Eve – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Episode 15 of Eve starts with Eun-Pyeong urging Ra-El to speed up her ambitions. He suggests that they let the four from the Kang family tear each other apart, fighting and stumbling over their own ambition. In the meantime, Eun-Pyeong decides to make her a warm cooked meal. After all, home comforts are what could help ease Ra-El’s mind, as all this drama is left on a precarious knife edge.

A big court case is about to go down though, with Yoon-Kyum deciding to attend in person and fight. Ra-El shows up just after Yoon-Kyum, informing the press and standing next to Yoon-Kyum. Once there, she brings up the charges against LY Group, including murder, fraud and a litany of other charges too. More tellingly, she outright mentions names in front of the press. In the courtroom, Yoon-kyum decides to settle Ra-El’s lawsuit on a later date to mediate this and come to an agreement.

When So-Ra finds out, she’s shocked and downs strong liquor to calm her mood. And of course it has the complete adverse reaction. She pierces her table with a letter opener and eventually decides to make her move. Only, R-El happens to be inside her living room waiting. She antagonizes her rival, telling So-Ra that she’s going to take all the blame for the murders and she’s on her own now. Given what we know about the chairman, that’s hardly surprising that he’d throw his daughter under the bus.

“I plan to spray your blood on my father’s grave to let him know of your death,” Ra-El says bitterly. This rivalry has well and truly reached fever pitch and as Ra-El walks away, So-Ra is left shocked, tears stinging her eyes.

The meeting goes ahead, with Yoon-Kyum and Ra-El settling things in private with the mediator. Yoon-kyum is quite keen to put this to bed and settle but the mediator takes his side. Given three of the four from the LY group aren’t willing to settle, not to mention Ra-El’s evidence being acquired illegally, Ra-El’s case is actually on pretty shaky foundations. If this went to a proper court trial, the chances are Ra-El wouldn’t win.

Yoon-Kyum decides to come to an agreement on this civil case all the same, and wans to resolve everything for her. When the mediator leaves, Yoon-Kyum suggests they work together to submit evidence.

Unfortunately, another spanner is thrown in the works. Han Pan Ro has done his homework and decided to counter all these claims with incriminating Ra-El with identity fraud. This means that Ra-El has real trouble getting her mother’s belongings to submit as evidence. Interestingly, Yoon-Kyum is actually wearing their ring through all of this, and he admits that he loves her and that they’re twin flames. Yoon-kyum shrugs it off though, claiming there’s no fate in the way she approached him to destroy them.

Ra-El receives her mother’s final belongings, and reads through the heartbreaking notes of how she tried to avenge her father and get back at LY Group. She was eventually incarcerated and the video footage shows her mother is heartbroken when she learns about the Gediks Conductor issue. When Yoon-kyum realizes how much pain he’s put Ra-El and her family through, he realizes no apology will suffice and if need be, he’ll die if that’s what she wishes.

For now, he holds a press conference and admits the truth about everything, including how an investigation needs to be carried out on LY Group and that Ra-El’s charges are all true. As a result, police step up their intent on investigating So-Ra, Jung-Cheol and Chairman Han. Although So-Ra is told that Chairman Han is throwing her under the bus, the truth is Do-Hwan is saving his own skin through saying this.

It turns out Ra-El has learned about the affair and cornered him in the parking lot. She also knows that he’s responsible for stabbing Eun-Pyeong. Anyway, So-Ra decides to use her subordinate and locks up Chairman Han in the basement cell. So-Ra turns off all the lights and leaves him there.

Ra-El is unable to get through to Yoon-Kyum and blames herself, genuinely worried about him. As a result, she heads out to try and find her twin flame, succumbing to her true feelings and realizing where Yoon-kyum may be. Yep, it’s the church they exchanged vows in. When they lock eyes, Ra-El can hardly contain herself and admits she was scared that something happened to him. She regrets telling him to die and breaks down crying.

Meanwhile, Jung-Cheol discharges himself from hospital and decides to go and find his brother, angry that he’s been kept out the loop. At the same time, Secretary Cha informs So-Ra that they haven’t been able to find Yoon-kyum. She’s worried she’s going to do something drastic if he doesn’t show up.

She grabs a hunting rifle and heads out, learning from another subordinate that Ra-El is with Yoon-kyum. However, Joon-Cheol comes limping into the house at that moment. So-Ra claims that Chairman Han has fled the country and tasks him with finding Ra-El before it’s too late.

While they head out, intending to end this, Yoon0kyum and Ra-E stay together in the vacation home, unaware that So-Ra and Joon-Cheol are en-route. Eun-Pyeong catches wind of where they are too and decides to leave, as everything looks to crescendo into a lot of drama for the final chapter.

The Episode Review

Giving the “gang of 4” internal conflicts is certainly an interesting angle and in a way, it’s a shame that Eve didn’t lean into this idea earlier on in the run-time. This chapter feels like it’s absolutely blasting through its plot now with reckless abandon, determined to make it to the end no matter what.

The idea of Ra-El going back to the Chairman is a bit disappointing to be honest, given what Ra-El has found out, and I personally think it would have been more gratifying to see Yoon-kyum take out Han Pan-Ro himself and die as a result, giving Ra-El an internal conflict to grapple with, wrestling with her blood-lusting revenge against her love for the chairman.

Regardless though, Eve has been a rather tepid affair overall, despite some promise earlier on in the runtime. This isn’t a bad show but it’s also a series that hasn’t quite lived up to its potential either, which is a bit of a shame. Still, we’re nearly there guys as this drama looks set to bow out with a dramatic final chapter.

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  1. The use of reference to the “twin flame” is what made Ra-El plot line with the chairman complicated. If it is just a soulmate thing, it would have been easier to let it go and let the the chairman pay too without any regret.

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