Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 3: A Request From The Sea People

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The Sea People Village’s Trust

Sidequest – Stormy Night

Duff’s Dream


The Sea People Village’s Trust

Chapter 3 begins as soon as you head back to your boat. The Sushi Bar is not open for business but Yoshie is there. She’ll tell you about “the incident” from the past, including Bancho cooking his infamous Whole Shark Head dish for an influencer who was not happy with his efforts.

There’s a number of dialogue choices but like any of the more recent Telltale games – they all lead to the same place so don’t worry too much.

Once the story is over, the cutscene will end and a new day begins. Dr Bacon is back, and he’s excited to learn about the Sea People.

There’s now a mirror inside the boat too, which serves as a fast travel spot to move from the depths to the village. Do note that every time you fast travel, time will progress too. Bear this in mind for the next few sections!

Sea Village Side Quests

Once you’re back in the village, there’s a whole bunch of different side quests you’ll need to complete in order to gain credits (and favour) with the King.

Be sure to press M for details and bring up a map of the area. There will be a few exclamation marks above different Sea People who are quest givers. You’ll need to progress time a bit after finishing a few missions in order to be given more to complete in the village.

For day one, there’s a couple of fetch quests, including moving a lunchbox and giving it to the guards to the far left, and placing flowers on a shrine to the right of where you pick them up. These can both be found just outside the Seed Shop.

In order to catch the four seahorses floating around (another day 1 quest), make sure you’ve completed the Reticient Girl side quest for Bancho, as she’ll give you a Bug Net you can use. Approach the four seahorses and press Spacebar.

There are two outside in the main village area, another in the Seed Shop and the fourth is in Tenzhin’s house. Use the blue portals to teleport to the background of the map, and Tenzhin’s is the first house on the left.

Once you’re done, and gained enough favor by completing missions, talk to Tenzhin and he’ll tell you about your next mission. However, you’ll need to wait for the next day before you do this. Head back to the boat and when it hits the evening, you’ll have two different missions to complete, one over at Bancho’s, and the other for Sato.

Stormy Night

Sidequest – Stormy Night

Sato will approach the boat at night and tell you about a whirlpool and a super rare boss card that you should totally unlock.

If you don’t want to do this, the mission will fail when this chapter finishes. However, fret not as it’ll pop back up constantly across the rest of the game until you choose to complete it.

Once you accept, dive down and you’ll find the Whirlpool close to the surface, roughly at a depth of about 10-15m or so. Make sure your sound is switched on, or you have headphones, as you’ll hear the sound of it from afar.

Head inside and prepare for a boss fight with the Truck Hermit Crab. There will be explosive barrels on the ground, along with an oxygen barrel to your left.

Ignore the oxygen for now and grab the explosive barrels by holding right click. You want to drag this over and drop it on the crab. Be careful not to hit his pincers and aim for his head.

The Hermit Crab is pretty quick too so be wary of him swiping out with his pincers as you approach.

He also has a charge attack too, which you’ll notice coming from a cue where he rocks back and forth while hiding behind the truck.

The Crab will keep approaching so be sure to use your dash to move to the other side of the arena when he closes the gap to you.

Much like the Giant Squid, he’ll start covering his eyes with his pincers after sustaining some damage. Like that fight, time it correctly and drop the barrels on the Hermit Crab when he’s exposed. It’ll take a bit of timing but soon you’ll get there. Take the crab meat when he’s defeated, and leave.

Truck Hermit Crab Card Hermit Crab Meat

Once you’re done, head over to the Sushi Bar.

VIP Guest – Michael Bang’s Inspiration

Once you head to the Sushi Bar, we’ll have a brand new guest to cook for. It’s Michael Bang, extraordinary action director known for explosions and his infamous Robot Samurai movie. Bancho’s a big fan too and promises to cook him a tasty dish like no other in 3 days time.

Do note that this particular guest may well spill over into Chapter 4 of the game. Either way, you’ll need 3 Titan Triggerfish, 3 Harlequin Hind, 3 Coral Trouts and 3 White Rice. The first three are quite straightforward, and can be found in depths of between 60-120m.

There’s a good spawn point located around 30m above the boat wreckage leading to the giant squid. Be wary of the shark lurking in these waters though!

When it comes to the rice, Otto will open up farming for you, and a short tutorial will guide you through the basics, including weeding and planting. Rice will need to be picked at the right time, but for this particular mission, he’ll call you and let you know when it’s ready.

As the days progress though, it’s a good idea to check back and remove any weeds in the area.

1000 Gold 50 Likes Robot Samurai Poster


Duff’s Dream

With Leahs-chan back where she belongs, and the day’s work completed, Duff ends up dreaming of attending Leahs-chan’s concert. Get ready because a rhythm game is about to begin!

This one is a bit tricky with the mouse but you’ll need to move the cursor up and down to the different green lines, and press both left and right click when a blue circle reaches the marker.

There’s also another option to shake the mouse from side to side too, coming in the form of an orange bar. You need a score of 8500 to progress, and in doing so the mini-game unlocks on your phone.

Once you’ve done this, a new day begins and, subsequently, a new chapter too!

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