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Relationships are hard. They require a lot of work and sacrifice, but in return bring some unforgettable memories. Of course, when said relationship does go south, those cherished memories turn bittersweet, leaving painful bites of poignancy in their wake.

The work put into making a relationship work is made all the harder when you add the element of long distance into the mix. This essentially serves as the crux of the latest chapter of Elite’s Short stories, centering on Nadia and Guzman’s turbulent relationship.

With Nadia in New York and Guzman still in Madrid, thee two try to move forward with their lives while remembering what they once had together.

The story here sees Nadia invited back to Madrid for her sister’s wedding. Of course, in doing so this also means conflicted feelings toward seeing Guzman again, leading Nadia into a tough decision as she tries to decide whether to see him again or not.

Unlike yesterday’s drug trip, this chapter of Elite feels much more consistent with the tone of the main series, leaning into those melodramatic beats. This mini-series does an excellent job capturing that too, with Guzman and Nadia’s chemistry shining and really elevating this one. Omar does show up as well, but he’s very much a minor character in what’s otherwise a two-character ensemble.

Much like yesterday’s chapter, this three-part series serves as a stop-gap between seasons 3 and 4. Seeing more of Guzman and Nadia’s relationship is great to see, and it ends with a suitably sweet ending too.

Elite Short Stories: Nadia Guzman is a simple but effective journey, exploring the ups and downs of long distance relationships. The acting is decent all round, while the three parts perfectly complement the story being told.

There’s certainly a lot to like, leaving one compelling and tantalizing question – will Nadia and Guzman’s relationship stand the test of time?

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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