Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa working at the store. He arrives at the co-living facility completely exhausted and enraged at the detectives who give him their fair share of work. Hanzawa is greeted by the landlady, who informs him that a package from his mother has arrived. When Hanzawa calls his mother to tell her not to buy him clothes, she informs him that she is about to visit him in Beika town that weekend. She then requests that he take a day off.

Hanzawa goes to the metro station to pick up his mother. Hanzawa’s gaze is drawn to his mother’s clothes (the ones that his co-residents mocked when he wore them), and he feels embarrassed. Hanzawa tells his mother he has work and excuses himself.

When Hanzawa is at work, his mother stops by and attempts to engage in a conversation with his coworkers. Hanzawa is deeply embarrassed because of his mother. Furthermore, he becomes flustered when she gives his coworkers snacks. When he reaches his breaking point, he harshly asks his mother to leave, and she does.

Hanzawa is seen being frustrated on his way back to the co-living facility because the detectives are taking advantage of him and giving him their share of the work. When he arrives at the co-living facility, he finds his mother serving food and conversing with his fellow residents.

The co-residents appear to like Hanzawa’s mother, but Hanzawa is embarrassed yet again, and he takes it out on his mother, asking her to leave and return home. Hanzawa’s mother politely informs everyone that she should leave and that she has reserved a hotel room. She asks him if he can meet her at Bell Tree Tower the next day, and he harshly tells her to leave.

The next morning, Hanzawa watches the news and learns that the hotel where his mother was staying has been bombed. Hanzawa rushes to the hotel to see how his mother is doing. When he gets close to the hotel, he discovers that it has been bombed. Fortunately, his mother is sitting on a park bench eating cotton candy, and he notices her and feels relieved. The detectives call him to ask him to cover their shift, but he does not answer and instead takes his mother out.

The Episode Review

This episode introduces us to Hanzawa’s mother, who, like him, has a shadowy figure. She appears to be the polar opposite of Hanzawa, being outgoing, witty, and extremely caring. Given that his mother is extremely caring, it’s difficult to pinpoint why Hanzawa is the way he is. On the other hand, we haven’t met Hanzawa’s father, and we’re hoping to meet him soon so we can get a sense of his personality.

The episode is bittersweet. Hanzawa is shown being a complete jerk to his mother, which is heartbreaking. Having said that, the episode has a lovely resolution and the episode is among the best episodes of the season.

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