Eternights Guide: “Act 02” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Eternights Guide – Act 2

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June 3rd

The Floor Puzzle

Wall Tower

June 4th-June 8th [The Calendar]

The Wall Dungeon

The Coloured Bars Puzzle

1st Wall Cloud Room

1st Wall Hacker Room

June 10th


June 3rd

With all three characters safely on the train, a small bit of amusing dialogue will pave way for you choosing a shape to change your arm to. Much like the previous choices, it doesn’t matter which you choose as it’ll turn into a flailing tentacle all the same. That’s a bit disappointing because Yuna would have loved the carrot arm!

More dialogue will pave way for Yuna receiving an emergency alert. She perceives it to be from the government, asking for her social media account. Naturally, she agrees.

When you gain control of your player, don’t talk to Yuna just yet. Spin around and talk to Chani first for some bonus dialogue that’ll grow your social stats. Now we can talk to Yuna.

There’s more dialogue choices here before we skip across to it being night time. Remember the alert that Yuna had come through? Chani will get one too. And naturally, he’ll open the link.

After the train has crashed, there’s a bit of start/stop dialogue before all three of you are joined together again. Now we’re onto our first dungeon. There are a few layers to this and much like in the Persona games, we’ll have a set period of time to complete the dungeon before moving on to the next area. In this first section though, we don’t need to worry about times, as we’re simply moving into the heart of the dungeon.

Follow the linear pathway along until you reach the doorway flanked by a gun turret. Defeat the enemies outside and make note of the Confidant Skills. Essentially, during battle we’ll be able to hit the right trigger and the action button (R2 and X) to allow Yuna to use her heal ability on us. Do note that this is in limited supply so use it wisely!

Once that’s done, approach the door and you’ll notice an orange laser beam tracking you. What you need to do is time your perfect dodge before being hit with the pulsing sonic wave that follows. In doing so, the doors will open and you’ll be able to proceed. You just need to touch the green sphere in the doorway and it’ll stay open.

When you enter, keep moving forward. Approach the strange obelisk in the open room before you and read through the small bit of dialogue taking place.


The Floor Puzzle

Welcome to the first of several floor puzzles in Eternights! The idea here is to turn every cube to the violet colour so we can proceed forward and raise the walkway. You have a small yellow sphere to control and move around from side to side. Touching the floor panel will change its colour and it can be changed back and forth between red and violet.  

For the first puzzle, just rotate round either clockwise or anti-clockwise. However, do so by immediately touching the panel to the bottom left or bottom right first. It’s entirely your choice.


Wall Tower

Head along the newly-raised walkway and through the linear passageways. The dungeon is pretty dark but there’s only one way to go so there’s no danger of getting lost. After defeating the enemies, head into the room and you’ll notice strange tentacled vines right in front of you. Take a left and follow the path around to collect 2x Black Essence. Collecting enough black essence will allow you to unlock new sword skills and, in turn, make combat a lot easier.

From this location, head forwards, into the red corridor and prepare for a big fight.

Mini Boss Fight – Planky McAxeHands

Although this isn’t a big boss fight (and there’s no official name for this enemy either), it still plays out like one. And for ease of remembrance, we’ll call him planky. Because he has planks of wood for a head. Go figure.

The fight itself will see Planky flanked with two projectile enemies. It’s a good idea to take these guys out first before focusing on Planky. When they’re down, use your right analog to hone in and focus exclusively on this boss. He’ll be protected by a magic barrier that’ll prevent any of your damage from getting through. So what we need to do is drop his shields. And in order to do that, we need to the use the same tactics as we did at the train station.

Repeatedly pummel it with strikes, perfect dodge its attacks and then hit your left trigger and action (L2 and X) to take out the shield. We need to do that twice.

Planky has a few attacks, but they have obvious wind-ups. The first will see it slash right and then left, one after the other. The other attack has a bigger wind-up, and it’ll launch out with both axe-hands, spin in the air and then drop down for a splash attack.

Once the shields are down, use a combination of standard and combo strikes, as well as using your Elemental breaks to do extra damage. The QTEs are quite easy to nail and there’s some cool effects too.

3x Black Essence    

Once the boss has been defeated, another bit of dialogue will eventually pave way to Chani taking a picture of the strange artifact. The trio will also notice a strange line leading away from the glass box and deeper into the dungeon.

For now, we need to follow this glowing pipe.

Following it down, open the motion-sensored door just like before; perfect-dodge the turret and head through.

In the next room is another floor puzzle. We need to make sure all panels are marked with blue-violet squares.

  1. Roll up and to the left of your starting position, all the way to the top left panel. Roll down two squares until the marked violet panel (2 on the picture) and roll back up to highlight the panel above.
  2. Roll down one panel and back up again to starting position (2 on the picture). Roll to the right and down one panel. Stand on the black square (3 in the picture)
  3. Roll back to the left and down. Then roll back up once.
  4. Roll down to the last panel, turn it violet and back to the starting position.

With the bridge now operational, head over. Keep following the coloured pipe and defeat the enemies that arrive in the next hallway section. Among them is another of those police enforcers, complete with a shield. Take out the projectile enemies first then focus on the enforcer. Be sure to hit it with an Elemental strike to whittle down health quicker.

Once that’s done, ascend up the stairwell and continue on your way.

In the next area, there will be another motion-sensored door so proceed through and watch the cutscene in the next area. 

Mini Boss Fight – Clubber

It’s time for another boss fight and much like Planky earlier in the chapter, the fight here is very similar. The approach we need to take is to chip away at the shields, with three separate elemental strikes, before damaging the health bar. Make use of Yuna’s healing here, and a good idea is to have her cast it when your health is low. Instead of attacking, remain defensive and stand in the circle. Allow Clubber to come near then perfect dodge his attacks to heal and dodge/strike at the same time. 

Clubber will use a few different variations to his swings and strikes. The first will be a low swipe from right to left. Another will be a lunge straight ahead. It’ll also use a double-strike; one with a swipe across and another vertically down. Finally, Clubber will hit three times (usually toward the end of the fight) with two horizontal swipes and a final vertical strike down.

Between each of these big attacks, Clubber will take time to recharge, allowing you to build up your Elemental meter by chipping away and hitting with standard attacks. Given how slow Clubber is, this should be a relatively straightforward fight and a good introduction to some of the bigger bosses coming in the game.

3x Black Essence    

With Clubber down, Drone Lady will show up and urge you to come with her. You’ll now be back on the train, which will serve as your base of operations for the time being. We’ll also learn that Drone Lady is called Aria and she’s our port of call now.

When you regain control of your playable character, move through the train and interact with Yuna’s door. After a rather revealing cutscene, you’ll be interacting with Yuna again. There’s a good chance here to build up your Social bonds. If you choose “Bear Pattern suits you”, you’ll not only get +1 Expression, but also increase your bond with Yuna.

After some interesting dialogue about Yuna’s backstory, including her ties with Jisoo, we’ll get another scene with Lux. She’ll explain that the bond we’ve forged with Yuna will let us break ice barriers now. Well, that’s handy!

Not only that, but the stronger your bond grows with a certain confidant, the more times your elemental fist will strike the barrier, reducing the number of times we need to max out the meter in combat.


June 4th-June 8th [The Calendar]

Here we go, it’s now time for the meat and potatoes of Eternight’s gameplay structure. For anyone who played Persona, this will be like fitting into a well-worn shoe. For everyone else, here’s the low down. There will be a timer, which counts down a certain number of days in order to complete your task. During that time, you can tackle the dungeon, hang out with your Confidants and grow your social skills, or engage in Scavenging.

The idea is that you maximize the time available to you, and much like with Persona, the goal is to tackle the dungeon as quickly as possible and then focus on your social/dating skills. You’ll be able to tackle one daytime activity and one night-time activity per-day. However, a dungeon will take up a full day’s worth of time.

You can always do a bit of the dungeon then leave and return to it later, allowing the social skills to boost your skills in combat and make things a bit easier. However, you’ll need to tackle it before the timer runs out, and for the first wall, that countdown is for 5 days.

Scavenging is a night-time activity and through this, you can gain additional HP and White Essence. White Essence can be used on your Confidants to level up skills including HP boosts, stronger healing and more.

Training with a Confidant during the day will see you dungeon crawl and defeat enemies, gathering up lots of Black Essence by the end. As you level up your Confidants, more skills will become available.

Finally, Chani will be able to boost your Expression skill on the train if you talk to him and select [Use his services].

Personally, we tackled the dungeon first and then came back to do social skills after but it’s entirely up to you.


The Wall Dungeon

1st Wall Bridge Room

When you’re ready, talk to Aria and we’ll be back at the starting position where we beat Clubber. Push forward and down the staircase radiating a blue hue. We’ll now be in a new puzzle room.

  1. Roll up, left, up and then to the right. Roll to the top of the platform and back down again.
  2. From the position marked 1 on the picture above, roll across the two panels to the right and down to the black square.
  3. Roll to the left square then up and back down again. Next, move to the left and back to the right, hopping across both squares until they turn violet. Then descend back down to the starting position. 

Once the walkway is raised, head over. In the next dungeon area, there are a series of different doors leading into various parts of the wall tower.

There are also a series of motion-sensored doors will be dotted throughout, and we’ll need to move through each one, deeper into the dungeon. As a word of warning. it’s very easy to get turned around in here. After running over the bridge, defeat the enemies in this new arena, being sure to watch the turret so you don’t suffer cheap shots.

When the enemies are defeated, leave the motion-sensored door for now and head left (marked 1 on the screenshot above). Inside is another enemy and 2x Black Essence. Once that’s done, return to the original chamber and perfect-dodge the turret to head into the next room.

Here, there will be two targeted doors in adjacent chambers. We want to focus on the one furthest away. Defeat the enemies and use the turret to open up a doorway, which will lead into another squared room, this one with a cage hanging from above and a red hue (the previous room was blue).

In this area there’s another group of enemies so take them out and prepare to proceed forward. Before you do, make note of two different doorways. One to the left and another to the right.

The one on the right leads to the red server room and a dead-end. However, if you use the turret, you can actually access the seemingly inaccessible doorway in the hallway between areas, revealing x2 Black Essence there.

The left leads to a blue server room and a passage leading off that (by the red vines in the hallway) snakes toward our destination.

In the next area, you’ll have another big enemy encounter to contend with. There are a lot of enemies on screen including several projectile spitting goons, a sword-wielding schoolgirl and the main foe, whom we’ll just call Black Ice. That’s not its name but it is a cool customer that deals a good deal of damage. It has an ice spitting attack that’ll see three red orbs thrown your way.

There’s also a straight forward projectile arc attack to contend with too. Build up your elemental meter and be sure to use the new skill with Yuna (the one marked with a flame) to take this guy out. Be sure to take out the goons first before focusing your full attention on him! Once its down, you’ll be rewarded with x3 Black Essence.

In the next area, you’ll find a hallway with three targeted doors and a turret. The first two will seem inaccessible, but further down the hallway is a turret on the wall surrounded by vines. The door in this room is a decoy. It leads into another server room with a single enemy and a turret to head back so ignore that one (we’ve circled it below).

Instead, use the turret in this room to perfect dodge, and then double back on yourself into the hallway. From the direction of running back from that turret, we’ll have a choice of going straight ahead or turning right. Turn right. This will see you ascend up a stairwell and be able to grab x2 Black Essence. If you go forward, you’ll miss this completely and won’t be able to return. Even if you go to the right, you’ll end up in this room eventually, given the gap over the edge, so proceed forward and into the new hallway (pictured below).


The Coloured Bars Puzzle

At the end will be another red server room and a fast travel point. Follow the passageway along and we’ll come to another puzzle room. This happens to hold several platforms and grid-squares right the way across. There’s an invisible path we need to follow and the clue is laid out right in front of us on the ground.

Those bars represent the steps we need to take in order to cross the invisible pathway. The arrows in front signify the direction those colours correspond to.

So in essence we need to do the following: Up three steps, left two steps, back one, left two times, up two more.

Once you make it to the central platform we need to do the same thing again. Defeat the enemies in the central area and push forward. The platform sticking out this time is a little deceptive and may catch a few people off-guard (including yours truly!)

Step on the panel to reveal the bars and watch them closely. You’ll notice that they pop up in a rather odd way. Essentially the starting point is actually where the bars first show up. We’ve highlighted with arrows where we need to start from on our journey across the invisible platform.

It’s worth noting at this point that should you make the wrong move and fall down, there are platforms dotted around that allow you to ascend back up. There’s also 2x Black Essence in the corner nearest the exit too.

Once more, the route across will be: up three steps, left four steps, up two steps, right one step and up two steps. Using the picture above, follow the groups of colours from 1, 2 and 3.

On the other side of the area is a new arena, so defeat the enemies there and proceed forward. There will be a little rhythm game that Yuna can take part in and it’s simply a case of copying the moves when it’s your time to dance.

With the arcade machine gone, we’ll be free to proceed. Push into the hallway and you’ll be faced with a new room.


1st Wall Cloud Room

From your starting position, head forwards and follow the wire on the ground along. Before proceeding into the blue room beyond, take a sharp left. 

Circle around the back of the servers through the gap in the cage to collect x2 Black Essence. When you’re ready, head out this room and down the hallway. You’ll now be in a new room full of fog and strange circular orbs whizzing about. There’s a brief cutscene to show the location of the different towers we need to destroy to proceed forward. The first one is to the left.

There are two towers in this smaller area and our goal is to take out the computer in front of both and destroy the enemies circling about. In respect to the orbs, you can either run past them by timing your runs accordingly, or perfect dodging when they approach. Do be aware that if you’re caught and miss that timing, you’ll be temporarily stunned on the spot and it’ll cause HP damage as well. Furthermore, the electric trail will damage you if you get too close.

Move to both towers and stand in front of the green computer monitor after destroying the enemies patrolling both areas. Slash away until the monitor turns red and it bursts into flames. When both are done, the fog will descend back at our starting position and we can proceed forwards.

In this new area, there are two more towers, along with a mini-boss on the central platform. This mini-boss will net you x3 Black Essence if you destroy it, and it’s worth mentioning that it’ll stay there even after you’ve smashed up both tower terminals.

Once that’s done, follow the colourful wires all the way down into the newly opened area.


1st Wall Hacker Room

In this new room, we’ll finally be into the core of the 1st Wall, and our first big boss. And, more importantly, one with a proper name so we don’t have to make one up ourselves. Bonus! Just before we jump into this, do be sure to upgrade your skills on the menu, including Deathblow.

Boss Fight – Infected Hacker

Phase 1

Infected Hacker is the root problem here, and he combines the worst aspects of the mini-bosses we’ve faced so far. He’s fast, hits hard and has some nasty attacks that deal big damage. It has a vertical swing, dropping from the sky from across the arena to your location. He also has a big swing, where he’ll wind up quickly and swing around 360 degrees with his sword.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a variation to the vertical swing, where Infected Hacker will swing the sword down and then flip up and over, slamming down once more from high in the air.

Infected Hacker also has a splash damage projectile attack, where it’ll hit the ground and damage for a large arc across the arena. Be sure to dodge out the way of this. Along with all of this, it’ll also smoothly shift across the arena from side to side, trying to catch you off-guard.

Be sure to use Yuna’s Healing when you’re low on health and make sure to perfect dodge the vertical swipes down. Don’t try to perfect-dodge the projectiles as it won’t work, you need to roll out the way of the red markers on the ground.

Use Yuna’s Fire Elemental skill when you build up your meter in order to break the three shields. Use a combination of standard attacks and perfect dodges to build up your meter quickly.

If you haven’t already, Deathblow is a great move to use and can do extra damage on top of the standard combo strikes to whittle away its health quickly. Once you get used to Hacker’s quick moves, and have broken all 3 shields, chip away at its health and then you’ll get another brief cutscene.

Phase 2

The second phase of this fight will essentially see Hacker use the same move set as before, but with a few additions. There’s a sonic beam attack, and an additional step to the projectile arc attack as well. Make sure to use Yuna’s healing here to keep your health high and keep going with the attacks. Eventually, you’ll take it down.

With Infected Hacker defeated, we’ll be introduced to Eunji, a cute little girl who seems to have been infected but is still holding onto her core essence. After bringing her back to the train, there’s a good deal of dialogue and she’ll eventually talk to Yuna. There’s some pretty funny scenes involving make-up (I won’t spoil the context here) before Chani shows off the picture he took to Aria. 

Depending on where you are on the calendar will determine how soon you can progress to the next area. As detailed above, we need to get to June 10th, completing our social activities before we can press on. Be sure to do all of this and then we can continue.


June 10th

Once you’re back in control of your player, head back to that glass container and Yuna will use her powers to shatter the glass. Eventually. Before that, there’s a big cutscene where Yuna draws inspiration from her fans. There’s also another enemy encounter, where we’ll face off against a wave of projectile goons and a protected electric foe, buying Yuna precious time to do her thing.

Defeat these guys and another cutscene will see you run out of the dungeon and find a rather unique way of saving yourself from falling!

Back on the train, speak to Yuna in the bar. This will eventually pave way for the gang to head outside and celebrate victory with some sparklers. You’ll also get to choose a new name for your group… and given the Persona influences, we could think of no better title!

As Act 02 comes to a close, a cutscene will introduce a brand new character, a mysterious woman who decides that she’s going to be coming along from now on. Who is she? We’ll have to wait and find out!

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