Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 5 Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 5: Frozen Passage

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Open Glacial Passage Door

Pass Through Glacial Passage

Unlock The Central Passage

Melt the Ice

Deep in the Glacial Passage


Open Glacial Passage Door

As you begin the next mission, your first task is to meet Suwam in front of Tenzhin’s place. Use the mirror on the boat to be transported to the Sea People village and speak to Suwam. He will show you just where this mysterious Glacial Passage is… and it’s quite near!

Follow Suwam to the right, where an icy block will dwarf a set of green doors by the stream. Suwam will open it up and give you some words of encouragement, telling you not to die. Thanks Suwam!


Pass Through Glacial Passage

Progress inside and snap a photo of the mural in the background. Head to the right into the next room once you’re done. This chapter has a lot of puzzles, some easier than others.

The first room sees buttons that open and close various gates, marked with their coordinated colours. There are three different choices here but this puzzle is quite straightforward.

  1. Hit the Blue/Yellow button.
  2. Hit the Green/Yellow button
  3. Hit the Blue/Yellow button
  4. Hit the Green/Blue button above

Head forward and down the passageway that’s now open. However, watch out for the ancient Gadon patrolling. With its back turned, head to the middle statue and hold right click to hide behind it.

When the Gadon passes, move into the larger chamber, where another mural is shown on the wall behind you. Snap a photo, and progress down into another area with a large puzzle.

There are four wheels in total and each move when holding Spacebar in the highlighted areas inside. The first is quite straightforward, just to show you how it works. Hold Spacebar, the two wheels will move and allow you safe passage.

The next area will sport a Gadon, and a brief cutscene will show that Divine Fruit can be used to temporarily blind them.

When you’ve passed, you’ll come to the next puzzle.

  1. Hold Spacebar, progress up to the next wheel
  2. Hold Spacebar x3 to move into the next area

Watch out for the patrolling Gadon when you exit, waiting for it to move up before progressing to the right. Use the Divine Fruit lying on the ground, holding right click to move it toward the icy passage and unfreezing the area.


Unlock The Central Passage

In the next area, hold right click and move Dave down to activate the pulley and open the way back to the surface. Or, at least the Sea People village anyway. In this new room, take a picture of the mural on the wall and head to the left into a new area.

There’s another puzzle here, and this one puts everything we’ve learned so far into practice.

  1. Hold Spacebar to turn the wheel.
  2. Press the Yellow/Blue button.
  3. Hold spacebar to turn the wheel.
  4. Blind the Gadon with the Divine Fruit. Press the button.
  5. Move to the left, up through the wheel and collect the Divine Fruit. Drop it down the hole you just swam up.
  6. Press the Green/Yellow button.
  7. Blind the Gadon again. Press the Blue/Green button.
  8. Hold the Divine Fruit you knocked down the wheel. Move into the wheel on the left. Hold spacebar to turn it.
  9. Hold the Divine Fruit and melt the ice on the left, revealing a Gold Statue you can sell for money. Head back into the wheel.
  10. Hold spacebar to turn the wheel.
  11. Swim down and back into the wheel on the left. Hold spacebar to turn it. Grab the Divine Fruit from the right wheel. Swim to the left into the ice.

Do be aware that you don’t need to follow some of these steps unless you want to grab the Gold Fish Statue. However, it’s preferable that you do get it, as it can be sold for cash.

Drop the Divine Fruit into the light machine to reveal a mural on the wall. A blinding light will burst out and into the previous room, onto a mirror that reflects down. However, we can’t progress forward just yet as we need to melt all the ice. Back to the boat we go!


Melt the Ice

We need to grab the Crowbar for this next section, so the only thing for it is to head back for another dive the next day. It’s located in the area we faced the Giant Squid, around 100m deep. Head inside and to the left. Move the boulders blocking the way onto the highlighted blue section to the right.

Three crabs will jump out the gap and attack. Guns are useless here, so be sure to grab some rocks and drop them on each crab. Once that’s done, grab the crowbar and you’re ready for the next section.

Before you go anywhere, make sure you upgrade your suit to handle the pressure. We’re diving deeper than we’ve ever dove before, so you’ll need your Diving Suit at Level 6. It’s also advisable that your Air Tank be at around Level 7 too.

You may need to do a bit of cash grinding here, so there’s a good opportunity to introduce your next VIP guest at Bancho’s,

Sushi Bar VIP Guest – Good Ol’ Vegetable Sushi

Sammy the Rapper has arrived and he wants you to cook up some Vegetable Sushi. Unlike the other missions here, everything you need can be found in the farm.

A quick call to Otto will update you that he can sort that out, with a new section of the farm upgraded to allow you to plant seeds. In this case, for eggplant and carrots. Your rice fields should already be doing quite well.

Otto will guide you through the process after a normal night at the Sushi Bar. Eventually, the eggplant and carrots will be ready, and you’ll be alerted to this too. Pick them, make the dish, and complete this mission.


Deep in the Glacial Passage

When you return to the glacial cave, and with the crowbar in hand, use it on the mirror and remove the rock. Progress down into the next chamber. You may be attacked by an eel in here but you should be able to make quick work of it.

Snap another photo, being sure to wipe the frost off the lens given how cold it is.

We’re at a depth of around 400m so if you haven’t upgraded your suit here, you’re really going to feel it. Your oxygen tank will rapidly deplete.

If you have upgraded your suit though, we have a light puzzle to complete.

Do note that if you don’t want to collect the Gold Statue (7) you can skip past every step and focus on 1, 2, 8 and 9.

  1. Collect the Divine Fruit on the ground.
  2. Place Divine Fruit in the contraption.
  3. Click light twice.
  4. Click light three times.
  5. Press the melted Yellow/Blue button.
  6. Turn the light once.
  7. Collect Gold Fish Statue
  8. Click light twice (if you’ve skipped steps 3-7) or three times (if you haven’t)
  9. Click light once. Melt the ice and progress into next room.

Take a picture of the mural in this large chamber, making sure to wipe frost from the lens as you do.

Progress down into the next chamber, which has a series of mirrors that can be moved around by holding right click on their handles.

  1. Collect the Divine Fruit on the ground and place it in machine just to the right of this.
  2. Click light twice.
  3. Move light up to the top. 
  4. Move light to the far right.
  5. Enter newly melted wheel and turn once.

Progress into this new chamber and you’ll have the second half of this puzzle. There are various ways to complete this, including bouncing the light off each mirror. This method is just as good though.

  1. Click the light twice.
  2. Move this light to the bottom of the T junction.
  3. Move this light to the far left to melt the ice.

Once you’ve done this, move into the next section, where we’ll have a boss fight.

Boss Fight – Giant Gadon

Remember the pirate section from the end of Chapter 4? Well, the Giant Gadon is pretty similar. The aim of the game is to dodge and if you get caught its game over.

In this first section, avoid Giant Gadon’s glowing blue hands by swimming as close to the ceiling as you can. Be wary of any icicles that are here though, moving up and down while follow the Current.

Next, Giant Gadon will start knocking down icicles from the ceiling. These can be tricky to dodge but if you stay close to the ground and head up only to avoid a stray icicle or two, you should be okay.

Next up, hit the Divine Fruit when you get the prompt and QTE to temporarily blind your foe and gain some valuable time.

Now we’ll have a vertical section and the same rules apply as before. However, your best bet is to stay in the center of the screen, moving slightly from side to side to avoid icicles coming at you from the left and right.

Next, there’s another horizontal section. Take your time here as the ice is clumped together, Giant Gadon is downed for the first half, and the gaps are quite minimal.

After making it most of the way through, Gadon will return. Complete a couple of QTEs and head into the next section. Pry the stake out to close the way.


After The Fight

Suwam will be there to greet you, and he’ll save your bacon. Head over to the lever on the right side to interact with it, activating the giant mirror. In doing so, you’ll be able to teleport back to this specific section.

After, you’ll be back with Tenzhin. He’ll give you some fabric to make a new diving suit to withstand the cold. However, you’ll need Dr. Bacon to help with that first. Wait until night the next day, and a new mission will ensue!

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