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Eve – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Song

Does Joon-Cheol kill Ra-El?

Episode 16 of Eve starts this finale with all roads leading to the summer vacation home. Ra-El awakens with a start, realizing something bad is going to happen.

She’s been having a recurring nightmare that Yoon-Kyum is going to die. After all this time, Ra-El admits she just wants to live peacefully and let go of the hatred in her heart.

Outside, Joon-Cheol gobbles down some pills and staggers up to the house. There, he notices Ra-El and Yoon-Kyum standing together. They haven’t seen him though, as he incredulously rings So-Ra to tell her what’s happening.

She, in turn, rings Yoon-kyum with Da-Bi crying, following it up with another call, fabricating that Da-Bi has gone missing. In reality, she’s in bed.

With Yoon-Kyum out the house, Joon-Cheol stalks Ra-El. He chokes her out, rasping for her to die. Thankfully, Yoon-Kyum jumps in and smacks him in the head with a sledgehammer. Choking him out, Joon-Cheol is killed. So-Ra is unaware of this and frantically rings, trying to get through to them.

What does Eun-Pyeong decide to do?

Yoon-kyum makes a bold decision and chooses to take the full blame for what’s happened, wanting Ra-El to be cleared of charges. As she tries to stand up, Ra-El ends up dizzy and passes out. It turns out Yoon-Kyum actually drugged her so there wouldn’t be any resistance to what he intends to do.

Eun-Peong races up in the morning and looks over Joon-Cheol’s dead body. He decides they should try and fight for self-defence, given he came into their house while wrestling. I’m not sure if that’ll fly, given the massive blow to the back of the head, but Eun-Pyeong is determined to follow through with this.

If that wasn’t enough, So-Ra receives a call from her lawyer, who confirms that divorce proceedings have gone through and she needs to give up her assets and custody of Da-Bi. It’s the final straw for So-Ra, who goes full-on Harley Quinn and is pushed over the edge.

How does So-Ra get her revenge?

In fact, she kidnaps Ra-El and takes off. Yoon-kyum comes bounding out and follows, demanding she pull over. This distracts her long enough for Ra-El to grab hold of her nemesis and choke her out. So-Ra crashes the car, then stabs Ra-El with her letter opener. Enraged, So-Ra looks set to fly off the deep end, until Yoon-kyum sits with her and apologizes.

Tear stinging his eyes, he drives the car right off the edge of the road to their doom. As Ra-El was previously taken out unharmed, she watches on in horror.

Who dies in episode 16?

A news report then follows, confirming to us that one of the passengers is critically injured while the other has passed away…but who survived? Well, it’s So-Ra. Yoon-Kyum passed away at the wheel.

We then cut forward 3 days later, where we see that Yoon-Kyum has left behind some mementos for Ra-El, along with a right mess for LY Group to deal with. Not only do they need to reimburse for Gediks shares, LY has been turned into a shell of the company it once was.

Our corrupt secretary decides to visit So-Ra one more time before turning himself in, taking full responsibility for everything that’s happened.

What happens to So-Ra? Can she remember anything?

So-Ra however, can’t remember any of this. She’s in psychiatric care, while Chairman Han is still locked up in the basement, slowly dying of thirst. As for So-Ra, she can’t even remember who Ra-El is. She shows off her face and tells her about Yoon-Kyum and how she killed him.

In court, everything is revealed, including Chairman Han’s greed, the murders and the corruption that hve seeped into the dark recesses of this dingy company.

After compensating the victims, and with Han Pan-Ro dead (he died of thirst and hunger in the basement cell), LY are now going to become a non-profit foundation that will help other corporate victims.

How does Eve end?

Ra-El decides to leave the country with a one-way trip to Tango country – Argentine. She may return one day but for now, she believes this is the right thing to do. At the same time, Eun-Pyeong eats alone.

As he does, Eun-Pyeong reminisces on their last meal together. However, Eun-Pyeong has handed in his resignation letter and decided to fly out and visit Ra-El in Argentina.

As the episode closes out, Ra-El reflects on her life and what could have happened if she and Yoon-Kyum met randomly. And as such, the show ends.

The Episode Review

Well, out of all the K-dramas released this year, that was certainly one of them. What started with such promise has soon petered out into mediocrity, which is a real shame.

The romance between Ra-El and Yoon-kyum have had a distinct lack of chemistry, the strange forced crush from Eun-Pyeong toward Ra-El really didn’t work and Ra-El’s ex-husband and child just completely vanished in these last 3 or 4 episodes.

Eve definitely had some potential to be a gripping and engrossing revenge thriller but in the end, the show has struggled to clasp hold of what made it so enticing to begin with. The endings for the antagonists was pretty unsatisfying, with Yoon-kyum killed off-screen, So-Ra psychotic and Han dying of thirst.

While the actual conclusion – turning LY Group into a non-profit to help victims – has a poetic edge to it, the characters themselves just don’t have that strong of an ending.

There are definitely highlights though and So-Ra has absolutely carried this show from start to finish. She deserves all the plaudits for this one as she’s been fantastic. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the rest of the show.

Either way, Eve does at least wrap up all the big plot points, leaving no doubt over the way these characters finish their journeys.

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12 thoughts on “Eve – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I am not happy the the guy died at the end he was supposed to have a happy ending with the love of his life and her too, she was loving for the first time

  2. The end was kinda unexpected…I mean at first I thought that Yoon-Kyum was going to die because of the weapon of his ex-wife not by throwing himself with her to the abyss… The only part that I didn’t like was the fact that I didn’t know what happened to the little girls at all, I mean what about Ra El daugther ? Her father was charged for his crimes so he was going to jail and she was living with her at that moment and then she suddenly went away without her to Argentina ? and the other one, she loses both of their parents and the evil grandpa, and her fathers family doesn’t look to happy about her getting alot of money, are they really going to take care of her ?

  3. At a point I started hating La el because to get her revenge she was hurting people who where hurt. I actually love So Ra even though she is a spoilt rich woman, she is also a victim of circumstances. I love how strong she is admist all.

    KYK character was annoying to me. Him and La el chemistry was more of lust to me than love. I

  4. It was the story line that was the problem. All the main leads played their parts great. Kang was expressionless bcuz his character has been unloved and mistreated all his life until Ra El. He is was always suspect of anyone trying to get close to him He was always used by those closest to him (his father, father-in-law, his wife, her uncle).RaEl never had love either until Kang. That’s why the perfect ending would have been for them to be together. Assemblyman Seo had unrequited love for RaEl.

  5. Eve is a great show, and outstanding by all the cast. Each of them acted their role very well, all of them above par. Strongly recommend to watch this show. For me, it will be good that Rael will land up with YK, but with EP will be good. That would have been the perfect ending which Rael deserves.

  6. I found the ending unsatisfying. After all that she has lost, why does the plot kill the love of her life? Why does she has to lose everything? Would have been satisfying if she finished her revenge and leave the country with Kang YK. She deserves that at least.

  7. As much as it pains me, I have to agree with Greg. While Eve had a lot of potential the last few episodes and ending left me disappointed. I feel like too much was spent on Ra-El and KYG and not on the actual revenge especially when it took 13 years to plot. If anything the secret affair with the secretary and So-Ra had way more chemistry, at one point I was even rooting for them.

    This seems to be a reoccurring theme with revenge/thriller type K-dramas, they always have loose ends and it doesn’t help that most of these shows are only here for one season.

    I was looking forward to this drama when I heard the Seo Yea-ji was the main lead but her character didn’t live up to my expectations, don’t get me wrong though still love her acting!

  8. Kang is the one who take our hearts in this drama. The actor give him a personality Criticizing hm about this character isn’t right. You can watch his actin in “Oh My Baby” and find out the difference of personality. He doesn’t show emotions the way you expected because Kang has PTSD. Many of us love him to stay with Ra El and stay alive
    The end was horrible and deceptive

  9. Hey Alex, I probably should have specified further, I do apologize! I meant her character was charismatic and unlikable which helped her stand out as a real villain in this. I mean, compared to Yoon-kyum who has barely any expression and Ra-El who was pretty bland too in the end, So-Ra is probably the best character of the bunch.

    -Greg W

  10. You lost me at praising Sora, her character is horrible and so annoying to watch. There are so many of these sorts of spoilt rich girls in Kdrama lately and they just get on our nerve. I felt no sorry for her just feel extremely annoying. It is Rael and KYG actually carried the show

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