Eternights Guide: “Act 03” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Eternights Guide – Act 3

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June 11th

June 15th

June 16th

2nd Wall Square

2nd Wall Hospital

2nd Wall Hospital: Section 1

2nd Wall Hospital: Section 2

The Ballcycle & Second Core


June 11th

Act 3 picks up a day later after the big cliffhanger. This mysterious girl will channel her inner science powers, working her magic on the laptop to try and help find Aria. She’ll also let us know that her name is Sia, and she’s another companion we can befriend and date on our travels. 

After more dialogue, a brief cutscene will jump over to Delia, speaking to the mysterious Umbra about “bringing him back.” This appears to be her motivations right now but we’ll have to wait and see on that front!


June 15th

With the train reprogrammed and the gang speeding along to find Aria, we cut to a stranger rushing along outside trying to escape the monsters. This is Min, and she’s another new companion who will be joining our ranks. She’ll watch from afar as Sia and the gang are surrounded by monsters.

When you gain control of your player again, take out the wave of enemies in front of you. As usual, go for the projectile enemies first and, more specifically, the ones with pink hair. These annoying goons will shoot four orbs out across the entire arena and they can easily interrupt the flow of battle.

Once that’s done, we’re properly introduced to Min. She’ll recognize Yuna as the pop-star that she is and admit that she’s just run through the second wall. Rumbling will interrupt you all, as you and Min will tumble down the floor to a lower level. Min will fall on top of you, her hand resting in a rather awkward place!

After some more dialogue, it’s now time for a big piggyback ride. This side-scrolling section is simple enough but it’s worth noting you can’t attack any enemies while carrying Min. You’ll need to either stealth or quickly rush through sections to get to the next area.

Keep moving to the right and watch the brief cutscene involving giant monsters. Here, we’ll need to stealth past these guys without being spotted.

Move behind the first rock (pictured above) and wait for the monster to look behind you before proceeding forward. Should you be spotted while walking, you can hide behind the rock and this monster will throw a few projectiles (that will miss) and then lose interest so there’s very little danger of being hit here.

The next section introduces poisonous green goo on the ground that you’ll need to navigate through. There’s a small period of time you can stay in this before your toxicity meter builds.

From the first rock, wait until the monster is looking to the far right and move along the path behind the rock and up to the next one. You’ll need to stay in the poison for this, but if you make it this far without being hit, you can run for it if you want and hide behind the next rock wall (pictured below)

Pass through the next section and sprint through, following the pathway and being sure not to touch the poison goo as it’ll slow you down. Pass the bus-stop with docile monsters… waiting for the bus? And then move to the bunker on the right with the red light above it. This is the hospital, and it’s full of monsters we need to avoid. 

Keep moving to the right and don’t stop to explore or move up into each of the rooms. There’s nothing to see and if the monsters catch us, they’ll instantly kill us and send us back to the checkpoint. It’s also worth noting that they can’t pass the green poison either, so just walk through and the monsters will stop.

You’ll then reach the trickiest part of this section. There are two monsters that will come flying out the room and begin chasing you (pictured below). However, they’ll flank and corner you if you keep moving to the right from your starting position into the poison goo.

The best method we found was to rush down the hallway toward the monsters, flanking the right wall while sprinting. The monster will be dangerously close behind but if you time it right without stopping, you should make it to the next green poison pool on the ground without dying.

Exit the room and listen to Min’s backstory. After, we’ll be at a petrol station with another boss fight upon us.

Mini Boss Fight – The Puppetmaster

Right outside the next dungeon, we’ve got another unnamed enemy. So we’ll call it the Puppetmaster. After attacking a little bit, a brief cutscene will see Min enter the scene properly.

Puppetmaster has three shields so we need to hit it with three separate elemental blasts before we can even think about doing proper damage. Now that Min is in our party though, you’ll notice a new lightning icon pop up when charging this meter. Do be sure to use this and not the standard dark essence ability, as that won’t touch the shields.

In terms of attacks, Puppetmaster uses a couple of slashes with very obvious wind-ups, along with a splash attack where it’ll jump down and splinter the ground. Finally, there’s a double-clap attack, where it’ll slam its fists together, ripple out an attack across the ground and spikes will show up on the red markers. There are two variations to this; one will see a thin line across the entire arena in one direction, and the other will have a much larger area of damage but only protrudes out a little way from its main bulk.

In terms of strategy, by now you should have unlocked a few skills from gathering dark essence. Depending on who you’ve been working on (dating-wise), Blast and Stinger are great abilities to use here. DeathBlow is also good but do note it’ll only be useful once all three shields are down.

The idea here is to perfect dodge some of Puppetmaster’s attacks, specifically those swipe attacks. When it turns its entire body to the side and looks set to strike, this is an opportune time to get nice and close then roll to the side just as it moves its hand back. It’ll take some timing but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Once the shields are down, use your standard strike/combo to build up the elemental meter again. A good idea is to use these elemental moves just as Puppetmaster is about to use one of its big magic attacks (like the spike floor attack). It’ll not only do damage but also interrupt the attack too.

Blast is a good move-interrupter as well, especially for smaller enemies, although be aware that levelling this up further is way more effective than the standard level 1 attack.

There are quite a few lulls in this fight, namely between shield breaking and elemental strikes where Puppetmaster will stop to recover. Be sure to use this and watch your health! Yuna isn’t in this battle so we can’t use her to re-heal. We can, however, use the above strategy to break Puppetmaster’s attacks so bear this in mind. Eventually it’ll go down.

14x Black Essence    

With the big boss down, the gang will join together and Sia will give us instructions on how to break down the next wall. There are cores that need to be broken in order to stop the fusion. We have 11 days (10 technically once we gain control of everyone) to get this done and Min is the key to doing this.

Back on the train, walk to the front carriage, past the bar area, and talk to Sia. There’s nothing to see the other way. After speaking to Sia, and then Lux, we’ll be onto a brand new day – and dungeon.


June 16th

Much like before, the best strategy here is to brute force through the dungeon on day 1 and then focus on dating and social skills after. Of course, you don’t have to follow this strategy, and in many ways the fact that companion skills don’t fill back up again until the final boss feels designed to make it difficult to do this… but there are some strategies to mitigate its affect, which we’ll discuss now.

Every fast travel point we reach along the way serves as a save point. If you’re low on health when you reach a new one, intentionally get yourself killed by an enemy just beyond. Why? You’ll respawn at this point with full health.

Furthermore, you don’t have to fight every enemy unless you want to. The only fights we have to take part in are ones in walled arenas. Use this to your advantage, given there’s no incentive to kill random enemies patrolling hallways or passageways. When you’re ready, let’s begin.

2nd Wall Entrance

Teleport to the entrance of the dungeon but don’t proceed through the blue-hued area just yet. Instead, turn around and walk to the back of the arena. You’ll find 2x Black Essence there to collect.

When you’re ready, now we can head into the next area.


2nd Wall Square

In this new arena, defeat the enemies that show up and a brand new white panel will appear on the ground. What we need to do is stand on this so it turns green and lowers the garage shutters. Each of these garage doors have a symbol on, and we need to match those symbols to the ones above the door marked “01”

For the first one, find the garage door marked with a love heart and interact with it. Then, interact with the lightning bolt. It needs to be done in this order. In the next area, ascend up the staircase and take a left. In this computer room, you’ll find a few enemies waiting and also x2 Black Essence hidden at the back.

Another tip here, if you do gain these black essence collectibles and happen to die, you don’t need to repeat the same sequence again as the Black Essence will remain in your inventory. Bonus!

Return to the staircase and continue down the pathway. There are two paths to take. You want to continue down the hallway and follow the path marked (1) on the picture below. There’s a few enemies at the top of the staircase, but also x2 Black Essence as well. When you’re done, head back down the stairwell and take the path marked (2) and continue on the pathway.

Follow the orange light down the staircase and you’ll find yourself in another familiar room, this time with more enemies (defeat these first) and a lot more garage doors. There are four symbols in total, three on one side of the room and one on the other. Do note that you’ll need to remember these symbols in order.

After pressing on the Eye, turn around and step on the middle, left then right panels.

Push forward and you’ll have another rhythm game to complete. This one has a few more steps but it’s more of an amusing distraction than anything too strenuous. When it’s done, push on and move to the next area.


2nd Wall Hospital

This new area will find ourselves in an eerie hospital, and while the pathway is linear, with very little sightseeing, there are a couple of enemies hidden around corners that can get the jump on you. The first is at the very end of this hallway. Defeat the enemy and keep moving in the direction of the light.

Our destination is a staircase at the end of the hallway, but you’ll want to keep moving past that to the very end of the corridor. There’s x2 Black Essence waiting to be collected. When you’re ready, head up the staircase. Don’t bother descending, there’s nothing to see there!

The Cat Puzzle

On the second floor, there’s an eerie red door and a bunch of pictures with cat eyes outside. Don’t worry about the other side of this hallway. There’s an enemy arena but nothing else to see so you can skip this.

The goal with this puzzle is to illuminate the total number of eyes (in this case five) while only using the specified number of lamps (two). You can play around with the different pictures but we just need to select the one with two eyes and another with three to pass through.


2nd Wall Hospital: Section 1

Proceed through the door and you’ll find another save point. From this area, descend down the staircase and collect x2 Black Essence at the bottom. The rest of this hallway doesn’t hold anything of interest, so climb up to the third floor. You’ll have two pathways to choose one. One leading in the direction of a blue sign, and another toward a red one. Go for the latter. There’s literally nothing to see down the other side.

Keep following the path around and defeat the enemies in this arena. Just like before, take out the projectile enemies first, preferably by using Blast to get them out the equation first. Save your elemental boosts for the big boys that show up.

Once that’s done, proceed through the next hallway, into the room with the glowing orange light and turn left, up the staircase. There’s another big arena battle here.

Depending on how you’re getting on with your health, you may have needed to rush through parts of this section without fighting the enemies patrolling the hallways. It’s quite easy to do, and the final area has two Planky enemies; smaller, shadowy versions of the one we faced earlier in the game. They don’t have shields so be sure to use your abilities to try and break up attacks and preserve your health. Defeating these will bag you x1 Black Essence from each.


2nd Wall Hospital: Section 2

At the next fast travel point we’ll have another puzzle section ahead. However, we can actually bypass a lot of the exploration here, given we don’t need to enter every single room. We only need to enter the red painting room and clear one hallway. However, should you wish to travel down to the blue arena, there’s a few enemies that will net you x1 Black Essence each. 

Our destination is on the first floor, which holds a cat puzzle just like before. Five eyes but this time with three lamps. Before we reach that point, wander down the hallway on the second floor and enter the room with a red sign above it. Defeat the enemies inside and activate both of the cat eye paitnings.

Before leaving, explore the doorway next to the single cat eye painting. Inside will be a tightly winding passageway and a x2 Black Essence shard. Head out the doorway and down the staircase we just climbed. On the landing leading to the 1st floor is another cat painting, this one has a solitary eye too. Activate this to open the door on the first floor.

Don’t bother with entering the room further down the hallway with a blue sign [on the first floor]; there’s another enemy inside but nothing to collect.

Instead, enter through the newly opened door and follow the pathway along. Kill or ignore the projectile enemy and head to the next fast travel point.


The Ballcycle & Second Core

At the next section, Min will destroy one of the cores but before getting rid of the second, it’ll evolve and speed off down a long passageway. Thankfully, Sia will conjure up a Ballcycle. Which is basically just a motorcycle. However, it handles in much the same way as the bike sequence in Final Fantasy VII! 

When you gain control, you need to dodge the vines on either side of the tunnel and use your blast to shoot the red blockages along the way. Make sure you don’t hit the vines on either side of this tunnel, and try to stay central as much as you can. Hitting the vines will restart the sequence!

At the end, we’ll have caught up with the Core and it’s time for a big fight.


Boss Fight – The Second Core

Phase 1

This fight is not easy, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ll notice that our companion abilities have now replenished, which is very useful for this fight. You want to basically use the healing abilities but try to preserve them for as long as possible, preferably for Phase 2 of this fight.

You may die a few times but use that time to get used to Second Core’s attacks. There are a few standard swipes, where it’ll draw back its sword and lunge forward, and another, more deadly swipe. This one will see it rotate 360 degrees and slash, but leave a pulsating energy barrier in its wake. If you touch this, you’ll be temporarily stunned. There’s a standard swipe that’ll conjure one energy barrier, and another that does three.

Second Core will also jump and splash down for damage, with two variations. The first will be a simple strike, but the other will see it hit the ground and do a large cone of lightning damage.

This fight is all about timing, and youy want to try and use perfect dodging as much as possible to build your elemental meter and whittle down those shields as quickly as possible. There are three in total, and we need to use Min’s lightning ability to get rid of it.

Now, if you’ve been growing her social skills before this, rather than brute-forcing the dungeon on day 1 like we did, it may be a quicker fight. But it’s definitely doable without having done that.

The lunge forward and strike to the ground are the easiest moves to parry, so try and roll out the way when this occurs and hit your strike/combo move to build the elemental meter quickly. When the shields are down, the fight will be slightly tougher.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is annoying, and easily the worst part of this fight. Despite not having shields, Second Core will sprout a red barrier shield on its arm. This will prevent you from getting good hits in, as it’ll parry most of your standard attacks. This is where perfect dodging comes in very handy.

The game basically railroads us into using this, and it’s a good idea to get the hang of this now, because the bosses from here on out (the big ones anyway) will require us to do this.

As for Second Core, it’ll have a few more attacks it uses now. Along with everything else, it’ll use two more projectile attacks. One will see red orbs thrown out across the arena in four directions. The second, will see circular waves of lightning thrown out. Try to dodge both of these, although if you’re close enough to Second Core, you may be able to dodge-roll the projectiles for an easy strike combo and a perfect dodge.

This is a tough fight but eventually it’ll be defeated. Just keep building the elemental meters, use Yuna’s healing and perfect those dodges for an easier time of it.

14x Black Essence    

Second Core will fuse with the wall and it’ll be up to Min to try and break it. Unfortunately, she’s not powerful enough to do it just yet and you’ll reconvene at the train.

Depending on what day it is, we’ll have a whole bunch of socializing and dating to do before we can destroy the Second Wall properly. We won’t go over all of that here, but just like before, it’s a good opportunity to maximize our ties with Yuna, Min and Sia specifically.

While Chani can be useful for extra buffs, the three main girls have the best abilities. During the day, spend time with each, starting with Yuna (her backstory is great and her healing abilities are the best in the game) and then use a mixture of Scavenging and Chani’s services to boost attributes at night.

There are specific items in different areas, which we’ll tackle in a separate scavenging guide, but finding these will net you X4 White Essence (for companion skills) and either buffs to physical strength, HP or defence


June 27th

Finally the big day will arrive and Min will essentially tie herself to the front of the train so you can use it as a battering ram to take out the second wall. There’s some great cutscenes here that help show Min’s story come full-circle, and it’ll give context to what you may have learned about her history, if you chose to spend time with Min.

Min will be successful and then in the evening, your group will join together and celebrate the big victory.

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