Elite – Season 4 Episode 3 “When Lies Dance” Recap & Review

When Lies Dance With Temptation

Episode 3 of Elite Season 4 begins with yet more changes across the school. TV screens are installed, as Benjamin projects himself on the screen and greets all the students remotely. Phillipe is there too, exuding his charm, which gets Cayetana smiling.

Meanwhile, Guzman and Samuel come to blows after the incident involving Ari. This upcoming royal ball is the big talking point here, as Ari decides against asking Samuel. Instead she turns to Guzman but he doesn’t take kindly to being seen as sloppy seconds.

However, Nadia and Guzman’s relationship is on the rocks and both of them are finding it difficult with the distance. Eventually they do talk properly and end things – which gives Guzman an excuse to rebound onto Ari.

With this ball coming up, Phillipe invites Cayetana to show up with him; their Cinderella story continues. It doesn’t take long for him to sweep her off her feet, bringing her back home and showing her all the lavish outfits awaiting her.

Elsewhere, Mencia hooks up with Rebe again and the two grow closer. That is until Sandra shows up and immediately causes fireworks to fly. Given Mencia’s history of sleeping with men for money, Sandra questions the girl’s motives and warns her off. This seems to do the trick too, as Mencia makes a quick getaway that night while Rebe’s Mother watches her like a hawk.

Remember what we were saying last episode about this threesome situation? Well, it all ends badly. Omar and Ander start to lose trust in one another, with Ander eventually admitting that he’s cheated on his partner. “It’s just sex Omar” He says nonchalantly.

Well, later that evening at the ball Omar returns the favour and sleeps with Patrick. Although, bending him over the table and aggressively holding his neck while they do the deed isn’t exactly a loving act. It also further exacerbates the problems these two have.

The Ball gets underway but while Cayetana is all dressed ready to go, she notices the hidden spy camera in the statue. For now she keeps it to herself as all our characters arrive ready to party. Cayetana takes the opportunity to use Phillipe’s laptop, where she sees the footage of them making love for herself.

It doesn’t take long for her to confront Phillipe about this, questioning him midway through their first dance together. With cameras snapping, Cayetana eventually walks away.

Phillipe follows, claiming this was extra security so he couldn’t be sued for sexual assault. He apologizes for lying but admits he has feelings for her and still wants to get to know her. Cayetana though, needs some time to process this.

Elsewhere, Guzman notices Samuel working as a waiter and claims that he’s trying to get “his girl” drunk again. Ari immediately takes offence to that though, pointing out his language and promising that she doesn’t belong to anyone.

Eventually this concludes with Guzman encouraged to kiss Ari – which he nervously does. However, she can’t help but notice Samuel out the corner of her eye – and Guzman does too when he looks in the mirror. Trouble is very much brewing.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thicken. This conflict involving Ari, with her caught between Samuel and Guzman, is an intriguing turn of events and it seems like one of them is the possible killer – or attempted killer. Then again, as we’ve seen from this show before, all is not what it seems.

The situation involving Phillipe now makes more sense though and despite still being deceptive, you can understand his motives.

Elsewhere, the Rebe and Mencia situation continues to bubble over, with Sandra’s involvement causing more headaches for the girl as she finds herself conflicted over what to do and how to handle this situation.

That’s to say nothing of the various other characters here, with the different relationships continuing to simmer and cause plenty of teen angst. Instead of a driving force for the season however, most of Elite has revolved around these love triangle, break-ups and lies. Let’s hope the second half of this show can shake things up a bit.

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