Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 4: Abandoned Cave

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Find Glacial Passage Key

Deliver Key To Tenzhin

Defeat John Watson

Investigate the Old Cave

Escape the Pirates

Once you’re back in the Sea People village, talk to Tenzhin. Suwam will take you to a cave you may have noticed while exploring, given the rusty bars and symbols above. When you’re ready, talk to Suwam and he’ll let you in.

Find Glacial Passage Key

Once inside, you’ll need to immediately progress to your left, being sure to pick up the Silver Bowl. After a brief cutscene featuring an ancient Sea Person devouring a poor fish, keep progressing down, being sure to keep a distance from the bars so as not to alert the Sea People.

At the bottom, take a left and you’ll have a little puzzle to complete. Right click on the different rocks to stack them up so they look like the mural in the background, like this:

A short cutscene will ensue, replacing the rocks with the Glacier Passage Key. Pick it up and watch the short cutscene. Rumbling inside this ancient cave causes the iron bars to break away and release the ancient Sea People called Gadon.

Deliver Key To Tenzhin

When you’re in control of Dave again, immediately swim up but hide in a small alcove to the right (marked with an X) until the Gadon has its back turned, then swim up, being sure to hug the left wall.

Once you’re past, keep progressing up and then take a right at the top, passing the three statues.

You can hold right click and hide behind these, which will come in handy later on, so familiarize yourself with this mechanic while you’re here.

When you’re ready, head forward and down when you reach the iron bars. You’ll notice the wooden spikes have now started moving, so be sure to dodge these by weaving between them, and then take a right through the open gate.

There’s an optional collectible being guarded by a Gadon here, requiring you to time hiding behind the statues. Honestly, it’s not really worth it given the hassle these Sea People cause so you’re welcome to leave it.

Descend down, using the blue shell for oxygen if need be, and time your move through the spikes at the bottom.

When you come to the end, head up and it’ll automatically finish this area with the Gadon chasing you out.


Defeat John Watson

Boss Fight – John Watson

John Watson is back and this time he’s not messing about, coming armed with his eco-friendly Sea Blue Armor RX-93. Guns are pointless here but make sure you pick up the baseball bat from the chest below, as it can come in handy. 

There are actually two methods to defeat John. Amongst his array of moves, John will send out a homing missile to track you down. However, it loses speed over time and will eventually explode.

When it stops, you can smack the missile and launch it back at John, using the baseball bat you picked up, to deal him damage.

The other way to do this is to guide the missile into John while he’s stationary. John won’t attack when you swim through him either. Do be aware that if you get too close to the missile, you’ll get hit with the explosive blast. It’s a riskier way to play but a viable option.

After hitting him a few times, John will speed up his attacks, adding in more deadly charge attacks and spewing out a bunch of mines around you that will explode after a few seconds.

There’s also a third phase where he’ll get really mad and speed up a lot, so be sure to dash around and use the oxygen when you need to on the ground, preferably when you don’t have much left!

John Watson’s Suit Fragments

When John Watson is defeated, he’ll swim back to his submarine and leave, allowing you to pick up the suit piece he’s left behind. After, you’ll automatically be sent back to Tenzhin.

Regardless of dialogue choices, you’ll be told the history of the Gadon and then given a necklace, which can open the Tubeworm passageways without needing a UV flashlight. Bonus!

You’ll have to wait for the next day to progress, freeing up a bit of time to grab ingredients, completing any missions for Bancho or the Sea People. Michael Bang’s VIP mission nets you 1000 gold, so it’s definitely worth doing this one if you haven’t already. Also be sure to do the Stormy Night side quest too.

During the evening, a big earthquake will occur. While Dave heads to the bar, Dr Bacon will show up and decide to investigate. In an intriguing turn of events, you’ll now control him for the evening!

Investigate the Old Cave

After heading right and entering the cave, examine the various murals on the wall. Make note of the three different red symbols as we’ll need this for the next section.

Continue on your right and enter the red symbols onto the door panel, in their exact order they appear on the wall (pictured above) in order to open the way forward.

Once you’ve done that, hit Spacebar and the way forward will open. Head into the next room, pick up the apparatus from the chest and you’ll hear voices outside. Go and examine this and you’ll be faced with monstrous pirates.

Escape the Pirates

The last section of the chapter will see you escaping the three pirates while driving your speedboat as Dr Bacon. Watch out for rocks, moving up and down to avoid impact. The pirates will also shoot a stream of bullets at you periodically too, but this is orchestrated by the familiar red line of bullets.

If you do deplete your health bar here, the section will just replay until you get it right. It’s a simple little on-rails section in truth and shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Soon you’ll reach the end and escape, subsequently finishing this chapter too.

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