Elite – Season 5 Episode 3 “Tie Me Up” Recap & Review

Tie Me Up

Episode 3 of Elite Season 5 begins with Benjamin laying down the law. After Patrick’s crazy party, Benjamin hands out drug tests for all the kids in class. A negative result will add 2 points to their overall grade. A positive one? Well, they’re going to get expelled. Naturally, this just causes the kids to rebel more, with them all throwing away the drug tests and refusing to do this.

Benjamin decides to turn the rebels against one another, becoming a pantomime villain by having them all vote for someone anonymously on the school’s intranet to be expelled. News of this spreads across school, as Isadora conducts her own video defending Phillipe, claiming that he’s her “special friend.”

The big event this episode happens to be a drive-thru cinema, with all our main characters there to watch movies on the big screen. Samuel is stressed though, unable to concentrate between the voting and the party issue. He even fails to perform that night in the bedroom when he and Ari are alone together.

There’s drama with Isadora and Caye too, with the latter tipping a drink over her head in the parking lot. Naturally, Isadora and Phillipe head into the car together where Isadora strips down and ends up kissing Phillipe, who’s caught in the middle of all this. As they start having sex, Caye’s voice echoes through Phillipe’s mind, pleading with him to stop. Apologizing, Phillipe decides to stop.

Rebe also confronts Mencia while they’re together, as they find themselves struggling and unsure how they proceed with their tumultuous relationship. Eventually though Rebe walks away as Cayetana decides to join her, given her night hasn’t gone much better.

Omar speaks to Bilal about his situation. He admits he cares about the kid as he ends up getting sexually aroused. Omar apologizes but refuses Bilal’s advances, pointing out he doesn’t need to do this just to have a place to stay.

At school the next day, the voting comes down to the wire, with Samuel and Omar both tied. Omar votes for Samuel, out loud, which sees him expelled for three days. This whole social experiment is to show that everyone is really out for themselves, as Omar is left feeling guilty over Samu’s fate. So much for anonymity.

Off the back of this though, Samuel kicks Omar out of his house, leaving their fractured relationship hanging in the balance.

The Episode Revie

More drama ensues as Elite starts to ramp up the character dynamics and issues. Isadora is becoming a bigger focal point of this season but it’s hard to know what her end-game is here. It’s clear there’s more going on than we’re being led to believe but quite what is still a mystery.

The whole film festival gig seems like a nice distraction on paper but ultimately all it really does is allow Isadora and Patrick to hook up while Mencia and Rebe hash out their issues.

Beyond that, everything seems to be resting on this central mystery but we’re still not clear over who died and who’s responsible. Is Samu actually the culprit this time? Or is it another fake-out? We’ll have to wait and see but for now, this is a much improved episode.

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