Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Detective Conan begins with the protagonist Hanzawa reminding the audience of his reason for coming to Beika town: to kill a man. He has established a base, raised funds, and has built a network. Each passing day gets him closer to catching his prey.

He then changes his statements, claiming that he is no closer to killing the man than he was when he first arrived in Beika town. Furthermore, he hasn’t yet put together a strategy and has no idea where the person seems to be in Beika town – or even where to look. He swears to find and kill the man.

Hanzawa heads out to find his culprit, visiting a temple, and praying to find him. However, when he opens the fortune chit, he receives a bad one, which throws him off for a while. He pulls himself together and convinces himself that the fortune chit isn’t real, and then he opens another that says he must perform good deeds.

After reading the fortune, Hanzawa begins picking up litter from the streets to have his wish granted and find the guy. Following that, Hanzawa discovers a street littered with needles and begins picking them up while following the trail, which leads him to the man who dropped them.

Hanzawa asks the detective to find the man dropping the needles. He goes on to tell the detective that the man is in his 40’s, has a tiny mustache, and wears a wrinkly suit, alluding to the detective himself. The detective falls asleep, and Hanzawa is distracted by a pony-wearing girl, whom he loses.

Hanzawa considers ways to track down the man while walking down the street, and what are the chances: he runs into the exact guy on the street.

The Episode Review

In this episode, we see how unstable our protagonist is. For instance, he tells us that he is doing everything correctly and is close to finding the man he wants to kill. The protagonist then abruptly switches and informs the audience that he has nothing figured out.

In addition to being unstable with his thoughts, he is always seen tilting the narrative in his favor. When the fortune chit tells him something he does not want to hear, he declares that it is not true. And when he picks up another chit that instructs him to do good, he does it anyway.

The episode concludes with Hanzawa running into the man he has been searching for throughout the season, his potential victim, indicating that we are approaching the season finale. It’ll be interesting to see what Hanzawa does now that he’s found the right person. Will he kill him, or will he chicken out like he usually does in other situations?

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