Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of Detective Conan begins with Hanzawa paying his landlady’s rent. Hanzawa has a conversation with himself in which we learn that he has found work, has paid all of his bills, and even has some money left over. When Hanzawa is about to leave, a fellow co-living facility resident invites him to their soccer game watch party. Hanzawa declines their invitation because he has work to do.

On his way out, Hanzawa overhears his fellow residents making fun of his clothing. Hanzawa begins to feel extremely insecure, so he decides to spend the remaining money on clothing and rushes out.

Hanzawa walks into a clothing store, where the outfits are very trendy. The store manager follows him around and asks if he needs help. Hanzawa, who is socially anxious, panics and attempts to avoid him. He discovers a ripped shirt, and the manager notices his fascination with it. When the manager approaches Hanzawa, he flees without purchasing anything.

Hanzawa comes across a secondhand clothing store and enters. He asks the store manager if they have ripped jeans, and the store manager shows him torn and damaged clothes. He runs away as soon as he sees that.

Hanzawa sees a man dressed in black and wishes to dress in black himself. He goes from store to store, asking if they have black clothes, but none of them do. In Beika town, black clothes are associated with a superstition that someone will follow the person if the person wears black, so almost no stores sell them. He eventually finds a clothing store that sells black clothing, and the manager warns him about the myth before handing him the clothing.

Hanzawa is dressed in black, and the residents are impressed with his transformation. Furthermore, everyone is staring at him in awe as he walks. After a while, he gets a strange feeling that he is being watched, and a group of men seems to show up.

The Episode Review

The episode highlights Hanzawa’s insecurity, social anxiety, and paranoia while injecting humor into the fold, making it quite comical. We’re also introduced to a superstition that the people of Beika town believe in, which is quite interesting and puzzling, to say the least.

This episode concludes with Hanzawa having to face a group of men who were most likely following him. One can’t help but wonder who these men are and whether they’ll lead him to the man Hanzawa wishes to kill.

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