Dave the Diver Guide: Chapter 1 “Traces of the Sea People” Walkthrough

Dave the Diver Guide – Chapter 1: Traces of the Sea People

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Find Sea People Artifact

Signal from the Sea People

Beyond the Rock Pile

Duff’s Pink Delivery

The Leah-Chans Rescue


Find Sea People Artifact

We’re now onto the main bulk of Dave the Diver, and using all the skills gained in the Prologue will serve you well from here on out.

The first mission itself will see you dive to recover an artifact which is about 71m down. It’ll be marked with a yellow circled exclamation mark. Do note that the location may differ from the screenshot but generally it’ll be around this area.

When you collect it up, a brief cutscene will show an ominous eye watching from the background. Once it leaves, finish your diving session by collecting up as much fish as possible, and then head back to the surface.

300 Gold 5 Olive Oil 5 Turmeric

As soon as this is done, Cobra will take you to the Sushi Bar. Here, more dialogue will introduce a brand new app on your smartphone called Cooksta. This is essential to “levelling up your restaurant”.

Increased ratings will unlock more menu slots and allow you to hire more staff, along with researching more dishes to sell too. Extra ratings will come from better service, keeping patrons happy, and good cooking.

Once you’ve finished your morning dive, diving again in the afternoon will bring some surprising revelations…

Sidequest – A Dolphin’s Request

Hey, it’s Echo the Dolphin! It’s not really but he does have a big mission for us. Follow the dolphin down and eventually you’ll come to a pink dolphin that’s trapped under a net. Hold Spacebar to cut it down with your knife and a brief cutscene will ensue.

When they leave, the dolphins will leave behind a Pearl for you to collect. Make sure you grab this as it can be sold for later.

1 Pearl

Once you’ve finished your dive there will be a special customer waiting for you at Bancho’s. After learning how Artisan’s Flame works (which serves as this game’s version of research points), press the research button to learn the Whole-Roasted Shark Head recipe.

You may not be able to do this just yet, but Yoshie will continue to remain in the Sushi bar for a while so you have time.

Sidequest – A Scolding from Yoshie

The next day, your second side-quest of this chapter is to go and collect the ingredients to serve Whole-Roasted Shark Head to Yoshie. You’ll need Olive Oil and Shark’s head.

The former can be found in various chests underwater, but do be aware that it’s also a reward given by completing the missions during the prologue so you should be fine.

As for the shark, your target is a Whitetip Reefshark. The shark is located on the right side of Blue Hole, and is roughly around 30-50m down.

Your best bet here is to use your gun rather than the harpoon to take out this foe. The Shark is quick and agile, and it’ll take a good deal of shots to get him down.

Every time you’re hit, your oxygen will deplete so be aware of where there are extra oxygen barrels to use, or explore and open some chests in the area, as some may hold mini-oxygen cannisters you can carry with you.

Furthermore, weapon chests (highlighted in pink/red and with a picture of a gun on the front) may hold different weapons than your standard rifle. The Sniper rifle in particular is a fantastic and lethal weapon.

Regardless, be sure to hold Left Shift to dash out the way of the shark when it charges at you. Eventually you’ll kill him.

Approach and hold Spacebar to gather the meat. Once you’ve gathered this, take it back to the Sushi Bar and add Whole-Roasted Shark to the menu.

That night, serve the Shark to Yoshie and be sure not to give it to other customers!

Once you’ve done that, Yoshie will unlock the ability to hire new employees, which is invaluable for the later chapters.

Hiring Employees

Signal from the Sea People

Follow The Signal

The chances are, the above side quests may spill into this mission too if you haven’t been successful with every dive. Here, Dr Bacon has given you a radar to scout out the Signal’s location. It’s around 80m deep and on the far right of the area.

Your best bet here is to combine this mission with taking out the Reefshark (above), so you can safely descend without being attacked. Do be aware that given the depth, you may need to upgrade your diving suit to the next level. However, there is an oxygen barrel just left of this area so you should be okay.

Where the Currents Flow

Once you get back to your boat, the mission will upgrade. You’ll also meet Sato here, who will add a brand new app on your Smartphone called Marinca. This is essentially the “Pokemon” app, allowing you to try and collect all the fish species you encounter.

Naturally, you may even complete some of these across the next mission, which highlights that you need to collect 3 pieces of equipment. All 3 of these are located within a similar location, which is nestled in the middle of the Blue Hole map, where, quite literally, the currents flow.

All three will have the familiar yellow exclamation mark above too and if you need to fast travel out, there’s a spot to do just that on the left hand side. (Second picture, the circled area)

500 Gold 5 Soy Sauce 5 Salt


Beyond the Rock Pile

After collecting the gear that you need, you’ll have enough to set off an explosive and find out what lies behind that big rock pile. Before you dive down, Cobra will also tell you about his shop, which will be open during the day and allow you to buy some items you’d otherwise find in chests underwater.

Some are actually really useful, like the small cannisters of oxygen. It’s a good idea to grab these when you know you’ll be diving deep.

Once you’re ready, head back to the rock pile and set off the explosive. Head inside the new area. You need to inspect 3 different highlighted areas by pressing Spacebar. After, take a photo of the mural on the wall.

Collect the artifact on the ground to the bottom right. Leave the room and head back to the boat. Here, you’ll meet John Watson and his Sea Blue group. He’s an eco-warrior and not happy about you “destroying the ocean”. Keep your eyes peeled; we’ll be seeing him again!

Should you wish to dive again today, there are a few more side quests to complete:

Sidequest – What happened to the Dolphins?

Echo’s back and our dolphin will want you to follow once again. This time, the pink dolphin is caught in a net and being hauled onto a pirate ship. You need to use your knife to slice away by pressing Left Click, but similarly need to watch out for gunfire too.

The gunfire will have an obvious tell of a red sniper line. Be sure to watch out when this stops tracking you, as it means they’re about to fire.

Generally, gunfire will come from the left, right and then back to the left again. If you alternate your knife swings between dodging the blows, you should complete this no problem.

Once you’ve managed to free the dolphin, you’ll get a pretty tasty reward for your efforts.

1 Large Gold Bar

Ellie also has another Side Mission for us, and it’s a pretty easy one in truth so there’s no point in adding a guide. She needs 3 Blue and 3 Brown Shells, so be sure to dive to a depth of between 10-40m and then look on the sea bed for shells.

Completing this also unlocks the “Ecowatcher app” which is basically a collectathon and busywork app, rewarding you with points for completing tasks. These, in turn, will unlock small accessories you can attach to enhance your dives.

VIP Mission – Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge

Bancho has another big task for us during the evening Sushi Bar shenanigans, and it’s a doozy. You have 2 days to collect the ingredients needed to make Bancho’s big dish. You need Seagrape and a White Spotted Jellyfish. Both of these can be found in the Limestone Cave, which is located at a depth of 62.5m down. It’s around the right-side of Blue Hole.

If you’re entering from the right entrance, you’ll immediately find Sea Grapes infront of you. Slash at it with your knife and collect your rewards.

As for the Jellyfish, there is another location for them, as they happen to be at a higher depth of around 30m on the right-hand side again. Regardless of where you find the jellyfish, you can’t kill them.

You will need a Tranquilizer gun or a Net gun (both of which found in chests underwater) in order to capture these alive.

You also need Salt but this should have already been gained through rewards in previous missions.

1 Large Gold Bar

Duff’s Pink Delivery

Remember the boat that was sunk by the Giant Squid? Well, that just so happened to have an important delivery for Duff on. And now you need to recover it. Before that, Dr Bacon offers up a Sea People Bracelet, which will really “save your bacon” in tricky situations. This will allow you to survive for a brief window of time after depleting your oxygen.

After phoning Duff on your Smartphone, you need to head down to a depth of around 100m. This one is located on the left side of the map. Be careful or any foes that may be lurking around, including a particularly nasty Tiger Shark (who relentlessly stalked us during our run on this and is pictured below!)

Once you’ve reached the wreck, you have no way of getting inside so you’ll be forced to return. If you haven’t already, be sure to complete the VIP Mission for Bancho before resurfacing. Also note, there is a handy fast travel spot right next to where the sunken ship is.


The Leah-Chans Rescue

Once you’ve got the tool needed to break in, head back down to the ship and interact with the highlighted spot by pressing Spacebar. To cut through, you just need to hold down the right click and move the tool across, being sure to stay within the highlighted area.

With the hatch is gone, you’ll be prompted that there’s a dangerous creature inside. Yep, it’s boss fight time baby! Be sure you come prepared with a decent weapon. If you have your Tranquilizer equipped, change it immediately.

There are a few chests down here, and we were lucky enough to obtain a Red Sniper Rifle, which is definitely the choice weapon to use here.

Boss Fight – Giant Squid

It’s boss fight time, and in truth the Giant Squid isn’t anywhere near as troublesome as he may seem. Your goal here is to strike the Squid numerous times in its open eye and do as much damage as possible. There are two phases to this fight, but we’ll add them all in together here.

To begin with, use your weapon not your harpoon to strike the squid in its open, exposed eye and you’ll be blasted back by a current to your start position. Note the ammo on the ground, along with the blue oxygen cannisters too. With all that in mind, progress forward and watch out for the Giant Squid’s tentacles.

These will blast out and block the path for a short period of time so be sure to watch for the patterns. There will be a visible cue of the ground turning dusty before the tentacles pop out. Be sure to note the diagonal tentacles as they can catch you out if you’re not careful.

Once you’ve done enough damage, the squid will protect his eye with his tentacle. When you get close enough, he’ll use the tentacle to try and swipe at you. Use Left Shift to dash out the way and quickly strike his exposed eye again.

Keep dodging the tentacles, replenish ammo as you need to, and use the oxygen cannisters if you get low. Eventually, the Giant Squid will be bested. As a final note, be sure to watch out for those tentacle strikes, as they will deplete around 15 oxygen points.

500 Gold 5 Black Vinegar 5 Salt

Once you’ve slain the Giant Squid, harvest the tentacle by holding Spacebar, and then retrieve Leahs-chan in the pink box. In doing so, you’ll be sent back to the boat immediately.

After speaking to all the guests in the Sushi Bar, you’ll be graced with another cutscene, before the day ends, a brief chat with Dr Bacon ensues, and a new chapter begins.

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