Elite – Season 6 Episode 7 “Masks” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Elite season 6 starts with Ari showing up at the hospital after burning the car. She finds Patrick, with his head in his hands, blood staining his sleeves. He knows this is bad and is concerned he’s never going to see Ivan again.

In the current timeline, the gang show up at Isa’s club where a big masquerade party is going ahead. When Patrick shows up, Mencia tells him how’s making a mistake being there, given Ivan is hurting and needs space. The pair know each other so well that they recognize one another, even with masks on. Ivan walks away.

Ari ends up doing a pregnancy test in the club toilets (of all places) and it turns out she’s pregnant. And pregnant with Ivan’s baby. She’s certainly in no mood to talk and decides to drink instead, shrugging off Sonia’s suggestions to talk, given she saw the test after entering the cubicle after her.

As for Raul, he shows up at the club and demands the cloakroom attendant find a bag he left behind. It’a not true, of course, but when the attendant leaves it gives Raul an opportunity to sneak in with a mask. Where are all the bouncers in this club?

Anyway, Raul gets his mask and begins looking around, desperate to find Sara. Another surprise visitor comes in the form of Isa’s parents though, who immediately settle into the VIP section. Isa is not happy with being left in the dark about family business affairs, and ends up finding solace with Didac, who admits he too is left out of the family business.

Isa’s parents don’t take kindly to Didac’s presence, with Isa’s mum throwing her weight around and firing Didac.

While all this is going on, rumours are abound of Isa’s drug taking so Raul slips into her room and finds a whole bunch of drugs. He spikes Mencia’s drink and watches as she passes out on the sofa, intent on cornering Sara alone.

In the toilets, Raul calls Mencia a leech and pleads with Sara for another chance. “Don’t let Mencia’s manipulation cost what we have.” Raul pleads. Sara opens up and admits he has no power over her anymore and reveals that she kissed Mencia too, so how do you like them apples Raul?

Meanwhile, Ivan and Patrick end up talking out their issues. However, Ivan doesn’t really take it seriously and admits he just wats to cuddle and have sex. As for Patrick, he’s in love with Ivan and leaves the party, heartbroken and desperate for this to be more.

Blind drunk, Ari leaves the club and decides to drive away. Rocio and Nico notice and tell Mencia, who’s still groggy and struggling to stay conscious. Ivan gets involved too, with Isa encouraging him to head out and speak to Patrick, admitting the truth about how he really feels.

In the wake of all this drama, Mencia grabs her car keys, and that’s what leads us to the fateful hit and run. We then skip to after the incident, with Mencia in the driver’s seat, presumably as the driver. She wakes up to find the windshield smashed.

The Episode Review

So a couple of big revelations this time out helps to quicken the pace and momentum for the finale. Ari is drunk and has decided to basically drink the baby out of her, while Raul no longer has control over Sara.

Finally, it seems Mencia was the one who hit Ivan on the road, not Ari or anyone else. It’s perhaps a rather tepid end to this mystery in what’s otherwise been a pretty formulaic and forgettable season – unless there’s a final twist of course.

Sure, the drama’s been quite good and some of the subplots are watchable, but next to the earlier seasons this one has ultimately felt like more of the same, especially when you stack it up next to season 5. Hopefully things improve going forward and the show ends with an almighty bang!

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