Elite – Season 4 Episode 5 “Reintegration” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Elite Season 4 begins with a voice recording in the present. It’s incriminating Samuel, asking him to meet at the pier in 30 minutes. Although he claims not to have received it, the police chief is not so sure he’s telling the truth.

We then cut back to our current timeline. Mencia heads over to see Rebe, avoiding the suspicious gaze of Sandra and trying to explain her position to Rebe. Eventually the pair patch up their differences though and lie together, hugging it out.

At school, Samuel prepares for his debate. His opponent? Ari. The two square off together, with Samu using emotion to drive his points across – just like Benjamin encouraged him to do earlier in the episode. The praise he receives immediately sees Ari on the back-foot, as Benjamin tells her to do better.

Ari turns her attention to Cayetana and lets out her frustrations that way. She questions her growing affection toward Philippe and warns that Phillipe is not the Prince charming he makes himself out to be. She tells Cayetana not to let her guard down around him. And not to be swayed by his charm.

Omar and Ander eventually go their separate ways, breaking up down by the shore. It’s a really heartbreaking moment, one that’s apparently not come about because of Patrick.

That evening this Guzman/Samuel rivalry continues to boil. At Benjamin’s house for dinner tensions arise, leading Guzman to deal some low blows about Samuel’s family in private to Ari

That evening, Armando arrives to meet Mencia, apologizing about what happened with the client. He offers to drive her home and Mencia eventually agrees. Unfortunately Sandra happens to be filming from afar, as the misunderstanding trope looks to be rearing its head here too.

When Rebe finds out, she shows the video to Mencia. She doesn’t believe her story, and in fact she concocts one of her own, claiming Sandra showed up to try and score drugs.

Following their breakup, Ander and Patrick head out together and bunk off school. Omar is obviously heartbroken, and even more so when he notices the pair together dancing and partying. He heads inside himself and watches the two have sex, as you can see his heart breaking. Poor Omar!

Back at school, the debate gets underway. Ari immediately scores a low blow, using Samuel’s family against him. Samuel realize this is Guzman’s doing and walks away. As he does, Benjamin follows and questions his resolve. He encouraged Samuel not to be swayed by this and tries to build him up.

Cayetana eventually agrees tot head over to Phillipe’s place after his invitation. She immediately starts to exhibit doubts though and checks his laptop to see if he really has deleted the videos. Only… he suddenly catches her in the act. Uh oh!

Phillipe questions Cayetana and exhibits his disappointment in her lack of trust. This eventually leads Cayetana to admit she really does like him but Phillipe is hurt.

As Guzman admits his true feelings to Ari, we cut forward in time to the party. Guzman picks up Samuel’s phone off the floor and notices the voice message from Ari, asking to meet at the pier in half an hour.

The Episode Review

The situation with Ari continues to swell as we catch glimpses of the future timeline alongside our current day issues at school. Benjamin encouraging Samuel to stand up for himself is a good step in the latter’s development while Omar and Ander go their separate ways.

It’s a real shame too, especially given the connection they have and the history they’ve shared. Hopefully both will see sense and get back together before the season’s end though.

Patrick has been the wildcard in the middle of all this and I can’t help but feel that he has something to do with what happened to Ari. After all, it’s a little too obvious to think Guzman or Samuel are responsible… right?

Either way, the show ends on a tantalizing cliffhanger. With lots of simmering tension, the show also starts to introduce some cliched plot points, including the misunderstanding trope which has been seen a lot in this soapy dramas. It’s a minor gripe but coupled with the alleged amnesia for Ari in the future, paints a much larger picture with the narrative.

Still, the ending certainly leaves lots to chew over as we approach the business end of this season.

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