Delhi Crime – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

After Vartika’s declaration of the innocence of the tribals, episode 4 of Delhi Crime Season 2 sees CP Vijay furious. She reasons with him and requests for more time to solve the case with a promise to do it as soon as possible. 

He tells her she has very little time to solve the case and she rushes to the police station. At the station, Jairaj claims that they have a lead about the jewellery stolen from the first victims. Vartika states that the victims chosen by the criminals are not random but definitely have a link with each other. 

They discuss how the team needs to find that link and Bhupendra suggest they should act fast as the news has probably alerted the criminals already. Neeti looks into the call logs of the victims and finds a common link between the victims. 

The female victims were regular customers of a beauty parlour. Neeti investigates the owners and learns that the women were regular customers of a former employee – Karishma. 

The culprit, Karishma is looking at a property in a new building that is under construction as she imagines opening a beauty parlour there. Sudeep and Jairaj go to the jewellery shop and find out that the stolen jewellery was sold to them by an old lady in her 70s. 

They use the CCTV footage to determine the woman. The two cops take the photograph of the woman and ask around other jewellery shops if more stolen items were sold by her. One more shop revealed that the lady had sold more stolen items there. 

The cops asked the shop owners about the woman who revealed that she took an auto rickshaw to Jangpura. This gives Jairaj and Sudden a lead to finding the culprits. Whereas, Guddu, one of the four thieves arrives at their hideout with the money procured from the stolen jewellery. 

Their leader states that the next theft will be the last time committing the crime as they split the money among all four of them. Neeti joins Jairaj and Sudeep as they ask around medical stores to enquire about the woman. One medical shop reveals the woman’s address, Saraswati and her grandson, Guddu. 

The cops arrive at Saraswati and Guddu’s house but the old woman cusses at the cops and hides inside the room locking them out. The cops break in and somehow manage to arrest her. 

Karishma and the thieves watch the news as Vartika’s statement airs. They argue between themselves and Karishma lures them into committing the crime another time. At the station, Neeti is having a hard time interrogating Saraswati but Cyber Cells Asutosh ends up finding his phone number from the old lady’s call logs. 

Neeti tells Vartika that Guddu is Pawan Gulati and she updates CP Vijay about it. Vartika talks to the old woman and tells her that Guddu has murdered 8 senior citizens and manages to crack the old woman down. 

Thermal asks his uncle, Babloo to abandon Karishma as the next case will be too risky but as Karishma asks about their conversation, Babloo changes the topic. The cops follow Guddu’s live location and arrive at a garage where Guddu works. 

They are able to arrest him but not before he aims a pistol at Bhupendra and shoots him through his bulletproof vest. Bhupendra is rushed to the hospital and Vartika is worried. 

The other three culprits are waiting for Guddu but they decide to start the robbery between Babloo and Karishma, as Thermal looks out for them waiting in the car. The pair enter a house belonging to an old couple, but the man spots them both, feigning ignorance. He calls the cops immediately.

The Episode Review

I am often left to wonder why criminals do the things they do and this episode of Delhi Crime aims to put that into perspective. Every human desires something and in the case of Karishma, she really wants to live a normal life. She craves a normal life with a business she can run and is passionate about her goals.

However, that passion is wrongfully channelled into crime. She and her accomplices think that when things are not handed to them on a platter, they need to snatch them. The end of the episode shows how dearly Karishma wanted to get the money for her dreams to come true and that killing people was not her goal, it was just a means to an end, finding easy money.

Vartika and her team are doing their best to find the culprits and the way the police officer put herself face first into the controversy to protect the tribals from being wrongfully accused proves that there are some righteous officers in the police force.

Oftentimes the common man does not understand the pressures a cop goes through but this episode shows how despite the pressure on her, Vartika chose to be righteous and reveal the truth to the public without washing her hands off by pinning the blame on some innocent people.

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