Eternights Guide: “Act 05” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Eternights Guide – Act 5

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July 21st

The Trainyard

July 22nd

The Town Labyrinth

Tentacle & Umbra Boss Fights


July 21st

We’re now onto the final act of the game, and with that comes some big choices to make. The first, comes during that evening. In a dream sequence, we’ll have either a single companion or a choice between whoever we’ve maxed out up until this point.

Naturally, we’re encouraged to choose the person we like the most. Although this is supposed to be Yuna (honestly, every choice here has led to Yuna being picked given the bra parachute and time we’ve spent with her and Eunji), if you’ve maxed out Sia or Min, it’s advisable to pick either of these. Whoever we pick is not going to be fighting with us for reasons explained later – and Yuna’s healing is a game-changer.

Make your choice and you’ll awaken in bed. Head up the train and to the bar area, where everyone will be gathered at the window. The world is about to end and it’s time to make a final stand.


The Trainyard

The next section will spring together a series of arena battles with two waves of enemies. These will be variations of all the different foes we’ve faced so far; a mixture of shielded foes and projectile goons. Once we’ve wiped out the first batch, we’ll be free to progress to the next area. The train will keep moving forward and there are three of theses sections in total.

If you get turned around, you can use the same tactic you may have figured out while exploring the city (during the training sections with our companions) to find our way. There will be a number of arrows by alleyways or stairwells (pictured above) that will show the direction we need to travel.

After the first two sections, you’ll approach the third which includes a brand new foe we haven’t faced before. This strange sentinel will be holding a traffic sign and will swing it round to do big damage.

It’s a slow, lumbering foe though and doesn’t attack too fast, making it easy to nail with special moves and strike/combos too. Be sure to use dark essence lightning to deal the most damage once you’ve levelled up your elemental bar. Beating this guy will net you +8 Black Essence. There’s also no point in exploring any of this area because there’s nothing to see.

Once it’s down, we’ll be back on the train again. Lux will be gone and a vision will see the end-game come into view. Remember your chosen companion at the start of this Act? Well, that person will get snatched up and will leave your party.


July 22nd

In order to get them back, you and Chani will venture out to try and bring her back. In order to do that, we need to retrieve our powers. Unfortunately, we won’t have them for a while so the next section devolves into a chase sequence. There will be a whole bunch of monsters on your tail and you’ll need to essentially zig-zag your route through to make sure you’re not hit too many times.

Use the white lights as a guide through the town, and move through this linear portion until you reach a cutscene with Chani. He’ll lead the enemies away and you’ll find your chosen companion tied up to this tree and used as a conduit.

We chose Min because, to be honest, her moves are the least useful in the grand scheme of things. Of course, your companion could be different! Either way, when your companion disappears and is replaced by a picture, you’ll unlock your All-Out Attack and rank up to level 4. Your abilities will return, as will your shiny arm.


The Town Labyrinth

When you gain control of your character again, you’ll move from the town square deeper toward the final fight. There are a couple of winding paths, but they all lead in the same direction. By this point, collecting Black Essence probably isn’t going to do much to level your character up

If you’ve followed this guide, the amount we’ll have collected will be more than enough to max out as much as we can before playing this section. Still, we’ll list where the black essence spots are all the same.

Progress down the linear passage and then fight the enemies in the first arena.

When they’re defeated, head up the first right rather than continuing forward. At the top of the stairs, continue to the left until you reach the top. From here, head to the end of this pathway and move to the right to collect x2 Black Essence (marked as 1 on the screenshot below).

Once that’s done, move to the left to continue toward our destination. Head over the bridge and take the second right. This will then immediately curve to the left and lead us into a parking lot.

When you reach this area, you’ll have another bunch of enemies to take out before the way forward is opened up. Continue along the linear path here until you reach an open area. There are two paths to the right, the closest with an enforcer and the second seemingly hidden. Take the furthest right turn to collect x2 Black Essence before curving back on yourself and taking out that enforcer enemy.

Keep moving forward and you’ll reach a larger area holding the roots of this huge tree. There will be a fair few goons to take out, including larger Planky enemies. Be sure to use your elemental skills to take these guys out and then follow the blue sign in the distance. There will be a long, winding pathway here and at the end, another enemy encounter that we’ll need to complete before progressing.

When that’s done, climb up the long, red pathway and we’ll immediately be thrown into another boss fight.

Tentacle & Umbra Boss Fights

Mini Boss Fight – TentacleBoy VS Tentacles

We’ll now have several boss fights in a row, each more difficult than the last. This one can get a bit hectic toward the end, but if you’ve been levelling up your skills, Blast, Deathblow and your elemental attacks will serve you well here. This fight will see several waves of enemies show up alongside flailing tentacles on the battlefield. The best tactic is to keep moving, taking out the tentacles using charged Elemental strikes and DeathBlows.

Save your Blast and Three Sword attacks for when there are numerous enemies about to hit for maximum damage. Both are great damage-dealers and if you time it right, you can take out all the projectile enemies altogether in one or two strikes which is very useful.

Try to focus on the tentacles though as enemies will keep spawning until they’re gone. On that same note, you can also line up all three tentacles in a row and hit with three Blasts in a row to make things easier, chipping away a lot of HP in the process.

Once you’ve done all three, the fight will be over, and we’ll turn our attention to Umbra.


Boss Fight – Umbra

Phase 1

It’s all come down to this. It’s the final boss fight and Umbra is a tough customer. You’ll immediately realize that she only has one shield but none of our attacks or elemental strikes seem to be working. You’ll need to stay alive as long as possible to hit Umbra with four different elemental strikes. Depending on who has been taken, you’ll have a choice of three, so just use one of them twice to charge up your All-Out Attack meter.

This is where Yuna comes in handy. Yuna is the only healer in the party and without her, the fight is made considerably harder given there are no items to replenish health. This is why it’s advisable not to choose just Yuna to romance (despite her story arguably being the best), as these last two fights are that much harder without her.

Once you’ve charged four attacks, hit your two front shoulder triggers (L1 and R1).

In terms of attacks, Umbra will use a variation of simple slashes and strikes, along with an ice-strike with a cone radius across the ground. She’ll also teleport across the arena, blinking into view ahead of you and dealing damage. These come in variations of lunges and swipes.

Once you’ve taken out the shield, the second part of this fight will begin.

Phase 2

With the shields down, Umbra will beef up all of her attacks, with extra magic abilities thrown in for good measure. There’s a charged arena attack that will see Umbra throw waves of energy in your direction, before splashing down on the ground immediately after and dealing purple damage.

If that wasn’t enough, she’ll rip up the ground in a variety of lines that ripple out across the arena too. You’ll need to dodge all of them. She’ll also dodge all your standard strikes too so you need to perfect dodge as many attacks as possible. Ideally, you want to wait until she’s about to conjure up the magic abilities, like the laser strikes, and then hit back with a combo/strike ability.

This fight may go on for a while, and you’ll need to use all abilities at your disposal. if you have Yuna, use those healing pools on the ground. Without her, Sia’s ice rain may help, and Min’s Shield could also be useful to negate a few strikes.

It’s definitely worth using Stinger here though, as it’ll blast you across the arena and away from some of those nasty projectile or magic attacks.

With all that in mind, just keep whittling away at Umbra’s health and do your best to stay stocked up with high HP. Eventually she’ll go down.

With Umbra/Delia defeated, you’ll be over in the dreamworld and a rather heart wrenching scene will play out with your companion. You’ll need to let them go and fade off into the sunset, thus allowing us to use the cannon and defeat the big boss once and for all.

After this, a series of cutscenes will play out but we won’t spoil all of that here!

July 26th

The cannon has worked. Umbra/Delia has been defeated and the world is back to normal. Exit your room to trigger the last cutscenes and the credits. You’ll get some text informing what everyone has been up to before a post-credit sequence. There are also some nice photos in the final credits too so be sure to check those out.

There are a few variations to the ending, depending on who you chose as your companion to begin with, but otherwise this will signify the end of the game.

Thanks for reading our guide and following along! This is an enjoyable little Indie RPG and feels like a proper appetizer before jumping into a Persona game. Have you enjoyed this one? What did you think of the ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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