Review

This episode has developed the storyline around each character a little bit more, which is interesting. However, I would have loved to see how things ended with the international gang’s Chief recruiter Do-Hoon was spying on in the last episode.

I am also interested to see if Chief Oh is really into Do-Hoon because he isn’t attracted to her like that. I really feel bad for Yoo-Ra because she thinks Chief Oh is trying to take her place in the family. So, what exactly is Chief Oh doing at the hotel where Do-Hoon is? Tune into the next episode to find out.

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