Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Season 1 promises to go out with a bang as Kash reveals he is throwing a surprise party for Carrie. She still manages to get excited about it even as she concedes in the opening moments, she will break up with him. Jen has put a stop to Jizzlord and her “moment”, for the time being. Although the general consensus is that the party is weird and a bit too much, Carrie seems to think otherwise. She is bowled over by the effort but still thinks breaking up is the right thing to do. Mary has come to the party as well to focus on Jen as Andy has a breakdown after the school incident.

Gordon is spotted at the party too, now relishing his gift that makes women go crazy after him. He is now acting as the “come guy” with pride. Jen puts Carrie back on track to announce her decision to Kash and she ultimately does it. She asks him to be more mature about his life and start with looking for a stable job. As she says it, Kash uses his ability to go back in time and when Carrie comes to him this time, he pretends to be on the phone with an interviewer. Carrie is impressed but Jen sees right through it.

Kash is worried, even though the tide has turned for now. He expresses his fears to Randall, who gives him good advice. And some Red Bull, which makes Kash an energizer bunny. Jizzlord reveals all of Jen’s secrets to Mary, which she did not herself. Like, Jen needs money to go to the discovery clinic and is worried she does not have a power yet; and she talks to her dead father about it regularly. Mary is not impressed and walks away. Jen is embarrassed when Jizzlord introduces himself as her boyfriend to Luke. Jen asks for “space and time” and Jizzlord is heartbroken.

Mary confronts Jen about not talking to her about Jen’s life. She says that out of the two parents, she is present for her and not Martin. Jen understands her mother’s point and sort of makes up with her by asking her to fetch creps. Luke is jealous because of the attention Jen has been getting from Jizzlord and asks her to accompany him on a flight. Kash cannot fathom Carrie’s break-up chat and keeps trying to go back in time and settle his nerves. But it does not seem to happen to him. They both cry and soak in the moment. And finally, Carrie takes Kash to bed as he needs sleep.

Luke calls Jizzlord a weirdo but Jen takes offence.  And at that moment when she defends Jizzlord, she realizes she is in love with him too. It is almost as if Luke’s ego is broken and he cannot fly anymore. Touche! Jen rushes in but cannot find Jizzlord. She sees a silhouette running in the alleyway and confesses her love to him. Rain starts pattering down and in true cinematic fashion, they make up and kiss.

She introduces him as her boyfriend in front of everyone. Mary gives the money necessary to Jen for the clinic. But she is taken aback after learning the amount! Gordon is present too and says he can provide the money from his new service for “unfulfilled women”. The episode ends with Jen and Jizzlord in bed and Jen finally feels her life is on the right track.

The Episode Review

The coming-of-age moment was such a hard slap on Luke’s ego that he could not fly. It was a rousing victory for our team of misfits and weirdos, who seem to have each other through thick and thin. I feel Mary could have been a delightful addition to the regular roster, after how she did in the finale.

Her timing, physicality, and emotional connection with Jen could have been real difference-makers. Carrie and Kash’s eponymous relationship came to a sorry yet predictable end. Season 1 did not fully close out that arch and if we will have a second season, fingers crossed for it to be developed in a different fashion.

Jen and Jizzlord it is and we cannot find a fault in that pairing. Is this her superpower – being ordinary and still living her life extraordinarily? A superpower so many of us possess!

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  1. @Marcus, the little girl says “That man looks like daddy”. Surprised the reviewer didn’t mention this final scene!

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