Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 2 “Into the Deep” Walkthrough

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 2: Into the Deep

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Going Deeper

Sea People Language Translator

Speak with the Sea People

Treat Ramo

Destroy the Entryway

Going Deeper

Dr Bacon is really not a drinker, and Chapter 2 begins with him vomiting over the side of his boat. Lovely. After this opener, he’ll hand you some new equipment to help with your dives deeper into Blue Hole, including a Deep Sea Headlamp.

It’s worth noting here that because of the depth, you’ll want to upgrade your suit to make sure you can handle it. Also upgrading your Air Tank is an absolute godsend here, and if you have the cash, upgrade it to level 5, so you’ll have 22o Oxygen. Oh, and take a weapon with you before you dive. When you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Miniboss – John Watson

Remember John Watson? Well, the big man is back with a vengeance. He’ll use a grenade launcher with an obvious arc, shown with a dotted line, so be sure to dodge out the way of this and attack just after he’s fired.

He also has a short-range dash attack, where he’ll move toward you and a blue semi-circle will show his trajectory. Be sure to use your own dash to move away from this.

He’s quite easy to take out, but do be wary that his attacks can knock 20 Oxygen down at a time if he hits you.

New Passageway

Defeating John Watson will open up a passage in the floor from one of his rogue grenade blasts. This is perfect, as it’ll give you an easy route down.

As long as you’ve followed our guide above, you’ll need to head down to a depth of around 170m. At around 130m, the screen will prompt you that you’ve entered the Depths, along with a musical cue to confirm this as well.

Follow the signal down to the seabed and you’ll come to an area with an Escape Pod radio, a chest on a slightly higher rock, and then a passageway leading to the left underground.

This chest will hold a UV Lamp, which you’ll need for the next section. Use your UV light (holding your mouse scroll down) to shine a spotlight to move the Tubeworms out the way, allowing you to progress through the narrow passageway.

In doing so, you’ll find 2 Sea People who aren’t happy to see you there. You also won’t be able to communicate with them, so you’ll need to decipher their language. Back to the boat it is then!

500 Gold 5 Olive Oil 5 Black Pepper

Sea People Language Translator

Dr Bacon will brief you on the boat about the situation and give you a new mission to undertake. You’ll need a total of 3 items, but we’ll get to that shortly. Beforehand, you’ll meet Udo, the eccentric photographer who wants your help in snapping pictures.

Just like we did with the Sea People mural, this is a simple case of finding the highlighted spots, pressing Spacebar, and making sure the subject is in the frame.

Back to Dr Bacon though, and the items he needs (and their location) are as follows:


-This is located in the Blue Hole Depths, on the far right as far as you can go. The chest to the left (circled) holds a pickaxe inside, which you can use to chip away at the amethyst on the right.


– The sea wreckage where you fought the Giant Squid. It’s around 112m depth and in the first area before the tentacles.

Sea People Stone Tablet

-Inside the chamber opened with the explosives, where you first saw the Sea People mural. It’s located on the far right of Blue Hole and is very easy to spot once you head inside.


Speak with the Sea People

After an eventful couple of dives, Dr Bacon will give you the translator needed to communicate with the Sea People. Before you venture down, Duff will also ring and let you know about Weapon Enhancements. These do significantly improve each gun, adding an array of different status effects too. However, they also require a lot of resources.

Before you meet the Sea People though, the dolphins have returned.

Miniboss – The Pirates

The three pirates from before are back – and they’re not happy. After thwarting their efforts, they come armed. All three will now attack at once, so you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on the sniper lines from before.

The pirates will attack in turn, so be sure to focus on one at a time to dwindle down their numbers. Fire with your underwater rifle, and be sure to time your moments, evading attacks just like before.

Also use your dash too, to avoid taking fire and make sure you time your moment to strike.

1 Dolphin Bracelet

Head down and meet with the Sea People. You’ll be introduced to Suwam, who wants you to gather 2 ingredients nearby to make a dish to help Ramo, a fellow Sea Personwho was injured during the Giant Squid attack.

Head back out the cave, using your UV torch to get rid of the Tubeworms. From here, take a left and progress into a similar-looking tunnel which also has Tubeworms inside. Once you get to the other side, weaving through the tight tunnelway, you’ll find the Feather Coral and Lily Coral just after.

There’s also a photo opportunity here too, which is just to the right of where the Lily Coral was and marked with a camera icon.

Once you’ve grabbed both ingredients, head back to the boat, move to the far left and transport to the Bar. Once there, speak to Bancho who will prepare a porridge dish for Ramo.

Treat Ramo

Head back to see Ramo and Suwam. Ramo will eat the porridge and is able to converse…but not much else. She’s too weak to move so it’s time for a piggyback ride. Hold down the right mouse button and carry her out the tunnel.

Suring this time, you won’t be able to attack but Ramo can use her own powers to get rid of the Tubeworms. Be careful as you follow Suwan, as he’ll take you into the deeper parts of Blue Hole that hold some pretty nasty foes, including a menacing Megamouth Shark.

Follow Suwam’s marker to the right, and head closer to the seabed, being sure to evade the crabs on the ground, as well as new variations of red jellyfish, who will target you and explode after a few seconds.

As they don’t respawn after exploding, leave Ramo somewhere safe and goad the jellyfish out of their docile state, being sure to dash the opposite direction to evade them.

If you’re feeling confident though, steam on ahead with Ramo hanging on and head straight down through the pathway, and then all the way to the left. About halfway up the rock face, past a chest and some stray resources lying around, you’ll find more Tubeworms and another passageway. Proceed forward, and Suwam is there waiting.

After a brief cutscene, you’ll need to report back to the boat. You need new gloves to proceed further.

Sidequests – A Noisy Customer / Reticient Girl

A Noisy Customer

Once you’re back at the Sushi Bar that evening, there’s a couple of new customers in the bar. Talk to the man in the hat, who will raucously  tell you about an eel dish he likes. He’ll also open up the ability to dive at nighttime.

In fact, if you want to, you can go immediately. Once you complete this mission, Otto will unlock the Fish Farm.

Reticient Girl

Another customer in the bar is a little girl called Maki, who wants a special dish; White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke. The main ingredient here is a silvery yellow fish called White Trevally, which you’ll find at a depth of between 50-130m in the day.

It’s worth noting that the spawn rate is much higher while this side quest is active, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

Once you’ve made it, return to the Sushi Bar and serve up the dishes.

Fish Farm Bug Net

Destroy the Entryway

Armed with the new diving gloves, follow the tutorial the next day to pick up rocks and slam through some wooden planks. There will be another tutorial here for holding onto anchors to protect yourself from currents, which will prove to be very useful for the upcoming boss fight!

Once you’re ready, head deeper down and reunite with Ramo and Suwam. Swim straight up and take out the pole blocking the group of rocks. In order to do this, hold down the right mouse button and swim in the opposite direction. There’s a little minigame where you need to press Spacebar to hit within the selected area, but then it’ll fall.

To the left is another rock pile, but you’re prompted to get it from the top. Do not leave out the right side of the tunnel you arrived in. Instead, head to the left and follow a passageway up through a bunch of Tubeworms. On the other side, you’ll be able to move the pole, just as before, and clear a passageway through.

Reunite with your Sea People friends and swim down and then right to enter the new region. Unfortunately, you’re not alone.

Boss Fight – Wolf Eel

Immediately you’ll notice there are three anchors hanging at the top of the map. Be sure to pay attention to this, as they will be your lifeline during this fight! A giant eel with razor sharp teeth will appear on the right.

After a few seconds, it’ll use the familiar Current vacuum power we’ve seen before, serving as a vacuum to suck in everything in the surrounding area. Grab the nearest anchor and hammer the Spacebar when prompted.

When the eel swims away, it’ll come right at you from the background to the foreground. Use your Left Shift to dash out the way and avoid this attack. When he comes back, immediately drop to the seabed and do your best to avoid Wolf Eel’s next attack, where he slithers his body up and down in a wave motion.

Soon, he’ll stop and as he heads into the background, his exposed green-glowing weak point will appear, which happens to be the end of his tail. Be sure to hit that with your best weapons and again, either the Underwater Rifle or the Sniper Rifle is your best bet here.

The attack pattern will largely be the same, although he will alternate which side he’ll attack you. Do your best to move to the top of the arena, hanging onto the anchors when the eel arrives to use his Current vacuuming power.

Once the eel has been defeated, check the highlighted part of his body, being sure to take some samples for the Sushi Bar. Next, approach the Sea People Gate and after a conversation with both Ramo and Suwam, the chapter will come to an end.

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