Delhi Crime – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Delhi Crime Season 2 starts with a family visiting their grandparents’ house. The little girl enters the house and sees her grandparents’ dead bodies after they were brutally assaulted in the same way as the Kachcha Baniyan gang has done in the past. Jairaj and Bhupendra discuss how the crime has the same MO as the other previous crimes.

They gauge that Jugnu and Azaad committed the murders hours after fleeing from custody. Chadha and Subhash start beating up the tribals as they try to look for information about Jugnu and Azaad. The media is spewing hate on the Delhi Police while Neeti is worried about confronting Vartika.

She is reprimanded by the DCP for accepting a call from her family which could be avoided. She cancels her leave application and dismisses Neeti without a suspension. Bhupender and Vartika discuss the MO of the crime and asses that the Kachcha Baniyan gang has more than five members due to the nature of their attacks and fleeing.

Vartika tries to find a mistake from the culprits while Bhupendra claims that Chadha and Subhash will get the information out of the tribals. Students are out rioting about the ignorance of the Delhi Police while reporters hound the police station. Inspector Sudhir talks to the first victim’s family and tries to learn what items of jewellery were stolen along with the murder.

At the police station, Subhash is beating up a young tribal boy when the boy’s father asks him to take the beating but keep his mouth shut about Azaad and Jugnu in their tribal language. After they continue to pester and assault the child and his father, the child reveals that Azaad could have fled to his sister’s house.

CP Vijay gets an order from the higher-ups about the crime and Vijay promises that a public statement will be made within the next 24 hours. Vijay gives Vartika 24 hours and she promises they will get the criminals within that deadline.

The cops set out to look for Azaad and Jugnu but the tribals are not willing to answer questions. Chadha and Subhash arrive at Azaad’s sister’s house and arrest her and her family for hiding the criminal out. At Neeti’s cabin, Devender visits her and the two reconcile after their banter.

However, she tells him how she caused the suspects to flee and that her leave has been cancelled. They have a fight and he leaves her cabin in rage. The cops investigate Azaad’s sister’s family and assault them in front of her.

Vartika gets an email from her daughter – Chandni’s college in Toronto and gets on a call with her, reprimanding her for skipping her classes. At the same time, Azaad’s sister lies about having to use the restroom and flees to Vartika’s cabin to talk to her. Azaad’s sister pleads with Vartika to let her in-laws go. Vartika lashes out at the woman and calls the tribals out for not cooperating with the cops by telling them the truth.

Vartika asks Azaad’s sister to be brought out for a conversation. She tells Vartika that she is innocent and that her family is being wrongfully assaulted by the cops. She also reveals to Vartika that Chadha is asking for ₹15,000 ($200) as a bribe from the tribals in exchange for being freed from police custody. Vartika is shocked to learn about this and reprimands the retired cop immediately.

She kicks him out of the task force and tells her that he should forget his pension and hand over the case. He threatens that the tribals will never be caught without him but Vartika still kicks him out. Azaad and Jugnu arrive at the station with Attorney Vineet.

He claims that they are here to surrender and reveals that the criminals only fled because they were afraid of being arrested for something they did not do. Vineet reveals that the two were only thieves and had committed a robbery days before being caught.

They were not the Kachcha Baniyan gang responsible for the murders and needed to be freed from those original murder charges. He provides CCTV footage from his office to corroborate the claim that Azaad and Jugnu were not at the scene of the crime on the night of the third incident.

Knowing that Jugnu and Azaad were innocent of the murders, Vartika is stuck between the deadline CP Vijay gave her and the truth about the two tribals being innocent. CP Vijay reprimands Vartika after hearing the new development of the case and asks her to still face the media and declare Azaad and Jugnu as the culprits for the murders and asks her to let the courts decide.

However, Vartika is hesitant about the orders. She’s in her cabin when she gets a call from Chandni. The daughter is proud of Vartika’s achievement but the DCP reveals that the true culprits are still to be found. Chandni tells Vartika that she trusts her mother will do the right thing and ends the call.

Vartika informs Bhupendra and Jairaj about the conference and claims that she will present Azaad and Jugnu as the culprits. All the tribals are dismissed from police detention but Vartika is left in thought. Bhupendra informs her about the hate crimes against the DNTs.

At the press conference, Vartika shockingly reveals that the true murderers are still on the loose and that the tribals were innocent as their alibi checks out. CP Vijay is shocked to hear Vartika’s statement while Bhupendra drops Jugnu and Azaad to their homes stating that they are free.

Meanwhile, the real criminal gang is getting ready for their next attack. The group consists of four youngsters, three men and one woman who arrive at their next target’s house. The leader of the gang, claims that the crime will be risky as the target’s house is full of guests. The girl is adamant about still going but the car turns back around due to the leader’s fear of being caught.

The Episode Review

We finally get to see the true cold-blooded criminals in this episode and Tillotama Shome playing the female murderer portrays the intensity of a criminal. I hope we do not have an emotional backstory to her crimes as I would hate to sympathize with someone who is brutally murdering people.

The episode shows how Vartika still is – and always will be – an honourable cop as she lets the DNTs go after learning about their innocence despite orders from the higher-ups. It will be interesting to see how she is able to catch the true culprits in the next two episodes.

This episode gave us one of the most intense acting sequences from Shefali Shah playing Vartika Chaturvedi as she loses her after meeting Azaad’s sister. It shows how she can truly do full justice to the role and that she is deserving of the praise she gets as an actor. 

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