Evillive – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Online Gambling Business Becomes A Massive Hit

Episode 5 of Evillive starts with Dong-soo and Do-young having a meal after a successful trial. Dong-soo worries about Attorney Moon finding a way out of the scandal and going into politics. Do-young suggests finding a closing pitcher. Dong-soo thinks of Park Chung-ho, someone with influence and power to move the public sentiment.

Do-young says he will find a way to get to him, while Dong-soo agrees to help Do-young with the online casino business. However, he insists on adding the condition that he has to let him and his family go after they are done.

Dong-soo goes to Beom-jae and tells him about the casino business. Beom-jae is reluctant since it is an illegal business, but Dong-soo convinces him. Do-young will pay them 300 million won, enough for them to pay off their debts and take care of their families. Dong-soo gives Beom-jae 20 million won and asks him to start making the money exchange website. 

Do-young meets up with Park Chung-ho. He offers his support in the upcoming elections, but Chung-ho is reluctant. He is afraid of leaving the party, and the party’s representative has been selected. Do-young shows him a briefcase of money and tells him they must change the party’s selection. 

Meanwhile, Beom-jae agrees to help Dong-soo with the website. Dong-soo delivers equipment to Beom-jae’s house and tells him it will be their office. Later, Dong-soo and Beom-jae meet up with Park Si-dek. He is a programmer in a game of cards company, and Dong-soo wants him to help Beom-jae with the website. The programmer gives Dong-soo a list of information. Dong-soo says he will need it for marketing.

Chairman Moon receives a call from the party saying they will re-evaluate his son’s qualifications for the election. He heads to Attorney Moon’s house and asks his assistant, Mr. Lee, to leave them alone. Attorney Moon tells his father that someone set a trap for him. Chairman Moon asks him to lay low for a while, and he will take care of the problem. 

Chairman Moon meets with Mr. Kim of Shinnam Ferry. Mr. Kim looked into the incident but found no information about the case involving Attorney Moon. Chairman Moon asks him to keep looking into it and for more money to stop the re-evaluation. If Attorney Moon’s election is unsuccessful, Chairman Moon’s minister position will be at risk, and his deal with Mr Kim about the Marine Casino will fall through. 

Meanwhile, infight ensues in Do-young’s camp. The replaced number two picks a fight with the new righthand man and is utterly humiliated. He starts to have ideas once he discovers that Mr Kim is looking for a particular van. In addition, the Family Gang starts to cause problems for Yuseong Gang, and Do-young and Mr. Kim have bad blood. 

Dong-soo presents a pitch for the idea of an online gambling game. He manages to impress Do-young’s team, but Do-young shows no expressions. After the presentation, Do-young asks Dong-soo to speed up the opening date to early the following month and increase the opening sales to 1 billion. Do-young does not explain his sudden change and disregards Dong-soo. 

Dong-soo tells his wife of his idea to move to a different country. She wonders why he suddenly wants to move and says he no longer likes living the same way. Once he finishes his current job, he can make enough for them to move to a different country and begin a new life.

Dong-soo’s plan hits a hurdle. The programmer is missing. He quit his office work and might have run away after he got the advance for the job. However, Dong-soo knows where he might be and asks Beom-jae to look for him. Dong-soo says he will try to ask Do-young for a one-week extension. Different trouble brews in the shadows. The jilted right-hand man sells information about Do-young and Dong-soo’s possible involvement in Attorney Moon’s case to Chairman Moon. 

Do-young confides his worries to Dong-soo and why he wants the opening date brought forward. He lost trust in Kim Jae-yeol of Shinnam Ferry and is in an unfavourable position. Mr. Kim owns the gambling houses and runs everything in the city. If the online business fails, they will both be dead. Meanwhile, Park Chung-ho wins the party elections, and Do-young delivers his promise to Dong-soo. It is now Dong-soo’s turn to return the favour. 

One more day to the opening of U Star Internet Café, Beom-jae finds the programmer. Beom-jae notices Dong-soo’s change in demeanour as he threatens Park Si-dek. He warns him that he will not protect him if he tries to run again and will ask Yuseong Gang to go after him. 

After a meal with the team on the eve of the opening day of the online casino, Do-young asks Dong-soo to join him on the way home. Do-young shares more information about Yuseong Gang and the gambling houses, saying that Kim Jae-yeol is the manager, Do-young the player, but Chairman Moon owns the business. Do-young says he will take care of Kim Jaepyeol and asks Dong-soo to take care of Chairman Moon.

Dong-soo reminds him of the promise to let him go, and Do-young requests him to consider staying partners. 

Do-young, Dong-soo, and their team nervously await traffic on the new online gambling site. Dong-soo aims to onboard 100 users on opening day and at least 300 in a month. However, the site crashes and Do-young’s second inc command gets a call from the money exchange department about the influx of calls from people asking to make deposits. Beom-jae and Park Si0dek realise that the site crashed due to increased traffic, and they work to restore the servers. The site is officially a massive hit. 

Do-young raids Kim Jae-yeol’s gambling house and sends the money to Dong-soo. Elsewhere, Park Chung-ho wins the election. As a bonus, Do-young gives Dong-soo a new car. 

The Episode Review

Dong-soo is happy and energetic while working with Do-young. Unknowingly, he is no longer afraid of Do-young and wants to bond with him. he wants Do-young to let him in, constantly check up on him, and confide in him. Dong-soo is unbelievably intelligent to come up with such a complicated business idea and execute it, given his background as a lawyer. They will fight against Mr Kim of Shinnnam Ferry and Chairman Moon.

The detective living in Dong-soo’s apartment might become a problem. Do-young seems to want to keep Dong-soo around. Will Dong-soo take the money and leave the country, or will he be tempted by the newly found sense of accomplishment and stay beside Do-young? 

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