Elite – Season 6 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Does Ari help cover up the hit and run?

Episode 8 of Elite season 6 starts with Mencia waking up to her phone buzzing. She has 10 missed calls; a smashed windscreen; and a very hurt Ivan. Mencia panics and struggles to comprehend what’s happened. She picks up the phone to Ari and starts crying, telling her she needs help and that she’s the one who ran Ivan over.

Ari hurries over and learns that her sister drove drugged up (although she’s not in a position to take the moral high-ground here given she ended up drink driving) and thinks fast about how to handle this.

Ari grabs gasoline and burns the car, intent on destroying the evidence. Mencia and Ari walk away from the burning wreckage, promising each other to keep quiet and not to reveal what’s happened to a living soul.

Does Ari get an abortion?

Ari enacts a plan to try and keep all of this under wraps, including telling Mencia to stay with Patrick at the hospital while she heads into prison. There, she speaks to Sebastian about everything that’s occurred, including the hit and run and hiding the evidence.

Seb tells her that he can help keep all of this hidden, but only if she convinces her siblings to help testify in court. In the midst of this, Ari is also grappling with her pregnancy, but she’s decided to abort the child, with Sonia offering some words of encouragement and suggesting she be there if she needs someone to hold her hand.

Things are frosty between Isadora and Didac too. It turns out Didac’s family are actually in the same field as Isa’s and he deduces that the reason he was fired is because his family are trying to expand out to Spain.

Didac wants to show that he’s loyal to Isa and doesn’t want anything to mess up what they have, but for Isa she’s sick and tiRed of being messed about and has decided sHe’s done with men. For now anyway. Didac regrets not telling the authorities about Isa’s rape and tells Javi he should have just done that from the beginning.

Do the rapists get their comeuppance?

Meanwhile, Hugo has trouble “performing” after being injected with drugs last time. He admits to Alex at the club that the last time he was properly aroused was actually in Ibiza during the horrific rape. He’s also in no mood to forgive Javi either, who now finds himself a loner.

Naturally, Hugo decides to do the same thing to a poor girl at the club with Alex. Thankfully, police show up and catch them in the act. Some quick thinking saves another poor soul from sufferingIsa’s fate. Before Javi is taken away too, he tells Isa to trust Didac and hopes she can trust men again after all this.

At school, Nico seems to be having second thoughts about his surgery but after helping Ari out with her abortion earlier in the episode, Sonia shows up to help Nico through his big change too.

In the hospital, Patrick is convinced by Ari to disappear and give Ivan some space when he wakes up. Patrick leaves an emotional voice message for his lover, while Seb’s big plan works as the siblings get their father out of prison and decide to leave Spain for a while.

Who was really driving the car?

However, there’s more to this story than initially meets the eye. It turns out Sara actually stopped Mencia from driving that night and decided to take the wheel of Patrick’s car. She took her eyes off the road, and when Mencia passes out, Sara ploughs into Ivan by accident.

Sara rings Raul and asks him for help, who decides to pin the whole event on Mencia. He wipes down the whole car, presumably with bleach (although how Mencia couldn’t smell this when she woke up is beyond me) and the pair walks away.

How does Elite season 6 end?

So Raul now has control and leverage over Sara, while Ivan wakes up in hospital, with his first word being “Patrick.” As for the kids, they all drive away while another car races up to school, looking set to hit Pau. An arm protrudes from the back window, showing off a gun that fires wildly.

The Episode Review

A nice little twist at the end completely changes the game as we see Sara was the one who was actually driving, not Mencia. Elite has always been quite good with these last minute twists and this one is at least a rather imaginative injection.

However, it also throws into question Rocio’s place in all this as her character has had very little substance and a pretty tepid arc.

The mystery itself is also riddled with plot holes too when you think about it. Isa’s club would have had security cameras in the parking lot and at the front of the club. They would have easily seen who got in the cars, although we have seen that Isa’s club has a shocking lack of security inside, given how easy it is for people to drug others at the bar in full view of everyone else.

These plot issues aside, Elite does do right by Isa in the end who gets a happy ending of sorts, hooking up with Didac…  until this new shooter and mystery arrives, ready to swallow season 7.

Ultimately, season 6 is more of the same when it comes to Elite, and as I said last season this show is running on empty right now. Will we be here for season 7 though? Of course we will!

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