Elite – Season 5 Episode 2 “Anything Goes” Recap & Review

Anything Goes

Episode 2 of Elite Season 5 begins with Rebe in the interview room with the inspector. It’s a brief scene but she claims that Samu didn’t actually murder anyone. Is that true? We’ll have to wait and see.

Back in the present, the kids are not happy with Benjamin’s oppressive methods. While the rules in school are draconian, it’s also revealed that Benjamin is tracking them with geolocation on the school’s app too, allowing the school to check up on where they are at any time. They argue this is an invasion of privacy (which it 100% is) but Benjamin bites back, challenging them with lower exam scores if they continue.

Patrick is at the forefront of this rebellion and – partly to impress Ivan – decides to throw a big party. Two people that aren’t in this meeting though are Cayetana and Phillipe. The former convinces him to go and see Greta, the school’s councillor. While there, she tries to help talk them through their problems. As part of their session, Greta bans Phillipe from drinking alcohol and even calls him a predator too.

Another couple having issues are Ari and Samu. The latter still feels guilty and protective over her but the pair do eventually end up making love together in the locker room. Naturally, Benjamin happens to be watching from his office and walks in on them both, demanding they come to his office separately.

It’s certainly tense, with Samu put in a difficult position given his place at school is hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, Omar takes pity on a man called Bilal, who shows up at the restaurant looking for some food. He promises he’s not looking for trouble but does need a job. Omar decides to offer him a lifeline; a job washing dishes. Unfortunately, he betrays Omar’s trust. When he tries leaving with the tip jar, Omar stops him and demands he get out, ignoring his pleas about gangsters coming after him.

Anyway, Patrick’s big party goes ahead. As promised, anything goes. Patrick even manages to convince Ivan to show up too. Naturally, he sends a video message to Benjamin, taunting him, while Mencia stays at home and studies.

There’s further drama on the dancefloor though, as Rebe and Ivan end up kissing. A video of this is sent to Mencia, encouraging her to show up, while Patrick convinces Ari to take drugs. When he notices Ivan and Rebe kissing, he’s crushed.

Eventually Patrick confronts Ivan about his sexuality and how he’s hiding his true feelings. Patrick believes Ivan is scared but when Ivan heads onto the dancefloor, he begins kissing Samu, playing mind-games with Patrick.

That night, Bilal shows up at Omar’s restaurant again, begging for another chance. At the same time, Isadora continues to wrap Phillipe around her finger, convincing him that he should forget Caye and turn to her instead.

As the episode closes out, we cut forward in time to find Samu dragging a body. And with the inspector, Rebe continues to cover for Samu.

The Episode Review

Plenty of partying, montages and misunderstanding tropes crop up this time around as Elite continues to cling to the thin shred of a mystery. The trouble is, it doesn’t feel like anywhere near enough to prop this show up above mediocrity.

Compared to the earlier seasons, season 5 just doesn’t have the same gravitas and depth, with the new characters not quite slotting into the same vibe that the previous ensemble had.

However, the mystery is just enough to cling to for now, as we’re left to wonder exactly who has died and why. This is at least enough to cling to for the time being, but Elite is certainly struggling to one-up its previous seasons. Hopefully things can improve going forward.

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