Elite – Season 6 Episode 5 “Mourning” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Elite Season 6 starts at the club as Javi starts to get cold feet, unsure whether to actually follow through with the boys’ plan or not. Javi eventually does, and speaks to Isa about Ivan, claiming that he and Philippe got involved in the rape as well. Javi goes on to emphasize that they were actually the ringleaders and got “the party started”. Isa is disgusted as she hears that Ivan in particular was the one who goaded all of them to do this.

Isa distances herself from Ivan, explaining why she never showed up at Cruz’s funeral. Given a lot of this season has been about Isa convincing people not to jump to conclusions, its a little ironic that she’s actually doing the exact same thing.

We’re several weeks out from Cruz’s funeral, and Sara is still staying at Mencia’s. She’s barely sleeping though and struggling to work out what to do with her Raul situation. Mencia is quick to downplay the idea of contact, telling Sara she needs to wait until she’s really thinking clearly before she commits to it.

Isa continues to throw herself into working at the club, which sees business booming. Didac receives a surprise visit from his brother, Pau, who’s decided to move into town. Anyway, Didac suggests a solution to Patrick and Ivan’s woes. With the former stuck in the middle, given Ivan won’t pick up Cruz’s stuff and also won’t go to school either, Didac suggests they throw a memorial service for Cruz at the club.

Patrick speaks to Ivan and at least manages to get him to attend class after some motivational chatter. It’s still a precarious situation though, understandably.

Speaking of which, Javi starts to have doubts about their plan to pin all of this on Ivan and Patrick, but Hugo and Alex turn it around and threaten to blame Javi solely instead. Pau does help give this situation an extra jolt, telling Didac that he should support Javi given they’ve been friends forever and make him see sense.

Didac propositions Javi at school, telling him he needs to sort out the “piles of shit” he’s left between Isa and Ivan. That night, Javi makes good on his promise to Didac and comes clean. He leaves a message for Isa, telling her that Ivan had nothing to do with the rape. Isa feels like crap (as she should) and hurries over to Ivan’s place to apologize. She brings up how he’s her best friend and apologizes profusely, promising to be here for him, and not abandoning him again.

At school, Raul shows up to see Sara but Mencia is waiting in the wings, handing over her phone with 911 all dialed ready to go. He scoffs at this, claiming Sara is being manipulated. When he walks away, Raul instead instigates a livestream video from his house, promising to spend every waking minute to be a better person and be the boyfriend she deserves.

It’s a really tough moment for Sara, who finds herself struggling. This emotional blackmail works a treat though, and Sara ends up staying with Raul again. When Mencia finds out, she’s not happy and heads over to try and talk Sara out of this. However, Sara is convinced that Mencia is the controlling one and she’s through being a puppet now. To Mencia’s exasperation, Sara shuts the door in her face.

Meanwhile, Nico decides to strike a deal with Alex and Hugo. After being denied sex change surgery by his father until after he’s finished school, Nico promises he can help build the boys’ muscles. In exchange for a good deal of money, he’ll get them hormones that can speed up the process.

Ivan gets the courage to head over to Isa’s club after all and attend the memorial for Cruz. Once there, he gives a passionate speech about the problems Cruz had and how he didn’t deserve to die. Ivan is determined to try and live his life as best he can, but before he can finish the speech, Ivan chokes up and struggles to hold back tears. Patrick is stopped from getting involved, with Ivan needing to cry this out.

Well, Ivan does more than that, as he ends up having sex with Ari in the toilets. Patrick naturally finds them both together as they head out the cubicle after the deed, and he’s absolutely crushed.

As the episode closes out, Ivan leaves while we cut forward in time and see Patrick waiting nervously at the hospital. After the hit and run, it seems Ivan is still alive but he’s not in a good way.

The Episode Review

The episode titled “Mourning” is all about just that – letting go of deceased loved ones and letting your emotions free. With Cruz having now passed away, Ivan’s grief has consumed him and he’s ended up sleeping with Ari, of all people. It’s another instance of putting a roadblock in the way of Patrick and Ivan’s happily ever after and it also seems a bit messy, especially with the situation involving Nico there too.

The plotline involving Rocio is just pointless at this point, and unless she’s revealed to be the person responsible for running over Ivan, I genuinely have no idea what purpose she actually serves in this story.

The subplot involving Sara and Mencia at least fares a little better, which is good, but it sure is frustrating to see Sara jumping back to Raul after his voice message!

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