Dealer – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Dealer begins with Tony rapping in front of the camera ready to film bits of his music video. In the distance though, is Steve who suddenly shows up on his turf and asks outright who his supplier is.

Tony tries to talk him down, with Moussa by his side listening to this play out. To try and smooth things over, Tony suggests being Steve’s supplier and offers a lucrative trade. With the terms agreed, Steve takes off on his bike as the rest of the gang watch him with murderous intent. Right now it’s hard to know whether Tony is doing this to play up to the cameras.

After the meeting, Tony talks with Franck about the filming and lavishes praises on the pair.

Bruno rings and breaks the bad news to Franck though. Apparently he doesn’t have enough shots of the street and they need shocking footage to be able to keep people hooked. He reminds Franck that they’re not filming an indie project and tells him to get his head in the game.

Franck immediately heads back to Tony, asking if they can film the transaction with Steve that night. Tony is very much against this though and tells them not to push it. He bids them farewell and takes off in his car.

Well, Kylian offers a lifeline and decides that he’ll help them out, filming the street shots instead for them. With a small camera in hand, Franck warns him to be careful and to stay out of trouble. Thomas however, is not so sure this is a good idea.

The Episode Review

With pressure put on Thomas to get the perfect shot, Dealer starts to crank up the tension as it rests all of its drama on this ensuing trade with Steve.

You can tell something is going to happen here and whether it be a massive shootout or the police getting involved, either way this is going to end badly.

This episode does quite a good job bringing this conflict into view, with Franck torn between the label and his livelihood. Still, there hasn’t quite been anything that thrilling so hopefully this one starts to pick up the pace soon.

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