Elite – Season 5 Episode 4 “The Body” Recap & Review

The Body

Episode 4 of Elite Season 5 starts with Benjamin being blackmailed by Armando. There are flickers of shots from the present too, including Armando’s body found face-down in the water over a lake. He’s about to be discovered.

Back at school, reporters flash their cameras at a fundrasier as Phillipe find himself drifting further away from Caye. Omar is directing traffic, but he and Samuel still aren’t seeing eye to eye.

Interestingly, Samuel notices Bilal at the party pickpocketing a wealthy client’s phone so Samuel calls him out for betraying Omar’s trust and kicks the kid out. Thanks to some poisonous words from Benjamin, Samuel decides to quit his job.

When Omar follows him outside, he notices the body on the lake and scrambles into the water, believing it’s Bilal.

It’s not, of course, but Bilal does randomly show up to help Omar pull Armando out the water.

Omar immediately tasks Bilal with finding Rebe and bringing her to him. Instead, he recovers Samuel, forced to admit the truth to avoid being kicked out the club again.

At the party, Rebe and Mencia get talking but there’s clear frostiness between them after what happened at the drive-thru. The thing is, the latter ended up seeing Rebe kissing a random woman there called Jess. The other sister, Ari, ends up getting blind drunk and dancing down on the dock. She’s joined by a bemused Ivan who eventually agrees to go out on the water with her.

By the bar, Isadora adds drugs to her drink, while Patrick catches everyone off-guard by stumbling in and knocking over one of the sculptures that was supposed to be auctioned off. Benjamin is furious with him and eventually strikes his son, right in view of Mencia too. Although she takes her father’s side, she does reprimand him for striking the kid.

Patrick’s day goes from bad to worse when he notices Ari and Ivan out on the water – in full view of everyone I may add – making love. Patrick is heartbroken and out of all people, it’s Cruz who sits with Patrick and offers up some kind words of encouragement. And ironically, they end up kissing together too.

Back inside, Phillipe decides to break up with Caye, and immediately heads back to see Isadora, not even making it subtle that they’re together as they kiss on the balcony.

At the bar, Mencia and Jess get talking, with the former very clearly jealous of her kissing Rebe. When Jess walks away, Mencia throws her phone at the girl (it’s a terrible shot. She misses completely.)

However, when Mencia picks up the pieces of her mobile from the ground, she notices that there’s another SIM card hidden there. It could well be Armando’s. Checking it out, she realizes the number stored on there belongs to Benjamin.

Big drama stems from the beach, and it’s here we actually see snippets of the “present” timeline blend with what we’ve seen during the school year. That shot of Samu dragging a body? Yep, that’s actually Armando.

Rebe finally catches up with Omar and Bilal, who stand together and try to dispose of the body. Omar had no part of this though and he’s unhappy that the others never  told him the truth.

Eventually Samuel decides to ring the police but in doing so, we cut forwards to that shot of the body floating in the pool. This time the camera pans up to reveal…Samuel.

The Episode Review

A lovely little twist at the end of episode 4 and some deliciously twisted relationships just start to turn this season into something far more interesting than what was originally presented during the opening few chapters.

With the promise here that Samuel is going to be killed off, we now get somewhat of a timeline to figure out what’s happening.

The whole interview process was not actually about the body in the pool after all, and this is a lovely red herring to obscure this. After all, there have been glimmers that we weren’t seeing the whole picture, given the way this show has been edited across the episodes so far.

Either way though, Elite is just starting to get into a consistent rhythm, with this episode arguably the best of the whole season.

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  1. I can’t believe that no one picks up that this is not her drink or simply ignores this of Isadora altogether. Its the orange juice that Phillippe asked for. Now, what happened to her later in the series is plain wrong. The rape and assault Phillipe did was plain wrong. But in this scene she is the predator. Phillippe is a victim. She is drugging him without his knowledge. And Mencia notices something is up but remains silent. Phillippe did not want to drink. But after being drugged, loses his inhibitions and drinks. Then becomes belligerent with Caye. Read deeper.

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