Elite – Season 4 Episode 4 “I’m a…” Recap & Review

I’m a…

Episode 4 of Elite Season 4 begins with the oldest trick in the book. Ari, having recovered from her ordeal, has amnesia. Because of course she does.

We then cut back in time, where Mencia is encouraged to meet up with Armando’s buddy, but on the condition that she’s paid double. Rebe is obviously unaware of her exploits though, and that day at school she drops off a necklace for Mencia.

Only, she finds the hotel suite keycard and quizzes Mencia about her plans. When she realizes there’s something else going on, she pulls away from the girl.

Things only get worse that night when Mencia’s cash is found by Benjamin. She believes it’s from Rebe and mixed up with the drugs her Mother was dealing. Mencia’s enraged outburst, followed by a slammed door, prove otherwise.

Back at school, Samuel is encouraged to enter the debate team. Benjamin tells him this could help his career going forward. It also seems too good to be true – and Guzman and Omar agree with this too. However, when Samuel notices Guzman and Ari growing closer together he eventually decides to join.

At school, Phillipe arrives with a cup of coffee and an apology for the video, He claims it’s been deleted, but Cayetana sees through this and believes she was just his prey all this time.

Speaking of prey, Patrick continues to prey on the relationship between Ander and Omar. They head to the bar together that night and things are immediately tense between them – especially when drugs are brought in. Omar eventually bails, unwilling to go through with this, while Ander has his fair share of drugs.

Patrick eventually passes out, prompting Omar to be the one to take care of Patrick and Ander as he takes them both home. In the morning though, Ander finds Omar and Patrick in bed together. The cracks continue to grow.

That evening, Phillipe tries to show his worth and takes Cayetana out for dinner. Only, he plays up the waiter for the evening, tending to her every beck and call. It’s enough to encourage Cayetana to let her guard down and kiss him. As they do, Omar watches from afar and tells them both to leave as it’s closing time.

That evening, Mencia meets her latest client. He pays double but the look in his eye is pretty unnerving. It doesn’t take long for Benjamin and the others to suss out Mencia is in trouble and they immediately start looking for her.

Patrick is clearly flustered but Omar does his best to try and calm him down. After, Ander finds out that Patrick and Omar hooked up at the party which only further grows his dissent.

When Rebe catches wind of Mencia’s disappearance, she remembers the hotel room key and immediately heads there to investigate – alone. Rebe poses as room service and catches Mencia with her pants down – quite literally. She also learns the truth about what Mencia has been up to. Rebe gives her a stern lecture before eventually hugging the girl tight, telling her she needs to be careful.

Mencia eventually concedes and heads back home again, joining the others for dinner. Watching from afar though is Guzman, who finds himself an outsider as Samuel and Guzman continue to fight over Ari.

As we cut forward in time, we see Samuel taken away by police in handcuffs as Benjamin watches on.

The Episode Review

The situation between Ari, Guzman and Samuel continues to escalate – and dominate the main storyline here. This time though we see our characters dancing around their feelings as Ari jumps between the two guys. While that in itself is fine, Ari’s character just isn’t that engaging and she’s quite stuck-up too. At least that’s the impression I get anyway.

It seems like something major has happened between Guzman and Samuel at this party that’s resulted in Ari being in hospital but for now we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Elsewhere, the Omar/Ander/Patrick triangle continues to strain under the weight of betrayals and angst. This storyline in particular looks set to explode in thee future, with both Ander and Omar holding secrets from each other.

That’s to say nothing of Mencia and Rebe situation, although thankfully Rebe managed to save Mencia from a trying and difficult encounter with a client late on in the episode.

The ending hints that Samuel and Ari’s ties are going to come unraveled soon, but how? And why? We’ll have to wait and see…

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