Deep Night – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Deep Night Episode 5 leads with a guest posting on social media, live from Deep Night. He reveals fun to begin but soon it’s police and people complaining – not great for business. As a result, the club is looking pretty empty, even with Freya trying to solve things by phone. Meiji cuddles and tickles her until she feels better.

In the back, Japan reports all the ruckus to Seji but Ken gets in between, distracting Seji with all his favorites. And the competition starts again. Meanwhile on the club floor, Wela still isn’t speaking to Khem.

The next day, Khem shows up at Wela’s family restaurant, helping while Wela sleeps in. He’s affected when Wela’s mother talks about the importance of having someone who understands. The guys then apologize, vowing to understand each other better. Their make-up session turns heated on the rooftop of Wela’s house. Before Khem leaves, he gives Wela his watch to keep him front of mind.

Later, Khem meets his mother to apologize to her too. Her only concern is that her son understands her. Khem proposes a social media promotion of the guys getting ready for their show. That evening, the hosts take to the air, giving a thrilling performance.

The club is back to busy but one of the guests is spotted doing drugs in the restroom. Khem gets security to drag him out but not before trying to find out who hired him to taint the club. The guy has only just escaped as the sirens start blaring, proving out Khem’s theory. Freya realizes they’re being targeted but isn’t sure by whom.

As Khem kisses Wela in the club, someone spots them. Ken checks in with Di – if someone breaks the golden rule, he’s fired, right?

The club is quiet again and Seji points out that a lot of things have happened since Khem joined. In front of the other guys, Seji points out Khem’s rapid ascent and the troubles that have come along with it. Finally, Di reveals Khem and Freya’s relationship and even Japan is shocked. Ken’s sure that’s why he can get away with breaking rule #5.

Khem and Wela speak to Freya and Khem suggests she abolish the rules. She’d been considering that for a while but Wela doesn’t want her to lose respect by siding with her son. She says she’ll think it through. Khem assures Wela that he won’t break up with him.

The next day, Ken is surprised to see Wela at work. Seji is disappointed in Ken’s words, believing rule #5 to be stupid anyway. Ken reminds him that if Wela leaves, he’ll be the top host but Seji doesn’t want to win it that way. Ken confesses but Seji believes if Ken truly understood love, he wouldn’t be trying to ruin someone’s else’s.

Once again, the police turf up, wanting to inspect. Freya notices Khem’s Aunt is there too.

The Episode Review

Khem’s Aunt appearing at the end of the episode is hardly a surprise. What are the chances that she just happens to be there to watch the police at the moment they host yet another raid? She seems desperate to pry Khem away from his ‘seedy-business-owner mother’ and that lifestyle.

This week’s theme starts with the letter ‘U’ for understanding, as each character hopes to get a little more from those around them, especially their close ones. Along with that, there’s persistent outside forces, raising the stakes for the club and everyone’s livelihood – and surely adding to the pressure.

With temperatures running unhealthfully high, what will Freya choose to do about her son and rule #5? Now that all the cats are bag-free and flying – and the club is already in a dangerous position – this decision will have a impact. I wonder if she’d consider having a vote? Especially since all the guys are lusting after someone in the club. I’ll send my suggestion in – eiei!!

Meanwhile, between us, if you’re still pondering ‘eiei!’ –  it’s just a way to be silly in Thai, letting you in on a joke, haha 😉


What’s your barely verbal exclamation of joy – eiei!? Share it in the comments below.

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