Evillive – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Jae-yeol Exposes Chairman Moon

Episode 7 of Evillive starts with Dong-soo reminiscing about his mother when he gets a call from Do-young. He arrives at the warehouse to find that Do-young has caught the leader of the Family gang. Dong-soon furiously rains blows on him and then kicks him into the pool of water. He starts drowning since his hands are tied, and he cannot swim.

Dong-soo watches him drown while Do-young observes him closely. After a while, Dong-soo asks the men to pull him out. Do-young takes over the interrogation and orders him to call the people involved in the fire incident.

Dong-soo seeks information about Chairman Moon and Jae-yeol from Do-young. He finds out their relationship is similar to theirs. Chairman Moon needed a handyman while Jae-yeol needed backup, and they started working together. Consequently, Do-young wants to understand how Dong-soo got into Chairman Moon’s bad side. Dong-soo tells him about the embezzlement incident and the death of Park Ji-eum. Do-young knows about the incident since the gang took care of it under Chairman Moon’s orders.

Dong-soo thinks separating Jae-yeol and Chairman Moon will be difficult because they know each other well. Do-young suggests using it to their advantage since, when cornered, they will care only about themselves. 

Meanwhile, the detectives find Park Je-yi’s body. Consequently, Jae-yeol and Chairman Moon learn about the body. They plan to use the case to get Do-young and Dong-soo by accusing Do-young of murder and Dong-soo of abetting a murderer. They are furious that Do-young and Dong-soo made political money and gave it to Park Chung-ho. Chairman Moon asks Jae-yeol to get the money ready, and he will handle the case with the prosecution. 

Meanwhile, Dong-soo gets heavily involved with online gambling and develops new business plans to secure the funds. Beom-jae has to join him in running the business, and he wonders if Dong-soo will agree to leave the business once they get revenge for their mother’s death. Programmer Park is happy to have Beom-jae work alongside him again. 

Do-young likes the idea of a dummy room. Dong-soo worries about Par Je-yi’s body since he knows Chairman Moon and Jae-yeol might use it. Do-young asks him not to worry about it since they will make their first move tonight. The following day, Do-young receives a gift from Do-young, and he asks him to wear it to their upcoming meeting. 

Meanwhile, the public wakes up to trucks of smuggled goods parked outside Moon Law Firm. Chairman Moon asks Attorney Moon to tell Jae-yeol to cooperate with the investigation. The police cannot tie the smuggled goods to him, and Chairman Moon will stop any requests to search Shinnam Ferry.

Chairman Moon understands that Dong-soo and Do-young are behind the incident. They say they will stomp on Jae-yeol on their way up to get Chairman Moon. The incident is a ploy to reveal Chairman Moon’s connection to Jae-yeol to the public. Chairman Moon resolves to trample on them harder to make them see they chose the wrong target. 

Elsewhere, Do-young and Dong-soo are making their moves. After Jae-yeol arrives at the police station, Dong-soo arrives with Family Gang members who are turning themselves in for the fire incident at the nursing home. Meanwhile, through the help of Assemblyman Park, Do-young becomes the police chief, and he changes positions from being under Jae-yeol and Chairman Moon’s orders. Detective Chul-jin continues to investigate the case of the smuggled goods and Park Je-yi. 

Dong-soo meets up with Jae-yeol and shows him a photo he has as proof that he is involved with the smuggling business. Dong-soo tells him about his clients, naming him as the one who gave the order to burn the nursing home and kill his mother to make it look like an accident. Dong-soo says he will add the case unless Jae-yeol names Chairman Moon as the one behind the fire.

Before leaving, Jae-yeol tells him he joined hands with the wrong person. Anyone who stays by Do-young’s side is either a fool or ready to die. Dong-soon hands the pictures to Detective Chul-jin on his way out, then heads to meet with Do-young.

Meanwhile, Detective Sun-kyung tries to make Detective Chul-jin start investigating the connection between Dong-soo and Do-young. Elsewhere, Do-young’s right-hand man investigates the case of Shinnam Ferry by following Jae-yeol’s right-hand man. Do-young says he intends to buy Shinnam Ferry.

Dong-soo and Do-young go through photos, and Dong-soo comes up with another idea. If the police discover that Jae-yeol conducted a smuggling business while in jail, he will get an additional 3 years sentence. Dong-soo suggests they use the pictures taken as leverage. 

However, when Dong-soo attempts to talk to Jae-yeol, he runs into Attorney Moon. He tells him he did not take Jae-yeol to jail, but Chairman Moon did. He told Jae-yeol to cooperate with the investigation and agree to the arrest. He also plans to get him released in at least a month. As planned, Jae-yeol suddenly becomes ill, and his arrest is put on hold. Do-young also learns that Chairman Moon is putting pressure on the prosecution to pin Je-yi’s murder on him. When Dong-soo calls, Do-young ignores the call.

Beom-jae is struggling with staying in the illegal business. He tells Dong-soo to quit since Do-young is only using him and not telling him all the information, such as his intent to buy Shinnam Ferry. Elsewhere, Chairman Moon gets a text confirming his possible appointment as minister of Justice. He tells Attorney Moon that they need all the money they can get to prepare for his trip to Seoul and the by-election.

At the same time, Dong-soo figures out something relating to Jae-yeol’s release from prison. He calls Do-young and tells him that Chairman Moon might have released Jae-yeol to abandon him; thus, it is their chance. 

Dong-soo visits Jae-yeol in the hospital and gives him the photos, and true to his intuition, the person who ordered the smuggled goods taken care of at half price is Chairman Moon. Jae-yeol realises that his right-hand man works for Chairman Moon. He sold the goods under his orders and kept the money as Chairman Moon suggested. He told him to go independent by getting rid of Jae-yeol. 

On the way out, Dong-soo runs into the same man getting off the elevator. He follows him back to the ward and finds him trying to kill Jae-yeol. Dong-soo saves him, and Do-young arrives in time to save Dong-soo. 

Chairman Moon leaves the office later that day and tries to call the man he told to kill Jae-yeol. The first call does not go through, but when he calls again after getting into the car, he hears the phone ring inside the trunk. He goes out to check and finds the man beaten up and tied in his trunk.

Meanwhile, Jae-yeol provides the reporters with undeniable proof that Chairman Moon gave the order to burn the nursing home. In the phone recording, Chairman Moon says she does not care how many die as long as Dong-soo’s mother dies with them. Jae-yeol also exposes that Chairman Moon is behind Park Ji-eum’s murder. When asked why he is exposing Chairman Moon, Jae-yeol says that he tried to kill him too.

Do-young smiles in satisfaction when he thinks about how much Dong-soo has changed since they met. Meanwhile, Dong-soo goes to the underground parking where he kept the Mercedes Benz gifted by Do-young, and the episode ends with Do-young driving with a smile on his face.

The Episode Review

Dong-soo sure looks the part after the makeover by Do-young. His entrance into the police station commands respect, and he must pause and zoom in to ensure it is he. Why does Do-young’s right-hand man send strange looks at Dong-soo and Do-young? Will he betray them?

Jae-yeol reveals that Chairman Moon is behind the fire, so it is such a relief that Do-young did not do it to coax Dong-soo to stay. However, is he trustworthy, or does he have a hidden agenda and is using Dong-soo as Beom-jae thinks? Will their relationship end up like the one between Chairman Moon and Jae-yeol? Dong-soo taking out the car at the end of the episode might mean he is ready to embrace that life and no longer torn between good and evil. 

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