Elite – Season 6 Episode 6 “Tina” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Elite season 6 starts with a brief flash forward of Ari pouring gasoline over the car she’s been driving. It would appear that she’s the one responsible. For now, we cut to the present where Ari heads in to see Sebastian. He has a trial date and he needs the kids to testify in his defence, but that’s easier said than done when it comes to Mencia and Patrick.

When Ari tells her sister, Mencia is having none of it, and eventually tells Ari to stop kidding herself and see the truth about their father.

Elsewhere, Ivan goes through Cruz’s gear and has trouble focusing. Instead, he ends up on the dating apps and is encouraged to get involved in a “chemsex” session, which is basically getting completely drugged out your mind and having sex.

This chemsex gig sees Patrick end up involved, but when he shows up, he’s shocked to see that Ivan is there and in a complete state. The pair begin kissing, until Ivan realizes that it’s Patrick and stops. He curses him out and forces Patrick out the door, blaming him for Cruz’s death.

Back at school, Nico ends up turning into the resident drug dealer, and on top of doing a deal with Hugo, Isa also strikes a deal, wanting top shelf drugs in exchange for enough money for the surgery to go ahead. Those drugs are to use against Hugo and could do a lot of damage, but given Isa is offering top dollar, Nico succumbs to greed.

Predictably, Raul is just as controlling as before with Sara, uploading videos for likes and telling the world they’re together when they’re not. Although he deletes the video and agrees to Sara’s new rules, you can tell this is a ticking timebomb just waiting to blow up.

Sara falls for it though and the pair end up having sex in the bath and agree to a date that night. Before this takes place, Sara heads back to Isa’s club and tries to make peace with Mencia, offering a drink and to talk things out.

Sara gushes over Raul and claims he’s changed, but Mencia bites back and tells her that abusers don’t change overnight. And of course, it all goes wrong when Sara heads home. Raul is livid that she’s turned up late to their date and begins slamming his fists into the table. Thankfully Sara has her phone and begins filming him, prompting Raul to leave before things turn violent.

Rocio, as it turns out, lives in a big ol’ mansion and Bilal heads over to see her after she left her bag at Isadora’s club. The pair hang out together and eventually kiss.

After chatting (and sleeping) with Nico and building some courage to do the right thing, Ari heads into prison to confront her father. She tells Sebastian that he let Samuel die and she hopes he finds peace behind bars.

As for the situation involving Hugo, Isa wants revenge, and the last scenes we see him injecting drugs into his leg.

The Episode Review

There’s not a lot of movement with the plot this time around, as we see various different couples getting together and this tepid mystery dragged out a bit longer. The whole situation involving Ivan is nowhere near as intriguing as the murders in previous seasons and it’s still a far cry from the heights of seasons 1 and 2.

Despite that though, we see a tiny bit more of Rocio and it seems Ivan and Patrick are not going to be getting together any time soon, which is a shame.

With two episodes left, we’ll have to wait and see whether we’re actually going to get any answers.

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