Dealer – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Dealer sees the perspective shift across to Kylian, as he films with his friend Djaniel ready for the trade with Steve. Tony and his men stay alert, with Moussa promising to blow Steve’s brains out if this deal does sideways.

It’s tense and quiet, as Kylian creeps round the corner and watches this deal take place. With the hand-off seemingly successful, Tony hears back from his men that this was done without spilling any blood. The deal has gone through without a hitch. The group breathe a sigh of relief as Tony gets out the alcohol and starts to unwind.

Unfortunately it’s not over as we cut back to Kylian and see Steve’s men arrive. They grab Kylian, knocking him to the ground and shutting off the camera.

Midway through the party, Franck and Thomas head off alone and watch the footage from Kylian’s camera. They see the young boy knocked to the ground and realize that everything has gone awry.

The Episode Review

Most of this episode is taken up with hip-hop music, dancing and drinking. Beyond that, there’s brief glimmers of betrayal in the air but nowhere near enough to justify what otherwise feels like a filler episode.

The deal going off without a hitch is an obvious front, especially given we know things are anything but perfect in paradise.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Franck start to unwind but the footage at the end of the episode shows that this conflict is about to pick up and spill over in dramatic fashion.

For now though, the episode leaves the door wide open for the upcoming episodes.

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