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Dong-soo Contemplates The Online Gambling Business

Episode 6 of Evillive starts with Dong-soon taking his new Mercedes Benz for a spin in the early morning. Later, he finishes paying the programmer and heads to Yuseong business offices, where he sees Do-young’s men hauling in money. Dong-soo gets curious and seeks information from Beom-jae about how much Do-young might be making. Beom-jae tells him they cannot access the data on finances and traffic to the sight. However, given that they were paid double the promised amount, the business must bring in much more than they predicted. Beom-jae tells him that compared to how much they received, it is as if they did all the work for nothing, but the situation cannot be reversed. 

Elsewhere, Do-young joins Assemblyman Park Chung-ho’s congratulatory party for winning the audience. Chung-ho personally introduces him to the audience as a young entrepreneur. Do-young’s presence at the party puzzles Jae-yeol, and he asks to speak with him outside for a moment. 

Mr. Kim asks why Do-young is at the party, but he hands him two boxes of money. Do-young tells him it is his share of the nightclub business and his parting gift. Jae-yeol thinks that Do-young is behind what happened to Attorney Moon. Do-young neither admits nor disagrees with his assumption. 

Later that night, Dong-soo asks to visit Do-young at his house. Dong-soo hands him the information of the new programmers and tells him the handover will be done in a week. Do-young mentions wanting to know how much Mr. Kim made from the gambling houses. He felt he was doing all the work but not earning as much. After Dong-soo leaves, Do-young calls someone and asks them to keep an eye on Dong-soo.

Although Dong-soo quit smoking, he is tempted to after leaving Do-young’s house. He metaphorically confides in Detective Chul-jin after a chance meeting. He tells him that he feels jealous and empty after helping a friend make a big winning. Meanwhile, someone reports to the police that Park Je-yi might be missing.

Chairman Moon gets information that Do-young might have joined hands with Park Chung-ho. He directs Mr. Kim to stop Do-young’s money source so they can efficiently deal with him. The jilted right-hand man seels him out again and tells Mr. Kim that Do-young is running an Internet café and it is doing well. Mr. Kim asks him to look deeper into why Do-young opened the Internet café and find the source of his money. 

Elsewhere, Dong-soo and his family celebrate their mother’s birthday. Her birthday wish is that Dong-soo does not work hard but can earn a lot of money and live comfortably. Do-young’s second-in-command keeps a close eye on him. Later, Do-young gives Dong-soo a call, and they meet at Yuseong’s offices. Meanwhile, the jilted gang member looks into Do-young’s new business.

Do-young asks about the new staff, and Dong-soo gives him their files. He wants to interview them, but Do-young says he will handle it to ensure he gets someone as good as Dong-soo. Do-young still worries about police inspection. Do-young said they could clean everything out within five minutes and pass an inspection without leaving any evidence. Do-young says he has to see it to believe. Later that day, police officers storm the internet café, and Dong-soo can deliver his promise. Do-young is impressed and gives Dong-soo a severance pay as a parting gift. 

Do-young discovers that the Family Gang is after Dong-soo and sends his right-hand man to shadow him. Consequently, a gang sets fire to the nursing home. Upon hearing that some people are after him, Dong-soo realises they might be after his family and rushes to the Nursing home. His mother is rushed to an ambulance, and he accompanies her. Dong-soo’s mother recognises him and asks that he be born into a wealthy family and live a comfortable life in his next life. Dong-soo gets a chance to talk to her in her last minutes before she passes away. During the funeral, the whole Yuseong Gang shows up with Do-young. They pay their respect and leave. Do-young’s appearance shocks Dong-soo, and he is speechless.  

Next, Dong-soo appears before Chairman Moon. He knows where to find Chairman Moon because he knows his jogging routine. Dong-soon asks the Chairman how many people he has killed, and he says he does not know since he does not keep count. Chairman Moon intimidates Dong-soo and asks him to change his flight schedule since he will figure out his connection to Do-young and make him pay. The Chairman stands up to leave, but Dong-soo tells him to sit since he is not done talking. Chairman Moon slaps Dong-soo but does not expect what comes next when Dong-soo chocks him to make him see how it feels to be stepped on and the victim. He tells Chairman Moon that he is not leaving. Dong-soo stops choking him when he hears a cyclist coming their way. 

Dong-soo meets with Do-young, and he has a question about why he chose to assault the umpire during a baseball game in the past. Do-young says that it was because he was paid to be partial, but Dong-soo does not believe him. He does not want to understand in terms of the baseball game but in terms of why Do-young made that choice. Do-young tells him it was the last game he could play due to his injuries, so the timing was right. It was better when people think he quit baseball because he assaulted an umpire than to know that he quit because of his injuries.

Dong-soo thinks that the timing for him is right and asks if Do-young’s previous offer is still valid. Do-young had said he would go after Kim Jae-yeol, and Dong-soo would go after Chairman Moon. When Do-young suggested it, the idea sounded ridiculous, but Dong-soo was ready to try it. Do-young tells Dong-soo that he looks better without glasses. 

The Episode Review

Even though it is during a funeral, Do-young and his men know how to make an entrance, and their presence on screen is captivating. Dong-soo might have officially let go of the moral principles holding him back after his mother’s death. Chairman Moon’s arrogance suggests he might be behind the incident at the nursing home. However, given that Do-young might have been reluctant to let Dong-soo go, could it be his doing since the aftermath is in his favour?

Dong-soo resolves to join him and help go after Chairman Moon and Mr. Kim. It would be so distressing if Do-young were involved, and it would bring about internal fights between them, which would not be an exciting plot to watch. Regardless, to what lengths is Dong-soo willing to go to get his revenge? Will his family stay, or will he ask them to leave for Australia? Will Beom-jae still support him? Let us find out in the next episode of Evillive.

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