Delhi Crime – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

The police rush to the scene of the crime in episode 2 of Delhi Crime Season 2, which now makes a second murder from the Kachcha-Baniyan gang. This time, they have left behind a victim who is in serious condition due to head trauma and one dead, the husband of the injured. Vartika reassures the victim’s family that everything will be okay and starts investigating the crime scene.

SBO Subhash Gupta tells Vartika that the granddaughter of the victim witnessed the crime while the murderers ran away in their getaway vehicle. She briefs her team asking them to be on the lookout for the murderers by claiming that they have a getaway vehicle.

The only way to get the Kachcha-Baniyan gang is by checking out security camera footage for traces of the vehicle the murderers fled in. Vartika talks to the victim’s granddaughter who was the eyewitness to the crime. She reveals that she heard loud noises that night but as she was going to inspect it, her grandmother, who was injured, rushed to the room and locked it from within.

The night after the attack, the media continued villainising the Delhi Police and blaming them for the crimes. Retired Officer Chadha has joined Vartika’s task force to help out with the case. It is assumed that the DNT (De-Notified Tribals) of India are committing murders/thefts like they did many years ago.

Officer Chadha speaks about the tribals in a derogatory tone that irks Vartika and the team. She tries to get him to focus on the crime at hand and work on it. He continues to badmouth the tribals and fails to state facts about their past crimes. Vartika asks Jairaj and Subhash to divide all the cops from the case into teams and work on the case with Chadha.

The cops visit the tribal region where the DNTs live to pick up suspects. Jairaj is upset when Chadha asks to pick up female tribals alongside other male suspects according to his list. Upon instructions from Chadha, the police pick up a big chunk of tribals and take them to the Delhi police station.

Vartika asks the crime cell officer to look into the leak of the CCTV footage from Arora’s murder. She asks him to find out who the person was that leaked the footage to the media and tells the team that all the cops will be investigated over this. Neeti calls her husband worried asking him if he leaked the information about the Kachcha-Baniyan gang that prompted the leak of the information to the media.

Devender is angry and lashes out at her for not trusting him. The Delhi Police station is full of tribals that are being investigated. One of the tribes retorts to Chadha’s mockery of them and the officer puts the man at the top of his suspect list. Vartika notices how Chadha has made the team pick up women and kids and asks Jairaj to sort it out. C

hadha lists down the crimes of all the tribals one by one that causes chaos at the station. Vartika is informed that two of the tribals were around the area of the first victims’ house before the murder according to their GPS locations. The two men are tribals, Azaad and Jugnu.

The former claims that he has turned ways from being a thief and has started working as a watchman. Jugnu on the other hand is high as a kite when he is being investigated. Vartika informs them about the GPS Location while Jairaj arrives with CCTV footage of the two men in the area of the first murder.

Jugnu claims that he isn’t the murderer and states that he very well knows how to escape from CCTV cameras if he intends to commit a crime. Azaad clarifies that they are not the victim but the cops ask Vartika to let them handle the two men to inveigle information out of them by using other means – aka, assault.

Cyber cell officer – Ashutosh reveals that a junior cop, Rumaal Singh is the one who leaked the footage to the media and brings out his call records as proof. She suspends the officer and reprimands him for compromising on the investigation. Vartika informs CP Vijay that the cop has been suspended and updates him about the progression of the case.

The media sentiment is still against the cops when a lawyer, Vineet Singh arrives at the station to offer legal assistance to the tribals seeking help. He asks Vartika about the detainment of the tribals without having any prior criminal record. She riles back at him and the two have a back and forth about the situation.

Vineet tells her that the public sentiment against the DNTs has been further maligned and that the country is engaging in a social boycott against other DNTs just because of their background as tribals. Vartika and Bhupendra chat about Vineet when he reveals that he is helping the DNTs because he too belongs to the tribal community.

Vartika is worried as she wonders if they are doing something wrong. The two cops talk about their children as they hear chaos outside the station. Vartika notices students enact a street play to defend the DNTs while the media captures the scene outside the police station.

That night, Jugnu and Azaad are taken to the hospital for a test with Inspector Neeti accompanying them. She is still trying to reach her husband who is still upset from their chat that morning. As Neeti takes the suspects inside the hospital, she gets a call from her husband that she attends.

While she is talking to him, Jugnu and Azaad take advantage of the opportunity and flee from arrest. They are able to escape the hospital and Neeti is stressed.  

The Episode Review

This episode was very chaotic from start to finish. Despite having a competent team of her own, Vartika has to seek help from Chadha who does not have any shame. It is obvious that he is a bad cop who is marginalizing the tribals for the sake of his personal benefit.

It is hard to put a finger on his act as he is struggling to get his pension from the government but he still lives in a mansion. For Neeti to let two prime suspects flee the arrest is something no one expected. It is a shocking change from Season 1 where Neeti was the determined cop who was very keen and attentive.

Marriage has ruined her and Devender represents a large section of the Indian men who think their wives are their property and do not have any views of their own. Vartika, who is known to be the no-nonsense cop, seems to be taking a lot of nonsense from Chadha. I really wish to see her put him in his place as he badmouths and stigmatizes the entire tribal community for the crimes of a few.

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