Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa- Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Hanzawa considers ways to find his culprit while walking down the street during Detective Conan episode 12. What are the odds? He runs into the exact guy he’s after. The man is seen with a girl by his side and as the pair part ways, Hanzawa follows him into a building. Another man appears to be walking in the air, but we soon realize he is walking on glass. We presume that a shoot is taking place and that the other is rehearsing for his scene.

Hanzawa spots his target amidst the chaos, and when he picks up a rod-like object to kill him with, two other girls in the act suspect him. Hanzawa wears a cap to blend in and appear less suspicious, and it seems to work.

Hanzawa is watching the show as it is about to start. Across the buildings, glass is seen suspended in the air. Hanzawa inquires about what’s going on, to which a girl proceeds to ask him to monitor the situation.

The crowd appears to applaud the man Hanzawa wants to kill and here we find out he’s known as Mister Kid. He is about to walk through the glass, as they refer to him as their last hope for saving Beika. The white-clad man emerges from the smoke. The girl tells Hanzawa that whenever this guy named Kid appears, almost nobody dies. The crowd believes that he’s walking on air, but we know he is walking on glass.

Hanzawa jumps on the glass as well, attempting to break it with a stone, but quickly realizes that it is tempered glass and thus unbreakable. The man approaches him and breaks the glass himself, causing roses to fall from the glass and onto the street, causing the people to go crazy with enthusiasm. The man tells Hanzawa that he hopes he enjoyed the show. Furthermore, he asks Hanzawa not to look down, but Hanzawa does so anyway and is terrified of the height. The man then flies away.

Hanzawa is walking down the street, talking to himself and trying to make sense of what happened the night before. Hanzawa tells himself that the man he saw yesterday looks exactly like the one he wants to kill. He suspects that the two of them are twins or clones., telling himself – and by extension the audience – that his hunt begins from square one. Hanzawa is not going to give up and for now, it’s time for a new beginning.

The Episode Review

The episode introduces us to Kid, a man who resembles Hanzawa’s victim. He is known as the savior of Beika town, while the episode features a cat and mouse chase, which is quite entertaining. However, the episode – and this season’s – conclusion is rather disappointing, as Hanzawa has always followed the wrong lead.

The episode concludes with Hanzawa promising the audience that he will not give up and that he will begin from scratch to find his victim, hinting at a possible second season. If thius is renewed, it’ll be interesting to see Hanzawa pursue the person he wants to kill.

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