Dealer – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Dealer begins with word spreading about Kylian’s head injury. He’s in a bad state and rushed into hospital. Tensions are high, as Moussa turns his attention to Franck and his filming. The pair of filmmakers seize their opportunity while the gang are arguing outside and head into the hospital to check on Kylian.

Jess and Tony are already there and they talk about what’s happened. Franck watches from afar before eventually heading into the ward. Kylian has a neck brace on, as Tony vows to get revenge on Steve and his group.

Moussa takes Franck aside and questions him over what’s happening. He knows he’s hiding something and wants to know what. Given the camera was with Kylian, he believes Franck had something to do with this and holds him up at gunpoint. Eventually Franck spills the truth about Tony wanting to leave and become a rapper, claiming he has footage to back this up.

For now, the camera situation is kept secret but it’s only a matter of time before Tony finds out. When that happens, it spells big trouble for Franck and Thomas.

Tony marches purposefully out the hospital though, determined to get his revenge. As he gets in Franck’s car, the gang prepare for war.

The Episode Review

With Kylian an unfortunate casualty in this gang warfare, everything rests on the final two episodes as this conflict looks set to explode in a very messy and violent way.

For the most part, this episode does quite a good job ramping up the tension but given we didn’t really see anything regarding Kylian’s attack, it’s also difficult to become emotionally involved in this gang warfare.

Despite that though, this episode sets things up nicely for the final two of the season.

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