Deep Night – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Deep Night Episode 6 returns us to the club with the police demanding entry and Khem’s Aunt on scene. She admits she’s been calling the police and will continue as long as Khem works there. She also notes there may be a surprise waiting for them.

As a result, Freya closes the club for a week of deep cleaning to ensure there’s nothing illegal tucked around somewhere. Khem suspects there’s something she’s not telling him but accepts the vacation, putting it to good use as date time with Wela.

They head to Freya’s childhood home all couple-y while Seji and Japan hang out by the river. Japan sets up a chat so Seji and Ken can make up from their argument. Discussing everything at the club, Seji says he’ll work harder to become #1 on his own merit.

During the cleaning, Khem’s Aunt shows up, again threatening more police activity if Khem doesn’t return to the family home. Di loses it and shouts her out of the club.

The rest of the guys show up to join Khem and Wela, sent by Freya to relax for the week. Ken apologizes for outing their relationship at the club. Khem accepts gracefully and they all head out to the market for some silliness. Seji apologizes to Khem too, for suspecting he was the one harming the club.

The guys discuss the ridiculousness of rule #5 and both Ken and Japan claim to love Seji more than the other. Meanwhile, Khem’s worried about Freya. Wela recalls the first time he met her, she spotting his potential and offering him a job. The guys return to partying, the evening ending with Great and James bathing together.

The next day, Wela honors his father’s death anniversary, Khem joining him. They talk about what his father was like and how his family fell into debt. In the kitchen, Japan cooks but Ken teaches him Seji’s likes and dislikes.

The guys gather to eat together, Ken and Japan still competing for Seji’s attention. They wonder whether they’ll be able to go back to work. Japan encourages them to manifest a positive outcome and believe in Freya.

Japan catches Wela and Khem all over each other in the pool but Seji pulls him back from interrupting them. Surprised, he recounts an innocent version of what he thinks couples do. Seji kisses him, explaining that that’s what people who like each other like to do. As he continues to demonstrate, Ken spots the lip lock.

Everyone returns to the club, ready to get back to work. Khem’s Aunt is waiting for them noting in front of everyone that Khem will have to return to the family once Deep Night closes. She has a little tantrum when he says he’ll not return no matter what.

As the ep comes to a close, it looks like Wela gets a text from his mother.


The Episode Review

Even with lots of couple time, this episode was so filled with product placement, it distracted from the real story. On top of that, Khem’s Aunt’s tantrum nearly killed the episode. However, we did have several steamy scenes of the guys pairing up, including Khem and Wela’s ‘noodle kiss’ a la Lady and the Tramp. Great and James are a little less convincing, however. 

The biggest plot advancements were around the guys making peace with each other over the issues in the club, including arguments over rule #5. They head back to Deep Night a stronger team, ready to get to work, only to find out there’s likely more trouble to come. And that Seji was right in a way – Khem does have something to do with what’s happening there. But not in the way he’d thought.

While the episode veered between frustrating and sweet, Wela and Khem continue to be a sold pairing, with believable chemistry. With only 2 more episodes will they manage to get Deep Night in the clear and maintain their relationship? They are buying insurance in each other’s names, after all…


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