Elite – Season 6 Episode 4 “War” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Elite season 6 starts with a funeral, presumably Ivan’s. It’s a brief scene, with Patrick and Ari watching from afar. We then jump straight back to Cruz’s house, where Patrick and Ivan are together, kissing.

Cruz is on the move though, as he’s got a big football match to compete in. The boys call it a historic moment but he downplays the event. Of course, after his death threats from before, Cruz is not taking any chances. And what better way to prepare than to have a glass of whiskey.

However, as he sits down someone throws rocks at the window, wrapped around his team shirt. Cruz’s name is crossed out with “Homo” replacing it.

Meanwhile, Raul apologizes for his behaviour to Sara and decides they need to stay away from toxic people in the future. At school that toxicity only spreads, as everyone watches Raul be super protective over Sara and prevent her from seeing the others. However, there’s a more toxic incident to contend with – the rapist branding.

Virginia sees the kids personally in her office, trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Hugo and Alex claim they’ve been assaulted, but Javi seems like he could snap at any moment. The others know this and decide to deflect the attention away, wanting to pin all of this on Ivan instead.

Mencia notices Sara’s bruises in the locker room and decides to try and help her. Although she asks Ari for advice, the latter doesn’t really seem too bothered, pointing out that Sara blocked Mencia on social media. As far as Ari is concerned, Sara has made her bed and should sleep in it now.

The big event this time around though comes from the football. All of our characters show up to watch Cruz play, with a whole bunch of fans arriving with pride flags and a boisterously celebratory attitude. Nico is there too and after an earlier incident in the bathrooms at school, struggling to adjust to the urinals, he takes Rocio’s advice on how to handle Ari.

Rocio had earlier warned Nico to stay away from her, claiming she’s just going to look at him as another conquest and get rid of him quickly once she’s had him. “You just want a big fucking cock in you.” Nico eventually tells Ari at the stadium, taking a dig at her interest in Bilal. Unfortunately, Nico gets a drink splashed in his face for his troubles!

As the match gets underway, Cruz scores and a whole load of violence breaks out in the crowd. As a result, the ref calls an end to the game and everything ends on a really sour note.

Back home, Mencia speaks to Sara in confidence and tries to make her see reason. She points out that love shouldn’t hurt this much and he certainly shouldn’t be physically abusive toward her. Raul rings and demands to see the living room to make sure she’s alone, prompting Mencia to duck for cover behind the sofa.

Raul tells Sara he’s coming home, and when he hangs up Mencia encourages Sara to come and see her if she wants a way out.

Outside the football stadium, the violence continues with flares and rioters surrounding the team bus. As police struggle to get it under control, molotovs are thrown. Bilal also takes a bottle to the face, while Cruz makes it home in one piece, but looking the worse for wear after what’s transpired.

When Raul finally heads home, he finds the place in a mess and completely empty. Sara has packed her things and left, leaving Raul angry and unsure what to do. It’s a really triumphant moment and seeing her head over to Mencia’s, hugging it out, is a definite highlight in this season.

Unfortunately that moment is completely shattered by the end of the episode. Cruz is jumped by several thugs who beat him to a bloody pulp and leave him lying motionless on the floor. When they scarper, Ivan and Patrick hurry to Cruz’s location. Remember the coffin at the start of the episode? Well, we cut back to that funeral and see that it’s not Ivan after all, but actually Cruz who’s passed away.

The Episode Review

The shocking twist at the end of this episode, revealing that it was actually Cruz and not Ivan who was killed is a really surprising turn of events and not something I saw coming. And I doubt not many others would have done either!

So far the series has done well to keep things interesting and these later episodes have definitely been better than the start. This is easily the best chapter of the whole season, and there’s some strong character work done with Sara and Mencia too; their moments are definite stand outs.

The second half of this season looks like it’s going to step up and deliver some very intriguing drama to come.

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