Eternights Guide: “Act 01” Walkthrough

Eternights Guide – Act 1

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May 27th

May 28th

June 2nd


Welcome to Eternights, a game that borrows heavily from Persona and condenses down the whole thing into a little indie experience. We start on May 23rd, with a cutscene depicting a strange woman stealing the essence from a tree. “You’ve brought this on yourself,” She says. Ominous!


May 27th

Cut forward to May 27th. It’s a sunny day and we’re introduced to high school friends Chani and your playable character. After naming him, it’s onto your dating profile. The answers given here honestly don’t make a difference to how the story progresses, so feel free to be as silly or serious as you wish.

After choosing your answers, Chani will show off his hilarious dating profile. You’ll both be interrupted by a news report, claiming that the Eternights miracle anti-aging drug is set for a global launch. There’s also an advert for the singer Yuna, who has a concert coming up on June 10th. Chani will invite you along to her show, before he leaves that night.

When Chani leaves, interact with your bed to rest. You can also interact with a tissue box by the computer and the TV as well if you wish.

That night, Chani will send another message, excitedly encouraging you to sign up to a new dating app. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be confronted with a personality test. Again, the answers here are straightforward and regardless of what you choose, lead to the same outcome:

A date will be set up with a mysterious woman who contacts you out the blue and decides you should go on a yacht date. A short tutorial for combat will then ensue. It’s a good idea to practice your sword swings and timing for perfect blocks too, which can be really useful in fights to come.

After this bad dream, the Eternights capsules across the world will start going haywire, exuding strange purple gas into the air.


May 28th

Head for the front door and exit. Another cutscene will begin, this time showing something very strange happening across the city. A huge magical wall will appear. Let’s hope there’s no White Walkers behind there!

With chaos descending, you’ll meet with Chani in an underground shelter. Again, there’s a few items to interact with but nothing that actually makes a difference. When you’re ready, rest at the bed.

When you awaken, a news report will show exactly what’s been going on… and the boys will choose to try and sleep it off.

June 2nd

When the bunker door opens, interact with it and check outside. There, a Panicky Shelter Girl and Calm Shelter Girl will discuss what they’re going to do next before hurrying off. They happen to be in another part of the underground area you’ll find yourself in when you gain control of your character.

Welcome to Eternight’s first dungeon. Although to be fair, this is more of a tutorial area than anything else. This serves as a basic taster to what the later levels are going to be like in Eternights. It’s incredibly linear, so you’re unlikely to get lost here. And yes, it is very dark, even with the brightness turned all the way up!

Keep moving along the pathway, and be sure to sprint by tapping your left analog stick and pushing forward. Eventually you’ll get another cutscene and bump into the Shelter Girls.

After some introductions, you’ll have your first taste of Social Stats. Throughout Eternights, your social skills can increase by giving specific answers to questions. There’s no right or wrong answer with these (at least not yet anyway), but if you’re looking to level specific traits first, then it makes sense to be consistent. There are four personality traits in total: Expression, Confidence, Acceptance and Courage.

It’s also worth noting that further in the game, Chani can give personality boosts between dungeon crawling which will level up specific traits a lot faster than usual.

The above screenshot shows the basic framework for how these Q&A’s work. (We chose “Does it bring out my eyes” and got +1 Confidence. It’s worth noting that “You have a hard head” will give +1 Acceptance and “You’re a detective too,” Will give +1 Expression.)

We won’t do this for every single bit of dialogue, but the next answer will either give you +1 Confidence (if you choose “You’re so full of sh*t”) or +1 Expression (if you choose “I’m gunna slap you”)

The social stats will essentially give boosts to your four main combat stats – HP, Companion skills, Physical Strength and Defence. You can find more info about this on the Social Stat screen in the menu. Ignore the blanked out random icons on the bottom left, this is for Scavenging later on in the game!

A brief stealth section where you need to walk quietly past an infected (just tap up gently) will lead into a much more winding corridor than before. This is actually quite deceptive as it gives the illusion of further places to explore. In reality, the red hues of light will hold infected and a dead end. Simply run the opposite way.

After taking a left, you can either choose to take a right or progress forward. Both routes lead the same way. The only exception is that the path on the right will wind round to present another infected stalking you. It’s your choice here.

Wind along the path, taking a right and then a left, before finding another hallway. This one happens to be full of dead bodies. Each have their right arm cut off for some reason.

Keep moving along and then approach the strange, shadowy figure in the hallway for another cutscene. Unfortunately, Lina will be ripped to shreds, leaving the three of you to run away from this monster.

A tutorial for sprinting will then pop up but it should be quite straightforward if you’ve been using it already! Simply dodge and weave past the different obstacles and you’ll get to hide in a locker. It doesn’t matter whose locker you choose, but naturally we went for Yuna. There will be a brief QTE section too, before you’ll be back in the hallway again.

Yuna will show off her healing powers, which will be very useful for the dungeons ahead. For now, keep moving along the hallway and take a right when you reach “B15”.

A Drone Lady will be there waiting to evacuate you, and will encourage you to follow. Another cutscene will then see you at the train station and faced with a whole bunch of monsters. Remember the lady with a strange double-bladed sword? She’ll show up and will cut your arm off, revealing another strange cutscene with you speaking to the dating lady on a boat in your dreams. Very weird. She will, however, reveal your true powers.

Remember the combat tutorial from earlier? Yep, we’re repeating it again here, this time with more context when you control your character again. Use the same combination of dodging and attacking, with emphasis on striking 5 times in a row and hitting a combo strike.

This time, there will be an extra element to combat, coming in the form of learning how to break Elemental barriers. Defeat this bigger enemy, following the instructions on-screen. Essentially you need to time your blocks perfectly (which should be easy as it has a very obvious wind-up pattern) and then charing your Elemental meter to hit the left trigger (L2) and hitting Elemental fist.

Once the foe is down, there will be another cutscene and more dialogue, this time explaining what’s happening. The double-bladed lady is called Umbra, and she’s stolen The Stone. She’s also created walls between them and The Stone, which is essentially our level pattern from here on out. We need to break those walls down.

We don’t have much time, and when you awaken, there’s an amusing bit of dialogue regarding adult magazines before being back in the dungeon again.

Climb up the stairwell and continue on your way. This next area is linear too but there will be a distinct pattern of play. Between hallways, you’ll be battling the infected, in areas that are sectioned off until all enemies have been defeated.

After the first room, progress through the hallway and you’ll come to a T junction. There’s a choice of going left and right, although it’s worth noting that both do end up in the same destination eventually. Should you choose to go left, you’ll enter a larger hallway and an extra enemy encounter. Right now, there’s not actually any experience points to gain so beyond extra combat experience, it’s advisable to go right.

In the next arena, defeat the enemies and watch for the doorway with the orange sign above it. It’s very easy to get turned around during these enemy encounters and this is the pathway that leads us back to the T-junction so don’t go this way!

Instead, we want to head for the train (the second picture above), at the end of this arena with the red glowing light on the front. Approach and watch the cutscene.


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