Extraordinary – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Merry Monarch” Recap & Review

The Merry Monarch

Jen is coming up short with ideas to monetize after her fertile eggs are rejected by a clinic at the start of Extraordinary episode 7. Kash meets with his group to discuss possible interventions. Randall comes up with a drug bust in an abandoned building, saying he got the information as he does crime on the side. The group is confused but has a task now to complete. Grigor’s team too have this information and the two groups are poised to clash at the building. Carrie is unhappy that she getting sidelined once again. Kash promises to make amends and take her on date night on the weekend.

Carrie’s new job brings a wily womanizer to the fore, who is also royalty – Charles II. She is fascinated by him and uncharacteristically conjures him in her house. They flirt in a very precocious, royal way and it seems she likes the attention and gentlemanly approach. Jen’s next idea is to take Jizzlord to a cat show. He is sceptical as he feels he cannot turn into a cat again. Jen googles some methods to transform him but it does not seem to work. Kash changes plans with Carrie and she is very upset. She runs upstairs as Jen screams when she sees Jizzlord has indeed turned back into a cat.

She takes her to the show and when she mentions it is Hercule, his reputation precedes him. The staff get excited that the famous cat is back and ask what kind of relative Jen is to David. Things get awkward but the excitement to see Hercule back normalizes things. Kash and the group do find Grigor at the spot and the two leaders childishly fight the other to concede this bust. When the gang actually arrives, both teams hide. Donna, one of the staff, comes to confront Jen and intimidate her about her lackadaisical attitude toward the show. Jen tries to conduct Jizzlord in an aesthetical way but his cat form is not ready to listen.

Carrie goes to a gallery with Charles and almost kisses his portrait, aroused by his flirtatious disposition and butter words. Neither group is ready to give up the drug bust and keep hiding. The others suddenly make Kash realize that by doing all this, he is endangering his relationship with Carrie and he rushes home. Jen finds a tape recording of Jizzlord before he turned and is touched by his love and companionship. As Carrie’s royal date with Charles is about to get physical, Kash rushes in and apologies. Carrie’s momentary happiness is wiped away by Kash’s lack of interest in going out with her and falling into old habits of ordering in and watching YouTube.

The show goes horribly as Jizzlord transforms in between. They share a romantic kiss afterwards, leaving a lot to be said in the finale. Carrie wonders what the future holds for her relationship. The final scene reveals that the gang was able to bust the drug operations and got their heroics printed in the papers.

The Episode Review

Jen & Jizzlord! Despite everything, one could have never seen this coming. His position in the friend circle has never been established with authority by the writers. Until now. What a power move that was. The cat show dance was the most adorable and funny way in which this unison could have been offered to us.

It is still fledgling but one can see it going all the way. Kash’s kismet has been set in stone now. He continually overlooks Carrie’s needs and behaves like a child. It is perhaps the fault of the writers for keeping Kash as the black sheep and wasting his potent self-loathing. Besides that, this episode nearly matched the standard the show has set.

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  1. You could see Jen and Jizzlord getting closer together in every episode.You are not paying attention! 5/5 for episode 7, I have watched the cat /Jizzlord bits over and over. Even his dance moves are catlike and when you realise he is actually half naked for the whole dance…….

  2. I love this show! I hope there are more seasons. What’s that music at the end? Can someone please tell me.

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